I’ll Review Anything: #Selfie (Song)


Okay… right off the bat, I’m going to say #Selfie is an incredibly weird song. Some people will call this garbage. Some people will think this song is genius. Me? I’m on the fence. I can undoubtedly see the creativity behind the song. Yet, at the same time, I can see the producers/composers of the song making this novelty song as a way to become popular.

For those of you who haven’t heard the “song” yet, here is #Selfie in all its glory:

Anyway, let’s talk about the song itself… what little of it there is. #Selfie is an electronica dance tune with spoken lyrics. There’s nothing really to the song itself. I’m not into the club scene so the overall tune/rhythm sounds like any other electronica club song. There’s the usual pulse pounding beat that escalates until they “drop the bass.”

Even so, while it seems like there’s nothing special to the song, I do like the beat. There’s is a certain thrill with the expectation when they do switch up the beat and this song does it very well. In the end though, it doesn’t try hard to stand out from the rest of the rabble of electronica dance tunes. Catchy but disposable.

Of course, the reason why the song became so popular wasn’t because of the tune. What made the song famous were the spoken lines made by the girl in the video!

...and her silent friend.

…and her silent friend.

So, for those who don’t get it, #Selfie is all about a vain girl who loves to hate on people, loves herself a little too much and takes a lot of selfies of herself. The thing is… I actually know a couple of girls who are like that! They love to bitch about other people and want to feel all superior over others. So, on that point, I think the song is pretty much right on target when it comes to the “personality” of the people they’re talking about, at least.

The “lyrics” (or whatever you call them) are funny since, well, it does sound like a particular close friend of mine! I was with her at a club during the summer and, well, she would do the do and say the same things in the video! She would talk trash about some of the boys that try to get with her (which is a lot since she is pretty), complain about the other club goers and what they’re wearing, and, course, loves to take selfies! It was uncanny!

But I think the song is a little bit more than that. There is some social commentary about how people love to take selfies of themselves and the high opinions they have of themselves. Either that… or I’m just looking too deep into such a shallow song.

Most selfies are as spontaneous as this example.

Most selfies are as spontaneous as this example.

This is, after all, a novelty song in the same vein as Harlem Shake and What Does The Fox Say. It was not created because the artists were creative. No, they manufactured it in a deliberate attempt to make a popular song that the general public would glom on to. And, to their credit, they succeeded!

Now, the question is, is the song going to go down as one of the most beloved songs of all time? Nope! This song will just be a faded memory after a year or two. The only reason why it became popular was because it became a meme and a lot of people made parodies of it. Besides that, there’s nothing that is particularly notable about #Selfie. The beat may be catchy but it’s nothing special.

Even now, I don’t think people are even talking about this song anymore since its release in January. But if it reemerges from the ashes because I brought it up… well, I sincerely apologize.


What do you think of #Selfie? Do you like it or hate it? Or are you indifferent to it? Whatever your thoughts on it, please put them in the comments section below!



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