About Third World Geeks

Third World Geeks is a website dedicated to being a geek living in Third World countries. We know it can be much more difficult accommodating our hobbies and likes as we don’t have easy access to them.

We don’t have super large events like Comic-Con and E3. We don’t have video game tournaments like EVO or World Cyber Games. Heck, our Internet speeds aren’t even that great, especially when you compare them to countries like the United States, Japan and Korea! But we try to make do with what we have.

Right now, we only have a few recurring sections, which we hope to grow in the future:

I’ll Review Anything: A weekly review about… anything, really! There’s no holds barred on this because, as the Category implies, anything can be reviewed!

Fiefo’s Editorial: A weekly musing of thoughts from Fiefo. These are going to be very random thoughts on how geekdom has affected his life as well as his experiences.

Robin’s Adventures: Robin’s weekly article about how being a geek in the Philippines has molded her into the girl she is now.

Ye Olde Archives: Writers come and go. This is where we contain the works of past contributors, which include:

Alky’s Random Thoughts: In this section, Alky’s going to do talk about what he’s currently having geekgasms about.

Dia’s Domain: Dia is a mom on a mission: to prove that breastfeeding, baby-proofing, and writing about her latest discoveries in the world of books, movies, and potty training, are not mutually exclusive exploits.

Bong’s Blurbs: A fresh-eyes take on geekdom – from movies and TV shows, to gadgets and other geek-worthy topics under the sun in weekly doses.

Happy reading! We hope that you guys will enjoy the content and please feel free to give feedback!