I’ll Review Anything: Big City’s Classic Burger with Cheese and Bacon

Welcome to the second week of Burger Month! I really wish I could come up with a better name for it… maybe next time.

Anyway, this week I decided to try a burger that’s pretty new in the Glorietta area. The place is called Big City and they actually seem to specialize in sausages and hot dogs but since this is Burger Month, I tried their take on hamburgers. I do know Big City has different branches in more areas so it’s probably not really new to some of you. But, since I haven’t seen one before, it was new to me.

Good looking place actually.

Good looking place actually.

Looking at their menu, it was kind of disappointing that they didn’t really have that much variety regarding them since they only have the Classic Burger, a quarter pound hamburger with lettuce and tomatoes. Pretty basic stuff. I thought it would be kind of unfair to compare the plain Classic Burger with the Stackers’ Jack Burger I reviewed last week since the latter had bacon and cheese, I ordered the former with the same toppings, just to be fair.

So when I got my Classic Burger with additional Bacon and Cheese, I found it kind of funny how they served it. Usually, burger restaurants will serve the food in a box or wrapped in paper (like McDonalds). They can even be served in a neat little plastic basket (like Stackers did). Instead, Big City apparently serves them on very thick slabs of wood. I think they may be chopping boards. Still, I actually thought they were nice. At least they were unique enough that I remembered it.

Too bad I didn't get a good picture of the board. Still, oooh! Look at the food!

Too bad I didn’t get a good picture of the board. Still, oooh! Look at the food!

Because I did order the burger with some extras (the aforementioned cheese and bacon), I had to check on it to make sure I did get what I asked for. Not only that, I also had to check how they cooked the bacon. I’ve actually seen some bacon served that weren’t really cooked properly, which I think is pretty stupid. In my opinion, I would want bacon on my burger not just for the added flavor (and fat). I also need the bacon to be crisp to serve as some contrast to the tenderness of the burger. You would want the bacon to crack up when you bite it.

Thankfully, the bacon did look crispy when I checked on it. It did look like the person who assembled the burger wasn’t that careful with how he (or she, I’m an equal opportunist!) laid it on the patty. Honestly, I sort of like my burgers to look a little sloppy. It gives it some distinguishing characteristics. As long as there is enough bacon to cover the patty well so that I get some of it with each bite, I have no reason to complain.

Everything usually tastes better with bacon and cheese.

Everything usually tastes better with bacon and cheese.

But all the aesthetics in the world wouldn’t matter if the burger doesn’t taste good. So, how does Big City’s Classic Burger fare on the taste department? Pretty good actually. The instant that I bit into the sandwich, I noticed a lot of juicy goodness splatter down on the plate/chopping board. That, for me, is a good sign that what I have in my hand is an excellent burger!

And the signs didn’t lie! The meat was pretty juicy and tasty. It tasted like 100% meaty goodness. I was actually expecting it not to taste this good since, well, I thought Big City’s specialty were the hot dogs. Having a burger taste this good and not really being it’s best item on the menu was a pleasant surprise. The bacon did taste and feel as crisp as it looked and the lettuce was still firm.

Just another look at the big, juicy goodness.

Just another look at the big, juicy goodness.

Honestly, I do not have any complaints about the meal itself. Even the fries were cooked well. While not all of them were really crispy, they all tasted really good. I was pretty impressed and, more importantly, satisfied with Big City’s Classic Burger. I think I may try it without the bacon and cheese next time just to see if it still stands up to the taste.

Have you tried eating at Big City’s Classic Burger? What did you think of it? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


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