Episode 44: Robin’s Fave Obscure Female Video Game Characters


Last week, I gave my opinion on how women are depicted in video games. That got me thinking about my favorite female video game characters I love. However, I didn’t want to write about Zelda, Samus Aran, Princess Peach, Chun-Li and the like. I mean, those are the more obvious choices!

Instead, I decided to compile a smaller list of the lessen known video game heroines that deserve more of the spotlight! So, here are my 5 fave under appreciated video game characters! Let’s start with…

5) KOS-MOS (Xenosaga series)

Not just a bucket of bolts

Not just a bucket of bolts

While not technically a “female” in the strictest sense, KOS-MOS outer shell is strongly female and is actually the vessel of a certain religious figure (it’s a stunningly looooooong story). Anyway, KOS-MOS is an android from the Xenosaga series. Developed to fight off the alien Gnosis threat by Shion Uzuki.

I think she looks beautiful as well, with her long blue hair and big, red eyes. I loved her redesign in Episode III (which is why I chose to use that for her picture). But the best thing for me is that she’s the most powerful character in the game and can morph her body into really big ass guns! I remember when my brother was playing it, I would get mad whenever he took her out of the party!

4) Alicia Melchiott (Valkyria Chronicles)

One of the main characters in the original Valkyria Chronicles for the PlayStation 3, Alicia Melchiott’s hometown of Bruhl was taken over by Imperial forces. She then joins Squad 7 along with her friend Welkin Gunther with the hopes of finally ending the war and realizing her dream of being a baker during peaceful times.

I’m pretty sad that she’s usually overlooked on female video game character lists! This may be because she doesn’t have the built that most “hot” video girls have. She’s incredibly smart, resourceful and compassionate. She also becomes one of the more pivotal characters in the game in winning the war.

3) Athena Asamiya (King of Fighters series)

The many incarnation of Athena! Ikimasu!

The many incarnation of Athena! Ikimasu!

The Psycho Soldier. Athena Asamiya is a gifted martial artist who has access to psychic abilities. While she’s definitely one of the best characters from the King of Fighters games, she’s probably one of the fan favorites. I think she’s also the only female character that appears in every single KoF game ever made!

Not only is she a awesome martial artist, she’s also a pop superstar and student! Hannah Montana has nothing on Athena!

2) Aya Brea (Parasite Eve)

Sexy and powerful

Sexy and powerful

Oddly enough, Aya Brea is the only character from the United States. A dedicated police detective trying to live a normal life, she discovers that she has the power to tap into her body’s mitochondria energy to face off her dead sister. Over time, she has used her abilities to face off catastrophic events that may lead to the doom of humankind.

Besides her obvious good looks, I like Aya because she’s has that perfect balance of looks and likeability. She’s also strong enough to not rely on the help of males. She’s one of the better examples of strong female characters in video games.

1) Rinoa Heartilly (Final Fantasy VIII)

Better than Tifa and Aerith. Yes, I said it!

Better than Tifa and Aerith. Yes, I said it!

My all time favorite obscure video game female is Rinoa Heartily of Final Fantasy VIII. In fact, I would have to put her in one of my top 5 video game females of all time (That’s a totally different list for another time).

I feel pretty bad that Rinoa usually gets snubbed in Top 10 female lists. She’s definitely one of the more cliched girls here as she’s more like a Magical Pixie Girl and becomes the damsel in distress at certain points of the game. But she’s the character I can identify with the most! She has the personality that I try to have. Yes, it’s incredibly biased but, to hell with it! I love this character so much that I dressed up as her one time!

Anyway, that was my list of 5 obscure female characters! I’ve been talking about video games a lot lately, so next week, I’ll go talk about it some more! This time, it’s going to be all about casual games! See you then!

Who’s your favorite female video game character that you think deserves more recognition? Let me know who in the comments section below!


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