Bad Moral Lessons I’ve Learned from Movies

Some of you guys probably know I have another blog called GeekWisdom. On the site, I try to get popular quotes from movies, television shows, comics and other geek media and spin them into something you can learn from (hence, the name of the blog). It’s been active for a couple of years now and, hopefully, it’ll go on much longer.

But there are a lot of things that I’ve seen in movies that seem to deliver a bad message. Maybe I’m looking too much into it but I can’t help but think of them. Since they’re not really from quotes, I decided I’ll post them here!

By the way, SPOILER ALERT!

The Film In Question: The Day After Tomorrow

You blew it up! You bas... sorry, wrong movie!

You blew it up! You bas… sorry, wrong movie!

The Summary: Sam Hall, played by Jake Gyllenhall, and a huge group of people have taken shelter in the New York Public Library during a massive storm. They are running out of food and water. To make matters worse, it appears it’s getting colder by the second. A policeman, thinking they would be safer (and warmer) if they all travel south towards the Equator, gathers the rest of the refugees and attempts the trek.

Sam Hall advises against it since his father, an expert in climate change (a Paleoclimatologist) realizes New York will actually be hit by a massive cold wave and they would freeze to death if they left the library. Nevertheless, most of the people agree to the idea of the policeman and leave while Sam and a few other remain.

Needless to say, the people who left the library freeze to death when the cold snap hits while the people who remained kept warm by burning books and closing all of the doors to the library.

Moral Lesson Learned: Don’t listen to the police during a crisis. They don’t know what they’re doing.

The Film In Question: She’s All That

Yep, what a dog she is. Woof!

Yep, what a dog she is. Woof!

The Summary: Zack Siler, played by Freddie Prinze, Jr, has just been dumped by his girlfriend for a reality star. Being the “big man on campus” (and being pretty cocky as well), believes he can make any girl fall in love with him and even make them extremely popular in the process. Dean, his friend, disagrees with him and the two make a bet based on this: Dean chooses any girl in the school and Zack has to turn that girl into the Prom Queen.

As they go around the campus, Dean dismisses a few candidates and gives them “cute” nicknames like “Bubbles” and “Rectal Archeology” in the process. Laney Boggs (played by Rachael Leigh Cook) stumbles and trips while in front of them. Dean picks Laney which makes Zack have second thoughts about the bet as Laney is “scary and inaccessible.” Dean finds this hilarious since, well, he thinks he’s pretty much won the wager because of his choice.

However, as Laney receives a makeover to make her look more “presentable,” Zack sees the new Laney and is immediately smitten with her. I guess the music may have helped as well?

Moral Lesson Learned: Screw personality! All you need to do to get the boy/girl of your dreams is a makeover.

The Film In Question: Dumbo

Honestly, I was freaked out by this cartoon when I was young.

Honestly, I was freaked out by this cartoon when I was young.

The Summary: Dumbo is a baby elephant with humongous ears. Everyone makes fun of him, except for Timothy the mouse, who is pretty much his only friend. One day, they both drink out of a bucket of water that had champagne in it, getting them drunk. The next morning, they both wake up at the top of a tree.

Timothy concludes that they managed to get up there by flying using Dumbo’s huge ears. With the help of a group of crows, the mouse convinces Dumbo that, with the help of a “magic feather,” the elephant can fly whenever he wants.

Moral Lesson Learned: Lying can only be good for kids. It’ll help them do great things! Oh, getting them drunk will do the same thing as well!

There are probably other movies where you could learn bad lessons from. If you can think of any, please leave them in the comment section below!


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