I’ll Review Anything: Ducktales Remastered

When it was announced that WayForward was producing an updated version of Capcom’s Ducktales, a lot of gamers rejoiced. I was not one of them. While I’ve heard great things about the NES classic, I wasn’t able to play it myself so I don’t have the nostalgic love most fans have for it.

Still, with all of the fanfare this game has, there has to be something special about it, right? So, I decided to purchase the game and see what all the fuss is about. After playing and finishing the game, I can understand why people like the original.

The original cover

The original cover

The game involves Scrooge finding a map in one of his paintings that lead to five treasures scattered around the world. Well, actually, four of them are on Earth since the fifth is on the moon. If you’re a fan of the original cartoon, this is pretty much what happens in every episode. Speaking of the cartoon, WayForward managed to get all of the original voice actors, which made me wish they would re-release the cartoon on the Disney Channel!

The game benefits from really great looking graphics. I love the way Scrooge, the nephews (Huey, Dewey and Louie) and Launchpad looks. While the sprites may be small, each of them are filled with details and look pretty much like their animated counterparts. Not only that, they have some great looking animations during the cutscenes.

Speaking of the cutscenes, they’re pretty fun to watch… for the first time. My problem with them is they’re too many of them. In the Amazon level, you’ll be shown a cutscene every time you find a coin. And there are eight of them! It’s good you can skip them but you have to go to the main menu. It would’ve been better if you can just press a button to do so. Still, they are pretty well done and actually makes you feel you’re watching the original show.

The controls are pretty refreshing in today’s time since you only need two buttons: one is used for jumping and the other is to use his cane. Now, the cane is a very unique tool since Scrooge can not only use it to bat rocks and boulders, he can also use it as a pogo stick, enabling him to jump higher. Also, he can also jump onto enemies’ heads to kill them with the cane. Most of the time, I found myself just bouncing around and having a blast finding the hidden gems littered around each stage.

It’s a good thing the controls are extremely responsive since the maps for each level can be pretty massive and filled with tiny platforms you need to land on. They’re not perfect, though. There were some instances when I would be bouncing around on Scrooge’s cane, land on the edge of the platform and then stop since the cane didn’t hit the ground.

But they do work when you do need them, especially during the boss fights. This is where the game actually shines. The bosses for each level are exciting and very old school. And when I mean old-school, I mean you have to figure out the pattern when to attack and when to avoid his or her attacks. You also have to use the stage layout as well to damage the boss, which is always fun to figure out how to do so.

The game has a total of six stages (not including the introductory level). You can go through the first five stages in any order. Unlike Megaman, you don’t need to get the weapon of one boss to beat another so it doesn’t really matter what order you go through the game. It’s just a nice touch.

But, with a small number of stages, any experienced gamer can finish the game in an afternoon. It’s a good thing WayForward updated the game with some extras, such as the ability to look at art designs and listen to the music. You do have to pay for the extras using the money you’ve collected during the game, which makes multiple playthroughs necessary to unlock everything. Too bad you can’t unlock the original NES classic as well.

My favorite extra is the Money Bin. In the cartoon, Scrooge would take a swim in his Money Bin and they managed to capture the look. It’s fun to see Scrooge swim through his wealth, especially since you can see the money level rise with the cash you collect in the game. I just wish there was more to it than just swimming. I would’ve like to see Scrooge dive in and maybe bring up some object from the show.

Finally, I can’t end the review without mentioning the music. The music is awesome! While I never played the original, I have listened to the Moon theme on YouTube and it is one of the most brilliant 8-bit songs ever! They made an excellent rendition of the song in Ducktales Remastered. In fact, they also included the original DuckTales songs. Just listening to it makes you want to sing along with the lyrics.

DuckTales Remastered is a good buy. My only issues is that it’s extremely short but it still is a great game and I kind of wished I played it during the NES’ glory days. But I’m glad I got the chance to experience it now.

Ooooh! Treasure!

Ooooh! Treasure!

Have you played either the original DuckTales or the Remastered version? What did you think of the game? Please leave your thoughts and comments down below!

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