I’ll Review Anything: Street Fighter V


Let me just start out by stating that I love me some Street Fighter. My love affair started with the first version of Street Fighter IV. It came out at just the right time as I was just starting to actually want to play video games. The controls were beautiful and responsive and, well, it was a game that I could actually play and get good at! But, after roughly 6 years, it was time for a change. And no amount of new moves, additional game mechanics and new characters would cover up the fact the game was feeling rather old.

So many versions of the same game!

So many versions of the same game!

So when Capcom finally announced Street Fighter V last year, I was excited! Finally, fans are going to actually get a new game in the series. I actually looked up the history of the game and it got me worried because of the huge time gap between Street Fighter III and Street Fighter IV. Still, I wouldn’t have mind too much if the time gap between games were spent making their latest game any good!

Well, I’ve actually spent a good long time with the game. I even detailed my selection of a new main character, how getting online was a mess during the first couple of days, actually getting to play a few ranked matches soon afterwards as well as looking to the future of the game. Well, it’s been more than a month now and the future is now. And honestly, while the game is good, Capcom needed much more time to really get it to be great.

First off, let me go echo all of the good points and bad points everyone’s been saying about Street Fighter V. Yes, game is incredibly beautiful for the most part. The game moves really silky smooth and watching the characters moves around the screen is just so good. Performing combos is much easier to do as well, making everyone’s damage output really scary, which in turn makes every match incredibly exciting. In general, the meat of the game, the actual fighting, is positively flawless.

Unfortunately, while Street Fighter V provides are really hearty main course, it’s definitely short on fixings. Most casual gamers have complained about the incredibly lack of modes and how it falls short when it comes to the single player experience. Street Fighter V doesn’t include the modes that you would expect in a modern fighting game.

There’s no arcade mode, which is really sorely missed. There is a really lame and boring story mode where the computer seems to be set to dumb mode as the CPU opponents hardly put up a fight. There also is Survival mode where you try to go through a gauntlet of computer controlled opponents but the CPU’s intelligence ranges from “punching bag” easy to “I can read your buttons and counter it shamelessly” difficult. None of these really make up for the missing arcade mode.

In fairness, Capcom did say that they will be updating Street Fighter V periodically with some new features and game modes. They are working on the daily challenges, which will entice a whole lot of gamers who have the game to accomplish these tasks to earn additional Fight Money. Speaking of Fight Money, I do have to applaud Capcom for adding this winnable currency in the game as it does give a lot of perceived control regarding how much free stuff you can get from just playing the game. How this will all work out in the end is still a mystery since you can’t actually spend Fight Money to buy stuff since the in-game store hasn’t been added to the game yet!

Now, those are just some of the things that people have mentioned about the game when it was released. But now that it’s been out for a month, not much has changed yet! The store is still unavailable. No new modes, such as the daily challenges and the rumored arcade mode have been added even though March, the scheduled month wherein Street Fighter V is supposed to get its first update, is almost over! So far, no new DLC, free or otherwise!

But there are a lot of good points many people have failed to mention about the game. A lot of people have railed against the game as it only has 16 characters. These same people, however, fail to see that these 16 characters seem to be really well balanced! There doesn’t seem to be a really good character that can beat the rest of the cast! No one seems to be overpowered nor underpowered and, in any fighting game, that’s really a tough balancing act to do!

There are also a few things that people have hardly mentioned and that Street Fighter V always had to be connected in order for you to earn Fight Money. The game has to be connected to the servers so that all your accomplishments are given the proper credit, which is really weird, in my opinion. I guess Capcom doesn’t want gamers to find offline exploits or something along those lines? I don’t actually know if you can earn Fight Money while staying offline but I’m too afraid to try since all my hard work may go unrewarded!

But now that the game has been out for a month, is Street Fighter V worth purchasing? Not for the casual player, no. There are just too few single player modes to warrant a purchase. Capcom will be giving a free Story Mode DLC in June so maybe then it would be a good idea for those wanting a single player experience to get the game. For ones who enjoy taking the game online and playing competitively, definitely yes. Street Fighter V is pretty much targeting those who enjoy online beatdowns and the pain and struggle of facing off against strangers all over the world just like any typical World Warrior.

Eventually, however, once all of the single player modes have been added and the game actually has more modes that cater to the casual fans, Street Fighter V will be a must buy. But, unless you’re a hardcore World Warrior, just wait for June.

What’s your take on Street Fighter V? Let me know in the comments section below!


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