Episode 185: A New Year for New Adventures


Last week, I wrote about the crowds of this year’s Metro Manila Film Fest. I actually wrote a lot about this year’s MMFF because I loved the changes the committee made to elevate it from the complacency of giving us dumb movies to actually showing that Filipinos can make great films that are of good quality. Well, as this is the new year, I decided to make a couple of changes myself. One of those changes revolve around this blog.

I first started writing for 3rd World Geeks a long, what, a little more than 3 years ago? Yes, it’s been that long! I wrote my very first piece on April 18, 2013! It may say “episode 185” up there in the title but I’ve written a whole lot more than just 185 posts for Robin’s Adventures. I’ve written a whole lot more than just that as I’ve put up reviews for stuff that I wanted to write about and even some “emergency episodes” depending on my mood! I’ve been writing 1 post per week ever since I was 17 years old. I was just in college then. I’ve since graduated and I already have a job now. Sure, I feel underpaid but at least I’m making money.

Not quite like this job, though.

Not quite like this job, though.

Anyway, I’ve generally been having a lot of fun doing this. It’s a past time like no other. But there have been times when I’m just in a blue funk that keeps me from writing. It’s not exactly the conventional writer’s block that stops me as, once I do start writing, I can’t really stop. Rather, it’s more of the way things flow for me. It’s kinda like the process of freewriting, if you’re aware of the concept.

If you looked at my other Robin’s Adventures episodes, I’ve always written what I was going to write about next. I usually think of what I’m going to write about next while I’m creating a post about something. I already know what I’m going to write about next week because of this. This may seem convenient but, in actuality, I think it’s put a damper on my creativity in a way. Usually, there would be several ideas for future articles that pop into my head while writing a singular episode. That would be handy if each idea flowed into each other seamlessly and each post would lead to each other neatly.

Kinda like reading a walkthrough for The Walking Dead

Kinda like reading a walkthrough for The Walking Dead

It’s been convenient from my point of view as I’ve never been pressured of thinking about what I’m going to post week after week. But it’s also been kind of a hassle. As I tell reader what I’m going to put up next week, I’m essentially tying my hands with what’s happening in the next episode. It’s fine if it’s a mundane couple of days with nothing of note happening but if something does happen, well, it becomes a problem!

I did alleviate it somewhat when I put up the Emergency Episodes. My first one (that I can remember) is the one about Hello Kitty. I love the little white kitty so, when it was revealed that she wasn’t a cat and, I guess, a human being dressed as a cat or some nonsense along those lines, I immediately had to put down my thoughts about how this was stupid idea wrapped around an idiotic idea. There’s no way a character named Hello Kitty isn’t a cat!

Don't you dare even suggest that she's a furry!

Don’t you dare even suggest that she’s a furry!

It was very therapeutic for me to write about something that really mattered to me at the time it was a hot topic. I had to get it off my chest and I know I couldn’t wait for another week, which is why I put out that special episode. It was supposed to be a one-off thing but as the weeks went on and more and more important stuff kept on popping up, I found myself wishing that I could be more free from the episodic formula I’ve dedicated Robin’s Adventures to following.

Which leads me to today. Starting next week, I will not be thinking of next week’s post when I’m writing this week’s post. It’s going to be something really frightening for me as I’ve gotten so used to the current process I have but I do think it’s for the best. I want to really exercise my creative muscles and get out of my comfort zone. It’s been fun middling in my comfy comfort zone for these 3 and something years of writing Robin’s Adventures but I think it’s time I tried something different. With this being a new year, I think it’s the right time to take a totally new direction.

I’ll still be entitling each episode with a number. It’s just more fun this way. But, regarding putting up what up next week, well, that’s going to be a surprise. Sometimes, it’ll be a surprise to myself.


What are you changing for this 2017? Let me know in the comments section below!

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