Episode 148: Robin’s Street Fighter V’s New Beginnings (Part 4): A List Of Things I Want…


Last week, I finally talked about my online experience with Street Fighter V which, for the most part, was really, really good! Yes, I had to get a couple of matches under my belt to get comfortable playing against someone over the Internet once again. But, once I did, everything went swimmingly! Of course, ever since then, I’ve played a few more matches with varying degrees of success. I still have to breech Ultra Bronze because, every time I’m about to get 1,500 League Points, I would lose!

At least I didn't rage quit and took my losses like an honorable adversary, World Combo!

At least I didn’t rage quit and took my losses like an honorable adversary, World Combo!

Even so, I’m still having a blast with Street Fighter V. But I have to agree with the rest of the Internet world when they say that the game is severely lacking content. A lot has been made regarding Capcom not including a proper Arcade mode right out of the box as well as the lack of other features previous entries got when they launched. Oh, there’s going to be future content coming in the future and Capcom has promised a plethora of stuff incoming starting this month. We are getting Alex and some challenges any time now. But there are still a few things I would want in the game that they haven’t announced or haven’t gotten to announcing yet…

More interactive stages

My favorite stage in Street Fighter V has to be Bustling Side Street. It’s not the best looking stage in the game, however. I think Kanzuki Estate and Hillside Plaza look loads better by far. It doesn’t even have the best music since Kanzuki Estates theme song is just awesome! Yet, I still have to say Bustling Side Street is the best stage in Street Fighter V right now because of the interactive elements!

In fact, Bustling Side Street is the only interactive level in the game. Why is that? Why would that stage be the exception to the rule instead of the rule to be followed? I’m really hoping the folks at Capcom is not only planning and developing mode stages but they’re also working on adding interactive elements to the existing ones! If I’m not mistaken, on the left side of the Union Plaza stage, you can barely see the entrance to the bathroom. So, why not have it so you can KO through the bathroom that’ll connect to the “main” area like the restaurant in Bustling Side Street?

Some Specific Characters

Capcom’s already decided to blow its load and reveal who are the supposed 6 upcoming DLC characters that are joining the roster this year. We’re going to get Guile, Balrog/Boxer, Juri and Ibuki who have appeared in Street Fighter IV as well as Alex and Urien from Street Fighter III. This will bolster the number of characters from 16 to 22, which is a decent number. However, I would like to see more. In fact, I have a few characters specifically in mind since they did appear in the (incredibly lame) Story mode in Street Fighter V: Sakura, Oro and Azam

Like a female version of Ryu and Ken

Like a female version of Ryu and Ken

I think Sakura is a no brainer. After all, she’s the Kanzuki Zaibatsu leader’s rival! I remember this being mentioned in Street Fighter Alpha 3. And since this fact is also referenced in Karin’s story mode, well, shouldn’t she actually get a chance to face against her rival in the future? Street Fighter III’s Oro also makes an appearance in Dhalsim’s story mode so I’m thinking he should be available down the line. And, since he was a charge character in Street Fighter III, I’m hoping he’ll still be one in this game so I have options down the line! However, the character I really want to see is Azam, Rashid’s butler. Why? Because he looks like a really cool character that would make a fantastic fighter! Azam’s huge and bulky and probably an awesome grappler type character!

Fight Money Matches

This is probably something I would never try to do if it does become available but I would definitely want to see it become an option! It’s very difficult to earn Fight Money, the in-game currency you can use to make purchases in the future. Right now, you can earn it by completing Story mode and going through Survival. You can also earn a measly 50 Fight Money by winning online matches. But I would want to see a way to actually wager Fight Money and put your money where your mouth is, so to speak!

My Fight Moneyyyyy! And Zenny!

My Fight Moneyyyyy! And Zenny!

There’s going to be a risk vs. reward if you really want to earn more Fight Money! You can bet a certain amount and, if you defeat your opponent, win much more than just 50 Fight Money! I’m not sure how many gamers will actually place bets but I’m thinking those who are really skilled will do this so they don’t have to grind so much to get the DLC packages for free! Me? I’ll probably get the Season Pass… because I’m not that good!

A way to watch Street Fighter events within the game

I personally think Street Fighter V was released in its current barebones state because they wanted people to get ready for Evo and other big name fighting game tournaments. After all, Street Fighter IV may have resurrected the fighting game genre but I think it was watching the best of the best participate in tournaments like Evo that put it over the top. So, shouldn’t Capcom make it easier for fans to watch tournaments through the game they released months before it was even ready?

Yeah, baby!

Yeah, baby!

Built into Street Fighter V is the Capcom Fighter Network. Here, you can search for Rivals and view your Favorite replays. Capcom should go the extra step and make the Capcom Fighter Network the one stop for fans to get their fighting game fix! Upload calendar events like future Street Fighter Tournaments and then make the stream available for viewing through there! I know I would love that instead of having to go to a third party website and find out about a tournament that’s streaming there!

So, those are a few things I would love to see in Street Fighter V. Like I said, I was rather disappointed in the game’s rather unfinished state. But I think as time passes, the game’s full potential will finally be realized. You know what’s another thing that’s just reached it’s full potential? The Divas division of the WWE! And I’ll talk more about that next time!


What would you want to see in Street Fighter V? Let me know in the comments section below!


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