Episode 126: Robin’s Top Seven Fave Female Video Game Characters


After last week’s really heavy discussion about feminism, I decided to lighten things up this week. I’m just going to talk about my favorite female video game characters!

I actually compiled a list like this way, way, way back in Episode 44. However, I mentioned my favorite rather obscure female characters in video game history. I’m now talking about my favorite female video game characters of all time here! While the characters on that list are really good and still hold a part of my heart, only one of them is returning for this list. I actually had a more difficult time with this list as I had to whittle down the list to five characters only.

So, you know what? Screw it! I was planning to only have five on this list but, instead, I decided to expand the list to seven!

So, here we go!

7) Samus Aran

The First Lady of Video Games?

The First Lady of Video Games?

I know Metroid’s Samus Aran is probably one of the most popular women in video games. She is one of the very first females in video games and I think the very first female protagonists ever! I could be wrong about the latter statement but Samus is probably the only one people actually remember though.

So, why is Metroid’s power armor clad heroine only at number seven? Sadly, it’s because I’ve never seen her in actual action! I’ve never played a Metroid game nor seen my brother play a game from the series! He may have an original Famicom but he never had Metroid.

She was a girl all the time?

She was a girl all the time?

However, I really love Samus Aran’s overall design, both in and out of her Power Armor! Even if I’ve never really seen her in actual action, I’ve read a lot of articles about the character as well as a whole slew of video of her thanks to the magic of the Internet. And I have to say, I really like her! She’s such a badass character and it’s not hard to see why she’s still so popular for almost 30 years!

6) Catherine (Catherine)

That's with a "C". Not a "K".

That’s with a “C”. Not a “K”.

When I wrote my list of my favorite obscure female video game characters, I didn’t include Catherine because her game was pretty new and gamers were still talking about her. Now that her game is two/three years old, I think she is slowly drifting into obscurity. That’s really say because Catherine is, without a doubt, one of my favorite video game characters of all time.

There’s just something about Catherine (with a C) and her overall design that I just love. Part of it has to deal with her overall look; I love the little curls on her hair as well as her cute face. And, gosh, there’s just something about her skin tone that’s so alluring!I also love her personality as well because, in all honesty, I wish I could be a lot more like her. Straightforward with guys and just have this feeling of freedom!

But a lot of why I like her probably has to deal with that Catherine was one of the very first games I played from start to finish! And I loved every minute of it! It was one of the very first things I reviewed on the site!

5) Rinoa Heartilly (Final Fantasy VIII)

Better than Tifa and Aerith. Yes, I said it!

Better than Tifa and Aerith. Yes, I said it!

The only one returning from my Five Fave Obscure Female Video Game Characters. In that list, she took the number one spot. Here, however, she is in the very respectable fifth spot. I really do like her better than the other more popular female protagonists of the Final Fantasy series.

I think she strikes a great balance between being traditionally beautiful and cute at the same time… with a little “manic pixie dream girl” thrown in. She managed to get the extremely stoic Squall Leonheart to do a waltz with her! Oh, and she can dance as well! I really want to learn how to ballroom dance… but I have two left feet.

Actually, I think the ballroom dancing scene was the thing that cinched it for me and made Rinoa my favorite female heroine of the Final Fantasy series. It was a brilliant way of introducing the character.

4) Clementine (The Walking Dead)

Young but the most mature

Young but extremely mature

I don’t think I would survive a month in the zombie apocalypse… and I’m an adult! Yet, somehow this little girl managed to live for more than a year! Clementine has proven to be extremely resourceful throughout the first two seasons of The Walking Dead video games. We saw her start out as a rather timid little girl to a strong, well, woman.

While everyone’s version of the Clementine is going to be different due to the choices they’ve while playing the games, my version of the character grew up to realize the harshness of the world of the Walking Dead and is currently scrounging up supplies in an abandoned supermarket with a baby and a woman she just met.

It’s not the ideal ending, yes. But it was the one that I got. But if anyone can make it work, I have no doubt Clementine will find a way to make it through.

3) Lara Croft (Tomb Raider series)

A caveat to this entry: I am referring to the new version of the character. While I do like the older and more mature Lara Croft, I don’t know that much about the Tomb Raider games prior to the 2013 reboot. So, essentially, the younger Lara Croft is the character I strongly identify with.

And a higher polygon count to boot!

And a higher polygon count to boot!

Much like Clementine, the new Tomb Raider game shows Lara Croft mature from a naive rich girl to an incredibly tough woman. Okay, she may be a little homicidal if you really think about it; how many guys did she have to kill in order to get off the island? But I think it’s excusable, considering all of the hardship she had to go through as well as the possible mental toil she endured.

I really want to see what’s next for the character when Rise of The Tomb Raider. Too bad I’ll have to wait a while since I don’t really see myself getting an Xbox One. Shame really.

2) Cammy (Street Fighter series)

Of all of the female Street Fighter, Cammy would have to be my favorite. While wasn’t part of the original 8 World Warriors from the first Street Fighter II iteration, Cammy quickly became a fan favorite… probably because of her tight leotard that allowed a lot of her bits to hang out freely.

Yeah, I know she's more popular for her butt, so I might as well show it.

Yeah, I know she’s more popular for her butt, so I might as well show it.

But even though she probably became incredibly popular because of her looks, Cammy did eventually become one of the most deadly characters in the roster, especially when it came to Street Fighter IV. I don’t fully understand all of the data, such as frame traps, links and such. But I do know the combination of being able to string in combos makes her one of the most high damaging characters ever. In the hands of a master, Cammy can be one of the most deadly Street Fighters in the game.

Unfortunately, I’m not one of those people. I really want to be good in controlling Cammy since I actually like her look. I think it’s because of her abs actually.You don’t really see female characters as ripped as Cammy, do you? She’s definitely doesn’t have a “soft” look to her.

How many sit-ups does she do every day?

How many sit-ups does she do every day?

But the biggest reason why I love Cammy and why she’s number two on my list is because of the idea that she has this really weird past. Not really sure what her relationship with M. Bison is (Is she really a clone? Was she just brainwashed? Tell me!) but giving her this weird mysterious past makes me wanna know more about her!

1) Commander Robin Shepard (Mass Effect series)

C’mon! Was there any doubt who would make the top spot?

Wait. That's not me. That's my Shepard in Mass Effect!

Wait. That’s not me. That’s my Shepard in Mass Effect!

While I never really played Mass Effect, I did watch my brother play the game and I was just so thrilled by out version of FemShep. She was an incredibly strong woman, not under headbutting a krogan to get their respect! The was she was written was just so brilliant! We did play the entire series just using Paragon choices, which actually made her more of a heroic badass!

By the way, the way we played Robin Shepard (our version of the character) was as a bisexual, not a lesbian. That’s what was originally planned. However, I wasn’t too pleased with the male human selection in the first game. So we decided to go with Liara… and out FemShep remained loyal to her throughout the series… although I do admit she was tempted to try a relationship with Garrus. But they decided to remain friends because Liara’s cameo with the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC. If it weren’t for her returning, I could picture our FemShep handling a bunch of turian babies, though.

So that’s it! Those are my current fave female video game characters. While I would like to say this is going to last, I doubt it. Things can change. New character developments may come up. Or my tastes may chance. However, as of right now, my tastes fall on those characters. And I think they are a pretty good list of strong female video game characters, don’t you think?

Speaking of tastes, I mentioned earlier that I don’t think I’m getting an Xbox One. I’ll talk more about that next time!

Who are some of your favorite female characters in video games? Let me know who they are in the comments section below!

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