The reason why I buy original games

In the Philippines, video game piracy isn’t the exception. It’s the norm. If you go to most of the smaller shopping centers in the country, you’ll see bootlegged games prominently displayed out there for everyone to see. Every gamer that I know is pretty sophisticated in pirating games in their own right. They know the ins and outs of where to download the latest games and how to circumvent DRM.

Personally, as much as possible, I don’t pirate any software or video games. When I started working and I got a Playstation 2, I never bothered to get it “modified” so that it could play pirated games. I would set aside some money each month so I could buy games legitimately from DataBlitz, probably the only store at its time that was selling original software.

Thank God for DataBlitz!

Thank God for DataBlitz!

When I told people that I was saving a part of my salary to buy the latest Metal Gear Solid game for the Playstation 2, they looked at me weird and said that I should get my PS2 modded so I can buy a pirated copy at a much cheaper price. I explained to them that I’d rather get an original copy since at least the money I’m paying for is going to the people who made the game. They then said that it was pretty dumb of me since I would be paying P2,000 pesos (around $50) for an original game while pirated games only costs P100 pesos (around $2). This is when I realized that this was the mindset of the gaming community in the country.

What a modded PS2 looks like.

Love the look of the electrical tape holding the wires together!

I totally understand the argument here. Gaming is an extremely expensive hobby to maintain. Not only do you have to pay for the games, you also have to get the latest gaming consoles and super powered PCs just to play these games. It has become so costly that people have to resort to buying pirated games. But is it really too expensive?

Here’s my reason why I buy original games: I have no excuse not to buy original. Currently, I have a new desktop computer, which cost me around P25,000 (roughly $625). I also have a PS3, which I got 4 years ago and spent another P21,000 (around $525). Were they expensive? Heck yeah! But I saved up to buy them, which meant that I have the means to buy the games.

I know people who have spent more than P50,000 on their super hi-tech gaming PC. Yet they give the excuse that they cannot buy original games since they’re “too poor” to buy original. For me, the “I’m too poor” reason doesn’t work for them. The mere fact that you can spend that much money on a luxury item, it means that you can definitely save up some money to buy an original game.

"Yes. I can buy a super powerful computer but I can't buy an original game since they're too expensive!"

“Yes. I can buy a super powerful computer but I can’t buy an original game since they’re too expensive!”

I’m not saying that I don’t pirate games. What kind of self-respecting gamer would I be if I didn’t? But the only games I do download would be the games that I have no way of getting anymore. There’s no way I’ll be able to buy classic games like Phantasie anymore. I don’t think I’d be able to play it even if I do get an original copy as it used floppy diskettes.

Gotta love those CGA graphics!

Gotta love those CGA graphics!

Look, I’m not trying to attack people who buy pirated games. What I don’t like is being called “dumb” for buying original games.

If you have any comments or arguments about buying pirated games, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

6 thoughts on “The reason why I buy original games

  1. my thoughts exactly man
    it makes me kind of sad when people buy pirated games and never buy originals.
    my friends who are multi-millionaires really never buy a original game or software, even when they can afford it so damn easily.
    then here i am, a medium class guy buying genuine copies.
    sometimes i wonder if i am being a fool spending all these Thousand i can’t even afford(i could use in providing myself with other stuff or just simply save it). Is it even worth it?
    but i wanna support developers also buying genuine copies makes me feel good so i buy em anyway.
    i used to pirate a lot but back then i was a kid and it didn’t bother me.
    i still pirate a little cause i can’t buy each and every game i like but still.
    people who claim short on money should save and buy a game or two every month. it is more than possible.
    and others who can should sure as hell buy genuine copies.
    hardly 1 in 5 gamers buy genuine copies and it’s awful.
    breaks my heart kinda.

    to share a lill further i just Googled “is buying original games even worth it” and your article came up
    i don’t like pirating games, i really don’t even like playing pirated games.
    it doesn’t give me the kind of satisfaction.
    and i can’t really afford genuines right now but i buy em, more than most will tell me to get priorities straight.
    makes me wanna quit gaming which has always been most imp. part of my life.
    and its not like i am alone no friends, G.F or anything, got more than most, always surrounded by ppl, popular guy from hi-school and all, everything’s great but this people pirating and not buying orignals makes me wonder if i am just wasting too much money.
    it doesn’t mean i will pirate, it’s more like i will quit gaming. cause pirating is not an option to me. pirating doesn’t feel good.
    and more than most will still consider original buyers fool.
    well That’s some load off.

    • That’s exactly how I feel. I like to support the programmers, artists, writers, QA testers and everyone who put their heart and soul into making the games that I love by actually buying the game and showing them that I appreciate all they did.

      Makes me feel bad when the people who pirate games make me feel like the idiot for actually doing the right thing.

  2. look, you dont pay to watch tv shows right? it’s the same thing when you buy a console/pc, i mean, you already pay for your internet, and it’s not like the multimilliondollar companies who make your games actually care about your rights to a decent paycheck, they don’t, sadly, so unless the paycheck increases or taxes decrease, there will always be piracy, this is what happens when you’re desperate.

    dont get me wrong, i respect the programmers/artists/and writers, but what i truly hate is the company that advertises/publishes the game, they’re the ones responsible for taxing.

    • Like I said, I’m not attacking people who do pirate games. I understand gaming is a very expensive hobby. But, here’s the thing: if I managed to save up a good chunk of money to buy a console or awesome gaming PC, I should also save up to buy the games I want. I also don’t make that much money to buy all of the games I want, but I do save up for the games that I really do want.

      I don’t think it’s fair to compare video games to television shows. At least with television shows, they have advertisers and commercials that pay them directly. These sponsors do pay a lot of money to be inserted into the middle of the program. With games, it doesn’t really work that way. A TV show’s success is based directly on how many viewer watch it. A movie’s success depends on how much it takes in the box office as well a home video sales. A video game’s success is based on game sales and how many copies they sell, not how many people play it.

      Yeah, publishers can be brutal with their demands but, unless publishers can find a way to get their games funded, they have to go through a publisher. That’s the great thing about Kickstarter; the game companies asks for funds from the general gaming community to donate money and, if they raise enough, they can work on it without having to ask for money from greedy publishers.

  3. hi sir Victor Dela Cruz! im john. i have some original ps2 games which is in very good condition pa. i just want to make some money out of it. Here’s the titles:
    Nba 06
    Dragonball z budkai
    Ratchet & clank
    smackdown vs. raw 06
    NFS underground
    namco museum
    Atv offroad fury
    Spongebob party

    09069748876 pls text me here if you’re interested. super ganda pa po nia. with manuals pa po. thnks po!

    • Sorry. Not really interested. I actually have pretty much all of the PS2 games I need. But, I am posting your details here just in case you’re okay with other people trying to contact you about them.

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