Episode 1: What is a geek anyway?


My name’s Robin, a 17-year old girl (going on 18) in the Philippines and I’ll be the one writing up a weekly entry regarding a girly point-of-view regarding geeky stuff. I honestly don’t consider myself that big of a geek. “So, what qualifies you to write about geeky things?” you may ask. Well, although I’m not a huge geek, I think that everyone has some geeky tendencies, even though they’re not really considered geeky.

Let me try to explain…

There used to be a show that I watched called “Beat the Geeks.” It was basically a trivia show where contestants will try to display their knowledge on pop culture, like movies, television and music. The twist is that the contestants don’t just compete against each other, but real life “experts” (the titular “geeks” of the title). I enjoyed the show since I was pretty amazed how these “geeks” would remember minute details, like the first airdate of Star Trek: The Next Generation… both the initial showing and the first showing in syndication! There is no way I would be able to remember that!

I used to think that these “smart” people were wasting valuable brain storage thinking of these things. It was then my brother reminded me that I’m geeky in things such as video games since I love watching him play and I would remember tiny bits of unhelpful knowledge (like where to find the shotgun in Resident Evil… even though I was four when I watch my brother play it). This got me to accept that I, along with everyone, have that thing that we become obsessed at and we remember these details. Girls now remember the smallest details of why they believe that Edward was the best choice for Bella in the Twilight series. So, that makes them Twilight geeks in a sense! It may not be conventionally geeky, but it is a geeky thing to do; remember minute details of things that aren’t really “important.”

Yeah, I know your reaction to this: EEEEEW!

Yeah, I know the typical guy’s reaction to this: EEEEEW!

So, while I’ll never be able to really play video games or really be able to write my own fanfiction where Ensign Robin on the Enterprise saves the entire universe from the Borg, I know that I have some geek knowledge. And, being a girl, I have a unique view on things (I think).

Regarding my skill in video games, well, that’s going to be in my next post!

Thank you for reading my first (real) post! If you have any comments or suggestions regarding what I should write about in the future, please add it to the comments.


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