Why Fans Hate The Michael Bay Transformers

The live-action Transformers movie has made Paramount Pictures a ton of money, both figuratively and in the literal sense. To give you a sense of how much the films make, the last movie in the first trilogy, Dark of The Moon, took in $1.1 billion dollars. That’s billion with a capital B! So, it would be safe to assume that’s because fans of the original show love it, right?

Well, you’d be wrong. Fans, including myself, hated a lot of the things Michael Bay did with the franchise. So, in lieu of Transformers: Age of Extinction’s impending release, let me list down the reason why we hate the Bayformers.

Stop ruining my childhood!

Stop ruining my childhood!

1) Too much focus on the humans

What was the main reason kids watched the Transformers? Why, was it because of Spike and Spark Plug? Well, Michael Bay and the screenwriters seem to think so since they featured them so prominently during the previous three films! Look, I get it that Bay didn’t know anything about the cartoon and he just made them because it was a job to him. But he should’ve at least gotten some adviser to tell him that we watched the cartoon because it had robots that could transform into other things fighting other robots that could transform into other things!

Instead, the Transformers trilogy of films chose to focus on “Sam” Witwickey and his trials of… being the savior of the Autobots. What the hell? We may have a soft spot for Spike in the cartoons but we were more fixated on, you know, the awesome giant robots? They elevated the human sidekick to be more important than the giant freaking robots!

They actually gave them much more screentime than the Transformers! Speaking of which…

2) The personalities of the robots are generic

One of the great things the Transformers cartoon and comic did was give every Transformer a distinct personality. We knew Optimus Prime was a charismatic leader. We could easily see how loyal Shockwave was to Megatron. We found out during the first episode that Cliffjumper was a hothead. It was very obvious Starscream wanted to backstab Megatron and take over the Decepticons. They all had some backstory to be told. And we latched onto those well developed personalities! We had our own personal favorite characters because they were just that: characters! Since we knew them so well, we all had a strong personal attachment to each of them.

I can’t say the same thing for the Bayformers. I never felt any attachment to Soundwave, my favorite character in the cartoon, I may add! I was pretty excited when they announced he was going to be in Revenge of The Fallen but he didn’t do anything important. And when they did give him screentime, there was no personality to the character! He was just an ordinary robot. Suffice to say, my disappointment was palpable.

3) The robot designs are stupid

A lot of fans new to the franchise couldn’t tell the Autobots from the Decepticons. Being a fan, I was able to decipher which belongs to what side. But, I could see why. The designs were needlessly complex. Also, they all had this little bits moving around all the time, which is very distracting! And the facial designs are really ugly! Each face had too many “lines” and creases, making them all look like monsters, adding to the confusion to who’s an Autobot and Decepticon.

And how dare they give Optimus Prime a mouth!

Damn that mouth is freaky looking!

Damn that mouth is freaky looking!

Speaking of Optimus Prime…

4) Optimus Prime’s vehicle mode

It may seem like a very minor thing. “Optimus Prime turns into a truck in the cartoon and he turns into a truck in the movie.” Well, it’s not the same thing! In the cartoon and the comics, Prime transforms into a Kenworth “flat nose” cab over truck, complete with trailer. In the films, he was changed into the modern looking Peterbilt “long nose” truck. Yes, they’re both trucks but it looks really weird because of the way Prime looks!

There was a simple elegance in the old cartoon look. The “glass” portion would transform into his chest, which you could open up and the grill would become part of Prime’s torso or, as we used to call it when we were younger, his abs. The movie tries to copy the look but, like I said earlier, is too complicated!

Also, where’s his trailer? In the cartoons, we had no idea what happens to it when Prime transforms into robot mode. But we didn’t care! It may seem unrealistic that it just pops in from nowhere but we loved it!

Where it goes is one of the greatest mysteries we may never solve.

Where it goes is one of the greatest mysteries we may never solve.

5) You can’t help but compare them to the awesome 1986 animated film

The animated film was one of the most emotional movies ever for a kid. At the start of the movie, the narrator states in the year 2005 (yes, that was the future then), the treacherous Decepticons has conquered the Autobots’ home planet of Cybertron. The Autobots are still are trying to take back the planet. But that’s not the real threat. No, the real villain of the film is Unicron, the world eater! Now, Unicron was one of those epic antagonists that seemed unstoppable!

There were also a lot of our favorite Transformers that were sent to oblivion as well! In the first 15 minutes of the film, most of the old Generation 1 Autobots were wiped out by the Decepticons! Of course, there’s also the pivotal scene where Optimus Prime fights Megatron to the death! And Prime actually died! That came as a big shock to us. There were reports wherein kids started crying in the movie theater and their parents had to bring them home! That’s how much Optimus Prime and the rest of the (robot) characters meant to us!

But the worst thing they changed…

6) The transforming sound effect

The sound effect that they used whenever the Transformers transform into their alternate forms and back was just so unique! It was incredibly alien sounding when you compared it to any other thing we’ve heard before, which made total sense since the Autobots and Decepticons are highly advanced alien robots. Whenever we played with our Transfomer toys, we all made that same sound effect with out mouths at one time or another.

Comparing it to the Bayformers sound effect, which sounds like pieces of metal gears grinding against each other played in the rhythm of dubstep, the animated transforming sound just sounds awesome beyond comparison. Once more, Michael Bay decided to mess with something that didn’t need to be changed. It didn’t need to be more realistic and identifiable! It’s really odd since he knew they needed to bring back Peter Cullen as the voice of Optimus Prime or else fans would shun the film entirely!

I know I’ve ranted a lot about this cartoon and I hope Michael Bay actually listens to the feedback of loyal fans, who should be the ones he should actually take notes from. Then again, we’ll be getting this abomination in a few months…

Please don’t make me write another list in August when this comes out, Michael Bay. It breaks my heart a little bit each time I have to.

Which was better? The Transformer cartoon or the live-action films? Leave your choice in the comments section below!

9 thoughts on “Why Fans Hate The Michael Bay Transformers

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  2. I could´nt agree more, it was great to see that I am not the only person in the world one to have this opinion. I used to be a big transformers fan but not any longer as the live-action movies can´t be any more disappointing, and you described it just right.

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  4. 4,5 and 6 made me want to hurt u so badly especially about the transforming sound ur such whinny bitch and by the way g1 cry baby Optimus has had a mouth before the movies stfu about his mouth everything u wrote I agree on oh wait I do ur fucking retarded if u actually think Michael bays directing tmnts he producing not directing but u probably didn’t take time to learn that

  5. Dude, you post this Geewunner thing in 2014? You are waaaaay late to the party. This discussion has been done to death. And while I really, really hate the Bayformers series (only AoE was marginally better than the rest thanks to more robot personalities shown, like Lockdown, and no Shia) guys like you miss the big picture – Transformers is BIGGER than G1. This movie is NOT G1. There were about 6 cartoons between G1 and the movie, and 3 more since then. And Prime was a long-nose truck, had a mouth, even flames – years before the movie.
    I am more bothered by the fact that the Tfs have almost zero lines in these movies and how asinine stupid the plots are, or the crude American Pie levels of the “humour” in the movies than some minor things like Prime’s mouth or the transformation sound.
    As for too many humans, had to happen, CGI is expensive. That said, they could have let the TFs be around and talk in car mode to save on money… but none of the movies does that

  6. This article is stupid it gives some stupid reasons look at cartoon there are some episodes that have little transformers involvement at all, nothing wrong transformers sound transforming, Optimus prime was fire truck in energon cybertron car robots cartoon animated series fans never cry over that but when prime is realistic in cartoony semi truck people from plain and cry.,

    What you see in bay movies cartoons and comics did it first designs are realistic not cartoony blocky these movies are made for old and to bring NEW FANS to transformers if it wasn’t for bay the new fans will still be tell people adults who buy transformers toys are you to old to buy kids toys now thanks to bay you see transformers everywhere.,

    I will say this transformers fans are bunch cry babies they can accept changes in comics and cartoons but when movies do those changes later after cartoons people cry complain and this is true most of all transformer fans are babies cry complain more about anything even stupid tedious stuff if there was poll what fan community that have most complaints and fans cry about transformers be number 1 comic book fans, gi joe fans don’t cry and complain more about thanos transformers community old fans think if it’s not g1 it sucks , transformers energon is not g1 they didn’t cry about that series not everything needs be g1 if g1 was so great bumblebee movie would have billion easy bay made transformers popular all over again and did what no cartoon , comics, toys, video games, could NOT do is take people turn them into transformer new fans be thankful bunch of babies is revenge fallen good no but I do like half of movie

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