The DC Cinematic Universe’s Future is Looking Bright

Let’s be real here: DC’s first two attempts at making a DC Cinematic Universe pretty much failed. Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice were, if I’m being generous, all right. And most fans who grew up reading the adventures of Superman and Batman didn’t really care where Zack Snyder was taking the characters. Well, after the big shakeup that booted Zack Snyder out of the creative control chair of the upcoming Justice League film, it looks like things may be finally on track. Well, at least things look a little more promising after the slew of trailers DC released during last week’s Comic-Con!

Let’s go talk about the next entry in the DC Cinematic Universe first. Suicide Squad is set to be released in a couple of weeks and excitement for the movie is pretty high. In all honesty, the first trailer, which was shown in last year’s Comic-Con, wasn’t all that hot. It looked cool but it looked way too serious. I guess DC got the message since, after the first trailer, they decided to release trailers featuring *gasp* actual humor!

There’s a lot of things that made Suicide Squad look really good. Oh, there’s the fact that it has Bohemian Rhapsody blaring in the background, giving it a really fast paced beat. But it takes more than a cool song to make a good trailer. No, Suicide Squad’s first official trailer and all subsequent ones hit all the right notes. It showed the bare minimum of story and just aimed at just giving us the setup (super criminals dragged into doing good) and show us interesting people. They filled their runtime with showing us characters with, well, a lot of character! It made Suicide Squad look like it was going to be a fun adventure with actual likable characters.

I’m guessing DC finally understood that this is what fans wanted to see, at least in their trailers. Instead of giving us heroes brooding and moping around all serious all the time, the new slew of DC Cinematic Universe trailers actually started showing us more of the things fans wanted to see in a superhero film: interesting and fun characters thrown into action packed adventures… without revealing too much of the story! After all, DC did shoot itself in the foot by revealing Doomsday in Batman v. Superman’s second trailer!

Or is this Clayface? It's hard to tell!

Or is this Clayface? It’s hard to tell!

Anyway, last week at Comic-Con, DC took those lessons to heart by showing us really great trailers of their upcoming films. They were still going for a rather dark and gritty look overall, but they controlled themselves of making them too serious. Like Suicide Squad, they featured the characters more prominently rather than just focus on the action (which there is still a lot of) . But DC finally decided to add a little more humor to the proceedings, which does make the movies more fun.

Let’s go look at the first official Wonder Woman trailer that was shown off during last week’s Comic Con. It looked really good! It subtlety told us it’s going to be set during World War I, which is a fantastic choice to set a superhero film in because it’s never been done before! Also, it does give us a glimpse of what Princess Diana of Themyscira is all about, how she was raised, etc.

And the Wonder Woman trailer did what trailers are supposed to do: it made me want to go watch the movie when it comes out. Wonder Woman looks like it’s going to be filled with great action sequences and great characters. Oh, and her theme music, which was probably one of the few things that was good from the Batman v. Superman movie, is really a pulse pounding tune that’s really great!

But it wasn’t just the new Wonder Woman DC had up their sleeve in Comic Con. They also showed a quick look at the new upcoming Justice League movie. I have to say, you can still see the fingerprints of Zack Snyder’s mopey-ness in the footage as he’s still directing it. It didn’t look at fantastic as the Wonder Woman trailer but it’s very early in filming. What they did show at Comic-Con could’ve been a few clips cobbled together to give fans just a taste of what’s to come.

And the trailer tasted rather sweet! It did look good for the most part as, once again, it was more on showing up the personalities of the characters and it shockingly didn’t reveal a single bit of story! I mean, Aquaman looked really scary but “good guy” scary! So I’m still excited for the upcoming Justice League film. Or, at least, I’m going to be excited for it until DC releases an official trailer, which I definitely hope they won’t mess up!

But, for me, the biggest surprise from DC was an upcoming film you may have forgotten as it doesn’t belong to the DC Cinematic Universe. That movie is the upcoming Lego Batman film. I positively adored The Lego Movie and I wasn’t alone. If I remember correctly, some fans were legitimately upset that it wasn’t nominated for Best Animated Film in 2014! Thankfully, although it is just a spinoff from The Lego Movie, it looks like the upcoming Lego Batman film still has all the tongue-in-cheek humor and creativity that made the 2014 film a hoot!

After these horde of awesome looking trailers, it finally looks like the DC Cinematic Universe is on the right track. Sure, they’re just trailers and, in the long run, the trailers don’t really mean anything if the final product, the actual movie, sucks. But trailers are supposed to be indicators of what the the movie is going to be like. Trailers are commercials for movies and their job is to make the movie look as good as possible to get people to watch them. If the trailers look bad, then we’ll assume the movie is, too.

DC took a lot of hard lessons from Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman. They heard the complaints from fans about the trailers and the resultant movies. So, here’s hoping they took those complaints to heart. But, from what I’ve seen from their new trailers, things are certainly looking a whole lot brighter… even if the landscape is still mostly dark and gritty.

What do you think of the DC trailers coming out of Comic-Con? Let me know in the comments section below!

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