Episode 308: Let’s Give Robert Pattinson’s Batman the Benefit of the Doubt

I’m willing to give the sparking vampire a chance to play the Caped Crusader… but it’s not because I like him.


Geek 2.0: Upgrading geek society

While geek culture and fandom is still relatively niche to the mainstream, a lot of people are slowly embracing it. We’ve seen it with the recent popularity of superhero movies as well as television adaptions of geeky literary works such as Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. People like the late Steve Jobs are…

Episode 1: What is a geek anyway?

Hiya! My name’s Robin, a 17-year old girl (going on 18) in the Philippines and I’ll be the one writing up a weekly entry regarding a girly point-of-view regarding geeky stuff. I honestly don’t consider myself that big of a geek. “So, what qualifies you to write about geeky things?” you may ask. Well, although…