Episode 149: The REAL Diva’s Revolution Starts Now


Last week, I talked about the things I would like to see Capcom add in Street Fighter V. The game is very basic with not many features, but, since Capcom did promise a lot of free DLC down the line, I wanted to mention a few things they don’t have in the pipeline as of yet. Still, the rather unfinished state of Street Fighter V was disappointing but I think my disappointment will diminish over time once they do make the right adjustments… which is exactly how I’m feeling about the current standing of Divas wrestling in the WWE.

Well, I already wrote about my feelings regarding how bad the WWE’s implementation of their so-called “Diva’s Revolution” when they tried to force it on us last year. It started out so great, with Stephanie McMahon introducing the Diva’s from NXT and saying that they’re going to now be on the main roster of Raw and Smackdown! I was really excited to see what they were going to do!

And then, after a couple of months of how the WWE was doing this “Diva’s Revolution,” the reality of the situation hit me. They had no idea what to do with Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks as they just stuck them into these different stables and made them all friends within their groups and they hated the other groups because… reasons? In all honesty, I just think they knew the higher ups just wanted Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks to be brought up to the main roster because they were really big draws in NXT but they didn’t know what to do with them.

What made it bad was this grouping made it really terrible for all of the Divas. Clumping them into groups just took away all their individual personalities. Also, this entire grouping thing distracted the Divas from gunning for the Diva’s Title, which, in hindsight, may have been the WWE’s plan all along as it allowed that no talent inflatable doll Nikki Bella to become the longest reigning Diva’s Title holder, beating AJ Lee. Boo!

All of this just made me give up on calling it the “Diva’s Revolution” and call it what it should be: the Diva’s Devolution. It was definitely the more appropriate moniker as everything actually became worse! The Diva’s Devolution was a terrible time for women’s wrestling as even the matches that involved Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks failed to do something they were able to do consistently: excite me. I think that’s mostly the fault of the “veteran” Divas as they either couldn’t perform at the level of the former NXT Divas or they were simply outclassed by the NXT Divas. Whatever the case, the entire thing was a mess.

Lately, however, things have been looking up in the Divas Division. We’ve seen the WWE abandon their entire faction gimmick. No more Team BAD, Team Bella or Team PCB (or, if you’re into their original “kinky” name, Submission Sorority). Nope, all the Divas are back to just being wrestlers who hate each other or want to be number one. I do find it suspicious that all of this happened around the time when Nikki Bella finally dropped the Divas title to Charlotte. Then again, this was also the time when Paige broke away from Charlotte and Becky Lynch.

All of a sudden, the Divas started to become really interesting characters. We got to see Paige become the Anti-Diva she was supposed to be all this time… and then promptly get buried into the Total Divas section of the Divas division. Which is pretty disappointing for Paige since she was a big reason why I did have hope for the Divas division to become successful again. But I guess it was for the best because now the NXT Divas are stepping up and are the prominent fixtures of the Divas Title.

And, honestly, this was the way it was supposed to be. I think the Divas Devolution actually held back Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks from showing how great women’s wrestling can be. In retrospect, I think it would’ve been much better if you had the NXT Divas just invade the Divas Division of Raw and Smackdown. I think the Divas Revolution would’ve worked if the NXT Divas just came in as their own faction and started taking out the “veterans,” kinda like what nWo did way back when the Monday Night Wars was a thing.

But that’s not here nor now. We do have to look at the future of the WWE Divas Division with Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks heading to Wrestlemania to compete in a Triple-Threat match for the Divas title. These three ladies are outstanding performers and wrestlers who had to languish through the terrible Divas Devolution before finally getting their rightful due of getting their Wrestlemania match.

And I think it’s great that we have them getting a Wrestlemania match. If you look at the previous Wrestlemanias, you may be surprised to notice that, for the past decade, the Divas title or the Women’s Championship has only been defended 3 times. In Wrestlemania 32, Mickie James beat Trish Stratus for the Women’s title. In Wrestlemania 33, Melina successfully defended the title against Ashley in a Lumberjill Match. In Wrestlemania 30, AJ Lee endured the wrath of 14 other Divas to retain her Divas title. Most of the time, they just had gimmick Diva matches! Some Wrestlemanias didn’t even have any Divas match! Heck, we even had Santino Marella… excuse me, Santina Marella become Miss Wrestlemania! Okay, that was hilarious but that’s how much the WWE higher ups thought of the Divas Division before!

But because of the work ethic, ring skills, great personalities and mic work… mostly. Charlotte has gotten better on giving promos since becoming a heel but she still needs to catch up to the mic work of Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. But these are the Divas the WWE should’ve focused on when they got the entire Divas Revolution ball rolling. So now we actually have a potentially show stealing Triple Threat match for the Divas title starring possibly the best trio of women wrestlers today. Yes, it took a while but I have to say the Divas Revolution is finally underway.

Speaking of Wrestlemania, I’m still upset that the Undertaker’s Streak was broken in Wrestlemania 30! I’ll rant more about that next week!


What’s your take on the current state of the Divas division in the WWE? Let me know in the comments section below!

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