Episode 19: Wrasslin’


Last time I talked about what makes a character memorable. That got me thinking about a show where there are a lot of memorable characters. And that’s pro wrestling! I’m not sure if wrestling is a geeky thing but it’s definitely something I go geeky about!

Honestly, I love pro wrestling. No, I looooooove pro wrestling. Especially the WWE. It’s something I enjoyed ever since I was very young. In fact, my earliest memories have to deal with watching wrestling in the living room and just yelling at the screen.

Weird that there's no "E" in their logo.

Weird that there’s no “E” in their logo.

I don’t really even remember what made me a fan in the first place. I guess it was something that was on the TV at the time and everyone at home was watching it. So, I joined in. What I do remember is loving to see all of the action and the stunts during the matches.

I guess the earliest match that I can remember watching was the Wrestlemania fight between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels. I don’t really remember much of what happened (I was extremely young!) but I can recall actually cheering for the “bad guy” Shawn Michaels. I thought that Stone Cold was actually the “bad guy” since, well, he didn’t really look like a nice person.

Anyway, after that, I was hooked!

The fighting, when I was watching it anyway, seemed incredibly brutal. I mean, they’d have something called a Table, Ladders and Chairs match and, I know it’s “ungirly” for me to say, but I was crazy for the violence and stunts they pulled during those matches. I always found it hard to believe that the wrestlers would be okay after such a brutal fight!

There was also some violence against women and, honestly, I was pretty okay with it. It only seemed… how should I put it… fair in a sense. If women wanted to compete in wrestling, I thought they would have to do the same things that the men were doing. I actually applaud them for agreeing to to those things!

Besides, I always thought that, just because they’re girls, it doesn’t mean that their matches between them would be less exciting than the men’s matches. And that would mean they would need to take the same risks. And I loved the matches of female wrestlers like Trish Status, Victoria and Lita. They would do moves that were on the level of the males… which is the way it should be.

I guess what draws me, besides the fights, are the stories and the characters in wrestling. I love the stories in wrestling. I mean, they are pretty dramatic in a cartoony sort of way. Wait, that sounded kind of like I’m belittling the stories but I’m not! I mean we have guy routinely backstab one another. The owner of the company, Vince McMahon, would pick his chosen wrestler and then groom him to be champion. I also loved that they had to settle things “in the ring” or “during the [insert pay-per-view event here]” instead of, you know, charging them with assault or taking them to court. But it makes sense in the world of wrestling!

The wrestlers themselves are also a big part of what made me a wrestling fan. Not only do they have to put their bodies on the line each time they compete, they have to know how to act and stay in character. I always laughed at the antics of D-Generation X when I was growing up and I was pretty stoked that they got them back together, even if it was just for a few months.

I guess my favorite wrestler would be The Undertaker. Call me silly but I love that, even if wrestling has become more realistic and generally less gimmicky, we still have a guy who calls himself the Dead Man. He’s also pretty much a living legend now who, even if he’s pretty hold, still manages to put up a heck of a show on Wrestlemania.

I still love the "classic" look the best.

I still love the “classic” look the best.

Yes, I know wrestling is choreographed and the outcomes of the fights are already planned ahead of time. But I think that’s part of the fun of watching wrestling. It’s like watching a magic trick but the audience already knows how’s it done. It still doesn’t destroy the illusion that you’re seeing something great.

By the way, speaking of the Undertaker, when I think of him and his old “supernatural” nature, I get reminded of a video game. I used to see it a lot in my dreams. In my restless dreams, I see that town… which I’ll tell you about next time!


How about you? Do you like wrestling? Or do you think of it as silly? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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