Episode 66: My Girl Crushes


Last week, I wrote about my favorite female wrestler, AJ Lee. I mentioned she was one of my girl crushes. And it’s true! There’s just something about AJ Lee that makes her hold a special place in my heart. Talking about her made me go think about my other girl crushes so I’ll be talking about them today!

Now, the “official” meaning of the term “girl crush” is a female who really, really admires another female… but not in a homosexual way. I know that can be disappointing for a lot of guys who have this notion that all girls have this lesbian side and just need the right push in the right direction. Well, no. That’s not true.

I guess I do have to clarify what a “girl crush” means to me. Like the official meaning, I have a strong admiration for my girl crushes but I think it’s runs a little more deep than than. There’s something more. It’s sort of like you really want to get to know them and a part of you wants to be with them. It’s a very strong infatuation akin to having a crush on someone of opposite gender. It’s just that I know it’s not going to be romantic in anyway. I guess it’d be like really, really, wanting to make a specific person your friend.

Anyway, here’s the list, in no particular order:

AJ Lee

I’ve already talked about AJ Lee last week, but I feel she bears mentioning again. AJ Lee has a certain girlie-ness about her yet she still manages to be strong and tough. I guess I also like that, while most of the WWE Divas try to be sexy and more of womanly, AJ Lee is the direct opposite: She’s also kind of geeky, witty and tomboyish which is a definite plus. She even admits that she’s much more than your everyday WWE Diva during one of her speeches on the Diva Edition of NXT.

She’s a lot like me in a sense; still kind of a girly-girl buy with some tomboyish tendencies, which is probably why I’m attracted to her in a way. Opposites don’t attract in my book!

Emma Stone

Okay, she’s a relative newcomer to this list and it’s mostly because of this:

I would say, among all of the girls on this list, I’m the most physically attracted to Emma Those huge green eyes of hers really get me! They’re really piece into me like daggers and I wish I had eyes like that, instead of the slits that I have that house my eyeballs. She has great looking cheekbones and she can pull of bangs! How could I not love her?

Jennifer Lawrence

I’m beginning to see a pattern here. Jennifer Lawrence is definitely isn’t graceful. In fact, I’d go on to say she’s clumsy as she keeps on slipping during these big events! Also, I find it adorable that, even though she’s a big movie star now, she still gets tongue tied in the presence of Hollywood icons like Jack Nicholson.

She’s very down to earth and I don’t think fame has gotten to her head. I actually have a bigger girl crush on her than Emma Stone! Sorry Emma… we can still be friends, right?

Hayley Williams (Paramore)

I’m a frustrated singer. I play Rock Band and I can manage to pass the majority of the songs in Expert level but that’s because I’m playing it like a video game. I wouldn’t say I’m actually singing but, rather, I’m just matching the correct pitch. I don’t have the natural talent of Paramore’s front woman, Hayley Williams.

Hayley Williams appeals to the punk side in me. I do enjoy an eclectic number of genres but I really love alternative/punk rock a lot. And I never would’ve known if it weren’t for Paramore! I do love the band in general but it’s the vocals of Hayley Williams that always tied it up well.

Not only that, I really love how she performs on stage! She always give an energetic performance and knows how to rock out on stage! Paramore’s been in the Philippines two times and I’m hoping to see them come back a third time. And, hopefully, this time, I can give Hayley a big hug!

Taylor Swift

She’s the oddball of the group. If you’ve noticed, there have been two factors that have determined if someone becomes my girl crush. First, they have to be kind of tough and tomboyish. Second, they have to be kind of geeky/dorky. Maybe it’s because those are two traits that I identify with easily. I don’t think Taylor Swift is tomboyish nor geeky. Yet, I don’t think she’s really feminine. I’d go so far to say she’s kind of… trashy. But in a good way!

I guess it boils down to the fact that, during my teen years, I’ve been listening to her songs.

My teenage life was pretty much me listening to Taylor Swift songs. From Love Story to We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, I consumed those songs. Even when she fell out of style, I still buy her albums and listen to her songs. Oh, and I actually think she’s pretty and has a certain fashion sense that I like.

Well, those are my girl crushes! It’s kind of refreshing to talk about girls actually! And I think this post would past the Bechdel test. But, on the other hand, I do have problems with this so called test. And I’ll talk more about that next time!

What about you? Who are your girl crushes? Let me know who they are in the comments section below!

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