I write for other sites as well!

I actually forgot that I have some news about me! I’m going to be a contributing writer for Gamemoir. It’s a little bit different from your other gaming websites…

GamemoirInstead of the usual reviews and previews, we’re going to be writing more editorials. I guess it’s best if I just put up the quote from the site itself regarding what’s it all about:

“We write about the experiences, reflections, people we meet, and the games we love to play from the unique perspective of our diverse stable of contributors. We dig deeper into dissecting our favorite video games to give our readers a new perspective on topics they thought they knew.”

My first post for Gamemoir is already up so please go there and read it. Also, check out the other articles there as well. If you’re a gamer, you’ll find them pretty interesting.

Please visit my other site, GeekWisdom, as well where I usually put a spin on popular culture quotes and try to give them a deeper meaning.

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