Episode 26: TV Is Rotting My Mind… And I Love It!


Last time I talked about my former love for anime and why it seemed to have died down. That got me thinking of the shows that sort of replaced anime for me. I do love watching TV… not as much as going on the Internet and searching for videos there. But TV shows are a great way to just sit in front of a comfortable chair and passively watch whatever they give you!

Now if only my room looked like this!

Now if only my room looked like this!

I guess I’ll start out with my favorite sitcom since that’s the genre I watch the most of now. It seems I love sitcoms and comedy shows the most because, well, they’re so easy to digest. I think they’re sort of like junk food in a way. They’re always pretty short (around 30 minutes in length, including commercials) and you don’t really need to pay attention a whole lot to get the entire story. Basically, sitcoms are a great way to turn off your mind from heavy thinking, which is great if you want to unwind from a hard day of classes.

My favorite comedy program right now is The Big Bang Theory. Yes, I know. It’s a show that’s supposedly “against” geek culture but I still enjoy the show! Am I laughing at their hobbies? I guess in a way I am. But I laugh at how they take it so seriously. It’s more of the ridiculousness of the real life situation. Now, I’m not going down on geek culture. It’s like how we can make fun of teenage girls and their mothers who are so obsessed with Twilight and Fifty Shades of Gray. I laugh at the absurdity of the obsession, not the people.

Yes, I've sat around a living room with my friends before as well.

Am I watching them… or are they watching me?

For my favorite action/drama program, I guess that would have to be Person of Interest. I really love the premise of the show. A computer genius built a supercomputer that was supposed to determine terrorist attacks. But the machine also detects other possible crimes as well. Unfortunately, the government, even with this knowledge, will not do anything to stop these crimes (too busy with looking for terrorist threats, I guess) and the victims (and perpetrators) are considered irrelevant.

Before he gives the machine to the government, he programs in a way for it to contact him with a possible victim or perpetrator of the crime to him. He gets a former CIA operative, an honest detective and a corrupt cop to follow these people and figure out how to stop the crime from happening at all.

I think the intro explains it much better than I did…

The idea is so fresh for TV… even though they sort of did it for Minority Report. But still, the show feels so cool and I haven’t really seen anything like it on television before. The action is good and it’s sort of fun seeing Jesus… I mean, the guy who played Jesus in The Passion of The Christ kick ass as the CIA agent!

I guess I do have to mention my favorite kid show… and, to be honest, I don’t really have one right now! Go figure! I guess cartoons and kid shows don’t appeal to me too much now. If anyone has a suggestion, please go ahead and give me some suggestions!

Sorry Phineas and Ferb! You just didn't make the list!

Sorry Phineas and Ferb! You just didn’t make the list!

For sports shows, I don’t really watch them. Does wrestling count? If it does, I still watch a lot of WWE wrestling! Not as much as I used to since they removed it from basic cable now. I don’t know why actually. I do think a lot of people watch wrestling up to now, especially here in the Philippines. But now, they put it in a local channel and, for some weird reason, I can’t really find the correct schedule for it! It’s like they keep switching it around!

So, if you’re reading this, Studio 23 and AKTV, get your act together! I want to watch some good old fashioned Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown again! And don’t show it edited or cut out any segments! Storylines are important to a wrestling fan!

I miss the time when it was shown on Jack TV

I miss the time when it was shown on Jack TV.

Speaking of wrestling, I really hate it when they accuse it of being anti-women! It’s a pretty male-dominated show so I do understand why they do sometimes have to be a little anti-women since their main audience seems to like it. Seems weird for me to say this but that’s what I believe. I guess I’ll explain a little bit more about this next time!


What are your favorite shows right now? Please leave them in the comments below!

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