The “Sugar Rush” of Toy Collecting

No one’s really interested when you talk about your hobbies. It may be as complex as collecting art pieces from renowned artists from around the world to the extremely mundane as collecting stamps. It doesn’t matter: the common person isn’t going to want to sit around and talk about it all day. No, the only people that will care would be the people who have the same interest and hobby as you.

Toy collecting is just like that: the one-of-the-mill person will see the hobby as a waste of time and money. Why would anyone, especially a grown man, bother travelling from store to store looking for that one specific toy to complete his collection? To them, all toys look alike. A car is a car. A robot is the same as other robots. I shudder to think how their kids must feel when they get a GoBot instead of an Optimus Prime for their birthday!

He tried. God bless his little robot heart, he tried.

He tried. God bless his little robot heart, he tried.

Anyway, I recently returned to the world of toy collecting because, of all things, of the new Dinobots toys that was being released based on Transformers: Age of Extinction. I was only going to get the Leader Class Grimlock (which I reviewed last week). But, when I got it, it occurred to me that I should actually get the rest of his Dinobot brothers! Thus, I started looking around for the other Dinobot toys!

This started me down the road I’m familiar with. It’s what I call the “sugar rush” of toy collecting. You’ll feel a big high while looking around and trying to complete your collection. But, after that’s done, you’ll feel the sudden “crash” of emptiness. To get a better picture of what I mean, let me tell you what happened when I did start out getting the Deluxe Dinobots.

The next day, during my lunch break from work, I went the the nearest toy store I could find. It was the SM-run Toy Kingdom in Greenhills. I was fairly confident I was going to be able to find all four of the Deluxe models (Slug, Slash, Strafe and Scorn). I mean, SM is the biggest department store chain over here in the Philippines. In fact, according to Wikipedia, three of the ten largest malls in Asia are SM Supermalls; those malls being SM Megamall (ranked 3rd), SM City North EDSA (ranked 4th) and Mall of Asia (ranked 10th). Even though this Toy Kingdom wasn’t housed in those supermalls, they should have them, right?

All hail commercialism!

All hail commercialism!

Nope. They only had Slug. Even though I did buy him, I wasn’t happy. I wanted to get all of them in one go! I went to the other toy stores in the area to see if they had the rest available. There’s this shot of adrenaline that shot in my body since I really wanted to find a store that had all of them. It’s like a drug addict looking for a fix: I just gotta get them!

If you don’t know about Greenhills, all you have to know it’s a mecca of small stores. It has everything! From fancy boutiques that sell high end gear like the latest iPhone (even before it’s released into the market)  to shady stalls that’ll sell you “used” cellphones. It also has a lot of small toy stores that has very rare items in stock. It’s a great place if you’re a toy collector.

I made the rounds, looking for the rest of the Dinobots. But I didn’t have any luck. Well, they did have the Japanese version of Scorn and Slash but they were priced at twice the market value of the American versions! As much as I really wanted to get them, I didn’t bite. I went back to Toy Kingdom and got Slug.

I opened mine so it isn't mint in-box anymore!

I opened mine so it isn’t mint in-box anymore!

As I went home, I was still disappointed. Although I did get my first Dinobot, it didn’t sate my appetite one bit! I wanted more! I wanted to get the rest of them as soon as possible. I would even go as far to say that getting Slug made me want them even more! The feeling is much like getting your first taste of a delicious piece of candy after not getting any and then wanting more candy afterwards. I wanted to get to other toy stores so bad but I wasn’t able to during the next few days because I was busy at work. But I planned diligently where I would go the next time I had a day off work.

And, when my day off came, I went to SM Megamall’s Toy Kingdom. I wasn’t fooling around! I really wanted to get the rest of the Dinobots so badly! I woke up very early that day and went to SM Megamall at around 10 in the morning so that I’ll get there the instant the mall’s doors opened. I rushed to the Toy Kingdom there and, lo and behold, there they were! Scorn, Slash and Strafe! All in store shelves… ready for me to buy! I picked them up then and there!

When I went home, I immediately opened them and played with them. I familiarized myself with how each of them transform and started to put them in various poses. I did this for a couple of days and I had a blast with them!

When I took this picture, I still hadn't found a good place for them.

When I took this picture, I still hadn’t found a good place for them.

But, soon after, I felt this emptiness inside. Now that I managed to complete my collection of Dinobots, what do I do now? I’ve already done it… what else is there for me to do? This is the “crash.” When you’ve already accomplished your goal, there’s nothing to look forward to. Now that I accomplished my objective of collecting them, there was nothing for me to do. Yes, I was happy that I did manage to collect Slug, Slash, Strafe, Scorn and Grimlock. But I was more excited when I was in the midst of getting them. Now that I had them, the excitement quickly faded away.

Oh, you’re saying there are two more Dinobots that haven’t been released yet? And they’re actually based on Sludge and Snarl from the G1 line?

Ooh! Pretty!

Ooh! Pretty!

Can’t wait for them to be released!

How do you handle your hobbies? And how do you feel afterwards when you’ve already done everything the hobby can offer you? Leave them in the comments section below!

3 thoughts on “The “Sugar Rush” of Toy Collecting

  1. I know exactly how you feel, although I’m a long way off as I’m collecting Optimus’… Optimiii (;)). I’m a little luckier in Hong Kong, but the challenge is making sure not to end up with fakes…

    • Yeah, I’ve actually collected all of the Leader Class Optimuses/Optimii… I’ll just call them Primes… except for the AoE version. I’ll probably get the Voyager Evasion Mode version since I’m a sucker for the old “boxy” Prime. I’m on the fence if I should get the AoE Leader Class since it looks like a shellformer.

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