Episode 62: The Story of the Non-Hardcore Gamer Girl (Part 1)


Last week, I talked about E3 booth babes. That got me thinking about girl gamers. You know, girls who like video games. I do categorize myself as part of that group but I’m afraid to admit it. You know why? It’s because I’m no good at them! I love video games a lot. I grew up watching my brother play Silent Hill 2 and I remember being extremely amazed at the graphics, the spooky setting and the emotional story. Not bad for a girl who was just starting Kindergarten!

Even though I do love video games, I never really played them! Even though I really, really wanted to, I was too shy to ask for a controller and actually start pushing buttons. I was told at a very young age that girls (especially young girls) don’t play video games. It was more of a “boy” thing and, being at an impressionable age, I believed what I was told. So I never did try to play.

I would love watching my brother go through Metal Gear Solid 2 (even though I still don’t understand what the heck is happening there), Final Fantasy X, Fable and Xenosaga. I was always fascinated by the graphics and the stories of the games on the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox 1 (not the Xbox One). I did try to play a bit as I got older but the only game I really, really played was Karaoke Revolution since, well, it was just singing anyway and I loved it when Simon Cowell would shower me with praises (which wasn’t very often… damn Expert setting!).

As I got a little older, I did start to play more and more games. When I got my own computer in my room at age 10, I asked my brother if he could install The Sims in it since it looked like dolls (I was still into stereotype thinking). I loved The Sims and I was extremely addicted to it for a long, long time. As soon as I got home from school, I would finish my homework immediately (I was a bit of a nerd) and, once they were all done, I would boot up the game and play on hours on end. I think there was an entire summer when I was glued to the screen playing it!

When I was 13, we got our first PlayStation 3. I would say that was the first time when I actually got my hands on a controller. I never had the urge to do so before until we got Sony’s 3rd console. It was a game I thought would be a lot like The Sims but I was totally wrong. It was PlayStation Home!

This is a file photo of Robin

This is a file photo of me!

It may seem to be one of the most “non-game” games out there but that was just the way I liked it. Like The Sims, there were not distinct goals in PlayStation Home. It was just a world where you control your character and play the way you want to play. It was a revelation to me. Games weren’t just about getting high scores or finishing the game. There was more to it. These weren’t just things to experience by passively watching what happened. These were things I needed to experience first-hand.

This was also the time I started to be more adventurous. Like most teenagers, I wanted to do more things that were out of my comfort zone and create my own identity. It was then I decided I would like to try to play more video games, even if it wasn’t deemed to be ladylike. It was when I made up my mind and decided to show my true colors. I slowly went out of my “non-gamer” closet.

I decided to be very open about it. I told my friends I was going to try playing more video games instead of just watching them. Apparently, that was a big mistake. And I’ll tell you why next week!


Do you still remember when you decided you were a gamer? You can leave your memory of the event in the comments section below!


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