Episode 65: AJ Lee: The Best In The World


Last week, I finished my story about my start at gaming. That got me thinking about other girls that dared to do their own thing. And one of those girls just so happens to be one of my favorite wrestlers in the WWE today. It’s none other than AJ Lee! She’s been a lot of things over the years. She was my favorite Rookie Diva during the 3rd season of NXT (when it was a “reality” program). She was blamed by Daniel Bryan because she gave him the “the kiss of death” in Wrestlemania XXVIII. She became the unhinged and crazy chick. She was the Raw General Manager at a time. She was in various scripted relationships with big-name wrestlers, including the aforementioned Daniel Bryan, John Cena and Dolph Ziggler. The list goes on and on!

And that's only a small portion of her accomplishments!

And that’s only a small portion of her accomplishments!

But, most of all, AJ Lee is currently the best female wrestler out there. I don’t think a lot of wrestlers took her seriously. If you look at her, she’s not exactly muscular. She’s only a measly 5′ 3″; heck, I’m taller than her by 4 whole inches! She’s not the usual buxom blonde bombshell wrestling fans are so used to. But she managed to become one of the wrestling world’s favorites because… she’s the best in the world!

One thing that sort of drew me to her was her personality. Even during NXT, her geekiness and awkwardness shone through immediately. She was like the girl next door. The tomboy all the guys wanted to hang out with. She was witty, plays video games and, while stylish in her own way, never portrayed herself as the “girly-girl” type of person her body type would suggest. Nope! She was like a skater punk style that no other Diva had! Well, maybe Ashey Massaro but the less we speak of her, the better.

Let's just forget she ever existed.

Let’s just forget she ever existed.

She was totally unique and definitely a breath of fresh air in the Divas division. Here we have a tiny, petite Diva who, despite her size, was a very capable wrestler. Not only that, she went into wrestling, not because she was a fitness model or anything like that. No, she went into wrestling because she was a fan of “sports entertainment” ever since she was a kid!

I find her story very inspiring, actually. She decided at a very young age she wanted to be a wrestler and, after graduating high school, worked various part time jobs to earn enough money to go to wrestling school! In fact, she apparently had to pay the WWE $1,500 just so she could try out! Still, this is a testament to her drive since she did get in! This is a pretty big deal, especially since she would be wrestling in the same company that produced her childhood idol, Lita.

I love her moves in the ring as well! Her opponent is going to be much bigger and stronger that she is. I don’t think she even has the power to body slam any Diva in the WWE roster! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall ever seeing her even attempt to lift her opponent up! This automatically makes her the underdog in each of her matches! And everyone loves an underdog! Even though she’ll never be the toughest Diva, she’s definitely one of the more tenacious females the WWE has ever seen!

I’ve heard some wrestling fans decry that she should be in Total Divas. While I am kind of disappointed with her not being on the reality show, I don’t think her personality would be a good fit, especially when you consider the participants of the show. AJ Lee is definitely a breed on her own. Including her in the show would probably highlight how superficial the rest of the Total Divas cast really are!

But, most of all, I think she manages to show a lot of her true self whenever you see her on the big screen. She can be geeky, strong, feminine, tough, conniving, sly, flirty, spiteful, smart, dorky, confused, outspoken and a little bit crazy. She can be all of those things and I can definitely identify with those feelings because, like most girls I know, we all have our moments when we behave those ways.

I really like AJ Lee! There’s just something about her and, even though I’m a straight female, I’d go so far to say that she’s one of my girl crushes. I think that every female is entitled to at least 5 female crushes. And, you know what? I’ll list them all down next week!

What are your thoughts on AJ Lee? Who’s your favorite female wrestler? Whoever it may be, please leave your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below!


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