I’ll Review Anything: The LEGO Movie

Wow! After the horrible drought of blockbuster films of January, Hollywood seems to have opened the floodgates! They released the Robocop last week. And it just so happens that The LEGO movie was released the next day. Oddly enough, this was one of the films I was incredibly curious about. I mean, we’ve had movies based on toylines before (Transformers and Battleship, anyone). But a movie about LEGOs? This I gotta see!

Honestly, I was expecting to be a train wreck. I was thinking this would be a kiddie movie with lame jokes and boring story with nothing for adults to enjoy. I was wrong! The LEGO Movie is an incredible entertaining film with something for everyone to like. Short review: go see it! But if you want to know more of what I think, read on!

The LEGO Movie is the story of Emmet, a seemingly ordinary citizen of Bricksburg. By pure chance, he stumbles upon the Piece of Resistance, an ancient relic that will stop the evil Lord Business from unleashing the Kragle on all of the LEGO worlds. Yes, this sounds like an extremely generic “chosen one” story and it is… but it isn’t! There are a few surprises in this seemingly simple tale! I’ll talk more about that later.

The (incredibly plain looking) hero of the story.

The (incredibly plain looking) hero of the story.

The film is incredibly creative with its use of the LEGO property. Even though you know they used CGI to create the worlds, Warner Bros. Pictures made it look like you’re looking at the actual toy models! There a slight jitter whenever there’s some kind of movement to give the illusion that the film was made using stop-motion animation. I thought that was brilliant!

One of the things that LEGO doesn’t have that the other movies based on 80’s trademark properties were recognizable characters. Transformers had Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. Robocop had the titular hero. But LEGO? You don’t really know anyone you can be invested in. What they do have, though, are licensed properties! And how they used those licenses well! So, you can actually have a scene where LEGO Batman has a conversation with LEGO Gandalf and LEGO Shaq and not think that it’s weird!

A small smattering of the entire cast

A small smattering of the entire cast

And each of the characters are excellently voice acted! Will Arnet’s comedic take on Batman is a revelation. Liam Neeson does double duty, lending his voice to both Bad Cop and Good Cop. Will Ferrell is great as the maniacal President/Lord Business. Even the bit players like Charlie Day’s “80’s space guy” and Cobie Smulders’ Wonder Woman do well in their roles. There are also a few surprise cameos that took me by surprise!

Each character is practically bursting with personality. Everyone is very distinct from each other. Emmet is dumb as a, well, brick. Batman is incredibly narcissistic and obsessed with black. Wyldstyle is extremely confident in her abilities. Essentially, everyone is interesting.However, my favorite character would be the eternally perky Uni-kitty, played by Alison Brie, just because she looks different from the rest of the cast.

Doesn't look like anything I would've built!

Doesn’t look like anything I would’ve built!

The story is also extremely entertaining. Like I said, the premise is incredibly simple and something you’ve seen before. However, there is a pretty big twist in the end of the film. I think the twist was fun and well written. But I felt that it also took away from some of the “epicness” of the overall story. Still, it’s a good twist!

The humor throughout is generally good. There are a few laugh out loud moments just because of the absurdity of it all. It’s also funny to look as some of the real life elements they inserted into the world and connecting them to their world so seamlessly. Of course, there are some groaners, but the good jokes heavily outweigh the bad ones.

All-in-all, The LEGO Movie surprised me. It honestly made me want to collect LEGO sets again, which may have been the entire point of the film. So, some people may complain that it’s just a 90 minute commercial for LEGOs, but it’s an extremely well made 90 minute commercial for LEGOs! It could have been a quick cash-in on a well-known property but I’m extremely happy that the filmmakers didn’t take that route. It’s a “kids” movie that adults will also enjoy. Like the main theme song of The LEGO Movie says, everything about the movie is awesome!

Go watch it.

Have you seen The LEGO Movie? What did you think of it? Leave your thoughts on the film in the comments section below.


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