I’ll Review Anything: Total Divas


I’ve made it very apparent before that I love wrestling a lot. I’ve been watching wrestling even since I was a kid. Even as I got older, I still couldn’t get enough of the action inside the squared circle. There was even a time during my childhood I dreamed of training to be a wrestler. As much as possible, I’ve even written about how much I love it before and I even woke up early during my summer vacation just so I can watch Wrestlemania XXX live!

However, I’m usually disappointed by the limited number of times we get to see great female wrestlers these days. Growing up, I really loved the matches of Trish Stratus, Victoria, Molly Holly and Lita. These days, the Divas division (that’s what they call the female wrestler division) only get a couple of matches each Monday Night Raw or Friday Night Smackdown show. I really wanted to see more of them. Enter Total Divas, a “reality” show that featured the veteran Divas in the WWE.

WWE had already tried a reality show called Tough Enough, wherein the winner would get to work for the company. Well, that show wasn’t particularly any good, sad to say. The biggest problem with Tough Enough was the contestants’ personalities didn’t show through, which is a big part of reality television.

It turns out Total Divas wasn’t going to be like that. Here, we get to see how the Divas live their lives outside of the ring as well as check out the things that happen backstage. I don’t think wrestling fans who prefer to keep the illusion that “wrestling is real” will enjoy this but me, personally, I kind of like looking behind the curtain and knowing what the girls are like when they’re not in character.

I do have some problems with the actual cast members because I actually think there are Divas that live more interesting lives. Unfortunately, the better female wrestlers like Trish Stratus and Lita aren’t available since they’re already retired and that’s a shame since they’re the ladies I grew up with and who I would’ve really wanted to see. In the current roster, I would’ve loved to see Alicia Fox and Layla because I think they would be perfect for the show. And, of course, the omission of the then Divas Champion AJ Lee (one of my girl crushes!) is really sad. Well, it’s not like she wanted to appear on the show anyway!

You go, girl!

It’s not like the cast is totally bad, by the way. There are some Divas that I actually didn’t expect I would like! And, of course, some of them that I thought I would enjoy watching but turned out I hated. I’m going to go into more specifics when I write up my article regarding that, which is going to be Episode 60 of Robin’s Adventures (yes, this is a shameless plug for what I write about)!

The show has a lot of issues. The main one is about all of the drama they have in their lives. Now, life does have a lot of ups and downs and that’s to be expected. But most of the problems they experience are because they like to keep secrets. Recently, there was an episode where Trinity/Naomi decided to get a birth control implant… and not tell her husband! I think that’s really stupid and, frankly, kinda selfish of her to do that. She can throw the “it’s my body” argument, yes. But she should’ve told him about it because, guess what? You guys are married and a decision such as this is something to be discussed!

Also, whenever another Diva on the show tries to “upstage” the other, they always rationalize it by thinking because others are “threatened” by them. As The Miz would say, “Really!?” It makes them all look like they think so highly of themselves and that they think they do no wrong. Well, sometimes you can’t just connect with some people! It’s a fact of life and it doesn’t have to be a situations where “Oh, they hate me because I’m too perfect!” Some of them should just get over themselves.

However, even with all of these personality flaws the Divas have, it’s odd that it’s mostly the men in their life that make the show kind of bearable. The guys are actually the rational ones in the episodes, trying to talk sense into the girls most of the time! It throws me off a lot of the times even though it happens so frequently. You know why? Because it’s called Total Divas and the guys come off as the smart and understanding people! As a proud member of the female of the human race, it’s very disappointing that practically the entire female cast come of as shallow, stubborn and stuck up! Even Fandango, a wrestler who’s supposed to be all of those things come off as very professional and levelheaded.

Still, I will keep on watching Total Divas whenever I can just because I love wrestling so much and because I do like some of the personalities on the show. I do like watching what goes on behind closed doors and seeing the inner workings of the WWE. But I sort of hate myself for watching this sorry excuse for a reality show.


What do you think of Total Divas? Is it something worth watching? Leave your opinions on the show below in the comment section!


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