Episode 331: Five Even More Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas


Living in the Philippines kind of sucks if you like Halloween. The spooky holiday is generally overshadowed by Christmas as, even through it’s October, the malls are already covered in tinsel and the holiday season is underway. Things are getting better slowly as most malls do have “trick or treat” periods but it’s hard to look ominous when everything around you is still announcing that Christmas is only 56 days away.

I do wish that we did celebrate Halloween with more vigor as I do like the idea of dressing up in costumes and the like. Then again, I am a cheapskate and lazy so I don’t want to put too much money and effort to making an elaborate outfits. I’ve already mentioned a few outfits you can throw together on a tight budget but that doesn’t mean I should stop there. So, here are five more ideas!

The Head for Dinner

Funny, I think I lost my appetite.

Eww. I didn’t order white meat!

The Head for Dinner is probably one of the more traditional costume you can put together as long as you have the proper stuff lying around. Basically, all you need is something like a box that you can fit inside, a old tablecloth and a paper plate. Simply cut holes in the box, tablecloth and paper plate that would be big enough for your head to fit into. Place the tablecloth over the box and fasten it with something like tape to make sure the tablecloth stays put. Then, you need to put the paper plate over the hole and stick that with tape as well. Make sure the holes are all aligned as that’s where you’ll stick your head out of. You can deck out the Head for Dinner with other stuff, like dining utensils and whatnot. Also, you may want to add some gory makeup on your face.

I can say that the Head for Dinner is something that is easy to put together because it is actually one of the costumes that is did make one time when we needed a costume for an office Halloween party. It wasn’t a smash-hit (because I didn’t bother with the makeup) but it was unique. The best thing about the costume is that you can ditch the entire thing very quickly. Just get your head out of the hole and you’re good to go!

Twilight Vampire

Sparkle! Sparkle!

I hate Twilight as it reduced the ever frightening vampire monster into a wimpy creature that sparkles in sunlight. Bleargh! I wonder how many fans still love the books or do they think of it as their version of ’90s fashion: something that they laugh at because they realize how ridiculous is is? Anyway, I still think that Twilight is a part of modern pop culture now so why no use it to your advantage?

Dressing up as a vampire from the Twilight series is pretty simple. All you really need are hipster clothing, red contact lenses and glitter. Lots of glitter but not lots and lots of glitter. In fact, you’ll just need enough glitter around the exposed parts of your skin. Oh, and act all moody and goth just so you can convey that you’re a Twilight vampire and not a stripper… Even then, it may be hard to tell the difference.

Charlie Brown Hole-y Ghost

I was born in the ’90s and even I know about Charlie Brown’s failed ghost costume!

Now, I’m not sure how many kids today know about It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Sure, it’s a Halloween classic that’s shown on television every year in the West. But how many kids today watch regular old TV when we have in the Internet? Well, I still think Charlie Brown’s Hole-y Ghost costume from the film should be recognizable by a lot of people. Maybe not kids, but at least adults.

This is one of the most simplest costumes to make. All you need is a sheet that’s big enough to cover your entire body. Cut out two appropriate eye-holes and then just cut more and more holes in it. Actually, cutting too many holes may compromise the integrity of the Hole-y Ghost so you may just want two eyeholes and then simulate the rest of the holes by drawing them on with a marker or something like that.

Superman or Supergirl in Mid-Change

Why buy the whole costume when all you need is the shirt?

Superheroes are big so you can bet there are going to be a lot of people dressing up as their favorite comic book heroes and villains. Costumes that costs a lot of money. If you’re a Superman or Supergirl fan, you don’t need to purchase the cape, tights boots and the… underwear. Actually, all you’ll need to cosplay as either the Man of Steel or the Girl of Steel is just a shirt that has the familiar S logo and you’re good to go!

Well, you will need a few extras. You’ll need a nice, formalbuttoned shirt to wear over your Superman/Supergirl costume. If you have good eyesight, you will need a pair of thick-rimmed glasses as well to complete the look. You also gotta wear some good looking slacks. If you don’t have a good looking business outfit, you may skip this because, if you do buy them, you’re better off with the regular Superman/Supergirl costume since it’ll cost you that much already!

Minecraft Guy

I really should start playing Minecraft… but it just looks like so much work!

I think Minecraft Guy is a cooler name than Steve, don’t you agree?

Whether you call him Steve or Minecraft Guy, you would think that his costume would be difficult to make. After all, you would need to gather a lot of boxes and form them over your body. Then you gotta paint them to look like Minecraft Guy to complete the look, rigth? Not necessarily. Actually, all you need is the head. As long as you get the head right, everyone will recognize you as the guy from Minecraft.

Even if you are just doing the head, this is a more complicated project than everything else on the list. Sure, you’ll also need a aqua shirt and deep blue jeans but getting the head right might be a pain. There are templates online that you can print out so that would take out all the plotting on the box. It might cost a lot of printer ink but it’s elaborate enough that you won’t need to explain what you are.

BONUS: Evil Version of Yourself

According to Star Trek and Community, if you’re wearing a goatee, you’re evil.

You too can become an evil doppelganger of yourself by making a black goatee and wearing it! Then again, if you already have a goatee, does that mean shaving it off makes you good? I have so many questions!


Have any other cheap and lazy costume ideas for Halloween? Let me know what they are in the comments section below!


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