I’ll Review Anything: Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things Total Wingsanity

I like to pride myself in being able to eat spicy food. As long as I’m prepared for it, I should be able to eat anything spicy. Heck, I managed to drink a shot of Tabasco sauce at one time. Sure, I felt sick afterwards and needed to drink a lot of water to dilute the heat that was burning in my stomach but I managed to keep it down. That still counts, right?

Anyway, I happened to see a place at the Lower Ground Floor of Megamall called Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things. Buffalo Wings are supposed to be extremely spicy so I decided to give it a try.

This is what the store looks like from the outside

This is what the store looks like from the outside

So, I’m looking at the menu and it’s good that they have different levels of heat for their chicken wings, which is good. But I was here to try out the spicy ones. It was odd that there was a heat level of Gangnam Style, in my opinion. I mean, I’m not even sure what that’s supposed to mean? And what does the Korean song have to do with chicken wings? Anyway, I was torn between trying out the Total Wingsanity (second to the hottest) or the Ultimate Wingsanity (the hottest level). I chose Total Wingsanity. I may like spicy food but I still want to play it relatively safe just in case the heat level makes it inedible!

Look! There's even a little Psy dancing under the Gangnam Style heat level.

Look! There’s even a little Psy dancing under the Gangnam Style heat level.

I ordered the 1/2 pound with a side of fries… and an extra large iced tea just to be on the safe side. I was expecting half a pound to be a lot of meat actually. I forgot to take into account that these wings aren’t boneless so the bone adds a lot of the weight. It turns out half a pound of chicken wings is around 2 1/2 pieces. That’s okay. I’m just here to try out how spicy it is anyway.

Like all Filipinos, I took a picture of my food before I started eating.

Like all Filipinos, I took a picture of my food before I started eating.

The fries were nothing really spectacular; they were crispy but needed salt. I did like the fact that they only give you plastic utensils which may seem weak, especially since you’re eating meat. But the point of eating Buffalo Wings is that you have to use your hands! Each table had an entire pack of paper towels. So, if you’re going to use a lot of paper towels, go ahead. The iced tea was… iced tea. Nothing special.

If you’re wondering why I’m stalling with my review regarding how the chicken wings were, it’s because, even though they were right in front of me, I was still kind of intimidated regarding how hot they really were. I mean, look at them! They’re extremely red… like they were on fire.

It's almost like someone poured lava on them.

It’s almost like someone poured lava on them!

Eventually, I took my first bite and… hey, it wasn’t so bad! The wings were spicy, yes. But they weren’t “a entire shot of Tabasco” spicy. For me, they were spicy enough that I can eat them. I guess the only thing that threw me off a bit was that the sauce was sweet and spicy. I always found “sweet meats” odd. But that’s just me. They did taste good.

I managed to finish the entire thing with no problem. Sure I had to drink the entire iced tea (and eat some of the ice). My lips did feel that they were burning quite a bit after I finished it but it was nothing that any spicy food lover couldn’t handle. Overall, it was pretty good. And I’ll probably go back and try the Ultimate Wingsanity next time.

If you’re into spicy food, then go ahead and visit Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things. I wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t like eating with your hands, though.

If you have any ideas about other spicy foods that would be great to eat, please leave a comment below.


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