Episode 147: Robin’s Street Fighter V’s New Beginnings (Part 3): Online Warrioring


Last week, I did a post detailing my first day experience of trying to go online with Street Fighter V and what a miserable failure that day was! I couldn’t get a single match on that day! So I decided to quit and then maybe try again tomorrow. I felt it was useless to keep on playing since Capcom, in their infinite wisdom, decided to not include a staple of the series since time immemorial! What a dumb move, Capcom! But, I digress. Today isn’t the time to rant about the lack of Arcade mode. This is the time to tell all of you my first online matches!

After waiting for Capcom to get their act together and make sure their servers were, you know, actually working, I tried logging back into the world of the online warrior to see if I could actually play. Well, it looks like skipping the launch day rush of people trying to log in at the same time worked! I was able to get around to getting a few matches in… but it still took me a while to do it because of the weird way the implemented it!

Like I mentioned last week, the way I got into an online match was by selecting the Ranked match option in the main menu. Well, Capcom could’ve done a better job at making people getting used to the new “slick” Street Fighter V main menu that you didn’t have to select it! You can just press the Options menu on the PS4 controller and turn Ranked Match on as well as select how stable the connection you want! Oh, and you have to select the Apply Settings option; you can’t just exit the menu using the PS4’s Option button since it won’t register! At least I won’t have to stare at a Waiting screen anymore! I can actually go into the other options that are currently available while waiting for a match!

Could've made it easier to find, Capcom!

Could’ve made it easier to find, Capcom!

But I didn’t have to wait for long! Just as I started my Training session, the game paused and the words “Another fight is coming your way!” Actually, this would be my first fight since I don’t count the disconnection! Anyway, I wasn’t as nervous as I was yesterday. I felt a little bit more ready this time. I had my combos down and I felt I had enough offline experience with M. Bison that I could actually be, at least, a decent online warrior. Boy, was I in for a rude awakening!

My first ever online match on Street Fighter V was against, wouldn’t you know it, another M. Bison! And I have to admit, all of my time in training mode went out the window the instant the match started. While I could do some really simple combos like his Standing Hard Kick linking Crouching Medium Punch to Medium and cancelling that into Medium Double Knee Press consistently in Training mode, I just started mashing attacks when during my first online match! I wasn’t surprised I lost that match as well as my next match against a Ryu who knew how plus heavy his Medium Punch attacks were!

But, after that loss, something just clicked inside my head. I guess I needed actual online warrior experience to actually become an online warrior! All the training in the world against the computer will never every prepare you for the craziness that is online! The next couple of online matches, I think my reactions became a little faster, my nervous levels lowered somewhat and I could actually start hitting my combos! Oh, I would still slip up and make errors with execution and I still don’t know any combos that would link into V-Trigger smoothly. But I think I did get better since I actually started winning!

I also got a whole lot of experience against fighting Charlie/Nash online. I don’t know why but it seems like a lot of online warriors, well, beginner online warriors at least, were maining Charlie/Nash. Why do I know this? Because I ran into a lot of Charlie/Nash players on my way to gaining my first Bronze title! I think these new players are a little too predictable or are just copying each other’s tactics which probably helped me get a really long win streak!

I didn't need a trophy to tell me that winning feels sooooo good!

I didn’t need a trophy to tell me that winning feels sooooo good!

Of course, nothing lasts forever. If they Undertaker’s Wrestlemania Streak can be broken, mine definitely could. And it did when I faced off against a Dhalsim player who was pretty good! Dhalsim has always been the bane of my existence even in Street Fighter IV. And it looks like this trend is going to stay the same in Street Fighter V! I mean, Dhalsim’s seems to have a lot of really good buttons! And I think his jumping Hard Punch is too good at the moment since it hits all around him!

But I did have a lot of fun playing against him. I didn’t really feel bad about the loss since he did beat me fair and square without the usual cheap tricks most Dhalsim players use. I actually made him a Rival… since I don’t really know how to make someone a Friend in Street Fighter V!

Anyway, I’ve had more than a couple of days being an online warrior in Street Fighter V and I’ve earned enough League Points to actually make it to Super Bronze! I guess the next title will be Ultra Bronze? Anyway, I’m gonna play a little more online matches… but I do have to try playing on Hard Survival Mode as well. There’s still a lot of things I have to do but I do like to look at how to make the game better. So, next week, I’ll give you a list of things Capcom should do with Street Fighter V!


What’s your online experience with Street Fighter V? Let me know in the comments section below!

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