Episode 164: Going Back To The Sims 4: Part 2: Building a New Sims 4 Home


Last week, I wrote about getting back into the world of The Sims 4 and how I created my new character again from scratch. Honestly, creating a new character in Maxis’ life simulator has always been my favorite part of playing any Sims game. It’s always been such a joy to build a virtual avatar to represent myself in that virtual world. This was no different! But there were a few changes to my normal routine because, this time around, I opted to not take any liberties on my Sims 4 avatar body. I tried to be brutally honest with how I look in the game and… Okay, she wasn’t the usual buxom babe I usually create because I have boob envy.

Yep! That's my flat self!

Yep! That’s my flat self!

So, after an hour or two of tinkering with my new Sims 4 avatar, I decided to release her into the wild world of the game. But, of course I can’t just leave her to live on the streets like some bum! Certainly not! I had to find my virtual Robin a decent place to stay! If my favorite thing to do in Maxis’ and EA Sims games is lollygagging about in the Create-A-Sim mode and tinkering with the various body parts and outfits, my second favorite thing is actually building a new livable habitat for that Sim!

Unfortunately, as much as I love creating my own humble abode in each and every Sims game, I’m totally crap at it! If I actually invest a lot of time with the Build mode, as in constructing the house using an empty lot, I can spend an entire day doing it… and the realize that I forgot to build a bathroom or something stupid like that! Either that or my layouts is too elaborate and confusing for the Sims to navigate in, making them get stuck in between furniture or something silly like that. So, while I love tinkering around in Build Mode, I usually just purchase a ready made house that has a floorplan that I like and make sure that I get it unfurnished so that I can put the stuff that I like in there.

Well, I remembered one of the reasons why I stopped playing The Sims 4: the map interface. I appreciate EA trying to make The Sims 4 less taxing on aging computers by limiting the open world like feel… but the open world feel was one of the things that made The Sims 3 sooooo good! I wouldn’t say it annoying to click on the place you wanna go to; it’s actually much easier than having to zoom out and search for the place you want to visit. But watching your little virtual avatar walk, jog, bike or take a cab to the location made it feel like your part of a living, breathing town!

Anyway, I actually noticed that they added a new world/town since I last played The Sims 4. Called Newcrest, it’s a world filled with just empty lots! I was actually tempted of building a new home there but I decided against it because of my aforementioned issues with Build Mode and constructing ugly floorplans. So I decided to buy one of the premade houses in Oasis Springs. It’s a nice little one bedroom with lots of opportunities to pretty up!

Be it ever so humble...

Be it ever so humble…

Even though the new limited world interface sucks, I do love the new Build Mode when it comes to adding furniture! It feels really simple and easy to actually create great looking and, more importantly, livable spaces! I guess it helps that, for a simple one bedroom, the house that I purchased is incredibly spacious!

Like in every house, the first thing I concentrated on is the kitchen. Yes, I’m an incredibly skinny girl but I do love having a place where I can cook. I actually love cooking in real life so I can’t have my virtual Robin slaving away in a dingy kitchen, right? I have to admit, the kitchen space was kind of small but I think I made it work! I decided to forego the large dining table since, well, I am living alone, after all! Besides, I always wanted a little eating counter!

I'll upgrade the stove the first chance I get!

I’ll upgrade the stove the first chance I get!

I then focused on the Living Room. Now, since I decided to not have a bulky dining area, I had more room devoted to the living area! There was a lot of stuff I wanted to get but I also didn’t want to splurge too much on the Living Room since, well, I’m not really planning to spend too much time in there! In real life, I usually spend most of my time in the bedroom since that’s kind of like my own personal space where I can think and dream. But I still wanted the main floor area comfortable enough just in case I have to entertain guests!

I picked up only the bare minimum. I got one three-seated sofa and a coffee table as my focal points. While it seems sparse, I did get a rather expensive sofa and the coffee table isn’t anything to sneeze as as well. I also got the cheapest TV because, well, I need a TV in real life! This is also something I need to upgrade once I start getting my virtual Robin to work and earning those big bucks!

I'll add a throw rug later!

I’ll add a throw rug later!

Finally, I finalized plans for both the bathroom and bedroom. For the bathroom, I usually “cheat” a little bit because I always get the one with the bathtub because taking a bubble bath is great for lowering a Sim’s stress levels! So, while I would never use a bathtub ever in real life because I think of soaking myself in my own filth is icky, I take a few liberties here! I’m actually amazed at how large the bathroom is in this house! There’s so much space and I can’t really find a way to utilize all that empty space!

But now comes the place in the house where I put all my work: the bedroom! The bedroom is and always will be the most important place in my Sims home because it’s the most important room in real life, in my opinion. This is where I usually blow all of my Sim’s savings and get the most extravagant bed, the best looking cabinets, repaint the walls, etc. However, I am trying to play the The Sims 4 “for real” this time. So, like in real life, I didn’t spend all my cash and actually just got the most important stuff: a Twin bed, a sturdy table and chair with an outdated CRT computer (is that a Commodore 64?) and a respectable cabinet for my clothes. This will give me something to look forward to when I start rolling in the money!

At least it's livable!

At least it’s livable!

Well, my new house is built and I’m enjoying shuffling around it for now. However, the biggest problem is that, although I do want to give Sims 4 another chance, life is just conspiring against it. There’s just a lot of things happening right now, including the WWE Brand split that just happened and the reveal that there’s a new WWE Heavyweight title up for grabs because of this. But I do have to complain about its ridiculous name! I’ll talk more about it next time!

What do you think of my new Sims 4 home? Let me know in the comments section below!

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