Five Inconsequential Questions From Spider-Man: Far From Home

It was not unexpected that Spider-Man: Far From Home would make a killing at the box office, raking in a cool $120 million plus on its first two days in the United States. It also made Marvel and Sony a ton of money oversees, collecting around $218 million outside the country. I was one of the people that contributed to that box office take as I already watched Spider-Man: Far From Home and I did thoroughly enjoy it.

As much as I like Spider-Man: Far From Home, I did come away with some questions about the film. No, these are questions by in no means make for huge plotholes or makes the story difficult to follow. Rather, these are rather inconsequential to the entire film.

Oh, and since I will be talking about stuff that happens in the film, there will be SPOILERS from here on out. You have been warned.

Did Mysterio/Quentin Beck’s partners get away?

While it was no mystery that Mysterio was going to be a bad guy all along, the way they executed the twist was really well done. Yes, Quentin Beck was still a master illusionist but when the revealed that he was the one that developed the holographic projection system Tony Stark was using in Captain America: Civil War which, coincidentally, was the first time the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of Spider-Man first appeared, that was genius!

Of course, Quentin Beck didn’t do it alone. He had some other disgruntled Stark employees helping him out, like the guy who assisted Obadiah Stane with his Iron Monger suit, someone who can duplicate an electrical pulse to fool SHIELD’s sensors and… a scriptwriter and seamstress. Okay, not everyone has to have a grudge against Tony Stark but still, Quentin Beck had these people help him to create the Mysterio persona.

So, what happened to them? Much like in Spider-Man: Homecoming, the big bad guy had allies but we never saw what happened to them. Mysterio died, fine. But I’m guessing his cohorts escaped scot-free since someone had to have delivered the doctored footage to J. Jonah Jamison in the mid-credits stinger. Still, I have no proof of this as the “footage” could’ve just been emailed to him. I mean, there’s no need to hand-deliver anything these days thanks to the Internet, right?

Speaking of Tony Stark’s ex-employees…

How come no one at Stark Industries noticed that someone was hijacking their killer drones?

Mysterio/Quentin Beck may have developed the illusion system but, in order to make them look real, he had to create real destruction. To do that, he got another Stark ex-employee, the guy that helped Obadiah Stane, to control some of Tony Stark’s attack/defense drones from space to create the decidedly real explosions to go along with the illusions.

However, wouldn’t anyone from Stark Industries have noticed that someone was sending down hundreds of attack drones to Earth? That’s the kind of thing that would be logged! Let’s even say that the guy who’s with Quentin Beck is just that good and he can bypass the systems. This doesn’t still explain why the guy who is in-charge of the killer drones not sending them down to, I don’t know, help Spider-Man take down the threats? By then, that person would’ve notice that there was a severe lack of killer drones in that weird space satellite thing that launches them!

Not to point fingers… but he is head of security at Stark Industries

I understand how he could get away with after Mysterio scammed EDITH off Spider-Man/Peter Parker. But I can’t for the life of me understand why no one at Stark Industries noticed that their attack drones were being used in a malicious way!

Oh, and we have to talk about how Mysterio got EDITH from Peter Parker because it leads me to my next question…

Did Peter Parker just talk about being a superhero in public in a bar without any concern that no one would be listening in?

Like I said, I really liked how they explained to the viewer that Mysterio was the big bad guy all along. He even tricked Peter Parker into giving him EDITH, Tony Stark’s last gift to Spider-Man. Now, EDITH looks like a simple pair of glasses but it’s really way more advanced. It’s kind of like OG Jarvis from the first Iron Man movie but can do a whole lot more.

EDITH is a supercomputer that directly links to Stark Industries and all its systems, including the aforementioned killer drones. It was imperative that Mysterio get it for Peter Parker so he can make the super Elemental. How does he do it? Well, basically, Quentin Beck takes Peter Parker to a bar to talk about the previous battle with the Fire Elemental. Peter openly talks about wanting to just continue his vacation and not wanting all the responsibility of controlling something as big as EDITH.

I will say it was very clever that they never actually say who they are. They never mentioned who is Spider-Man/Night Monkey or Mysterio. That’s really smart writing. Also having them talk in their costumes doesn’t seem out of place as they were in a city that was celebrating some weird festival. That’s ingenious as well.

What’s not smart is that Peter Parker, who is super secretive of his secret identity, talking about being a superhero out in the open and in a crowded bar, no less. I could see him talking that casually in something like a SHIELD base. But a bar packed with people? That’s rather irresponsible of Peter Parker! Maybe if he had his Peter Tingle, he would’ve noticed the con.

Oh, and speaking of the Peter Tingle…

Why was Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense on the fritz again?

We’re all familiar with Spider-Man’s powers by now. He’s got the approximate strength, speed and agility of a spider. He can also climb walls thanks to that radioactive spider that bit him. He created his own web-shooters that allows him to spin a web at any size and catch thieves just like flies.

Probably one of his most useful superpowers is Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense. It something like a precognitive alarm that warns him of danger. It’s helped him dodge bullets and warn him of ambushes. How it works? I’ve never been able to figure that out but there are much better people trying to explain how it works.

In Spider-Man: Far From Home, however, his Spider-Sense, called his Peter Tingle (cute name), isn’t working to its full potential. He gets clocked by a banana thrown by Aunt May and, in all honesty, he would’ve figured out that Mysterio was a bad guy almost immediately if it was working from the start.

Which brings me to my question: why wasn’t his Spider-Sense/Peter Tingle not working in the first place? Like I said, Peter Parker would have immediately seen through Mysterio’s ruse (and even detected Nick Fury was a Skrull) if it was working. But why wasn’t it working at the start of the film anyway? They never explained the how and why it happened. I understand it’s a plot convenience for the writer but, even so, I would’ve appreciated some kind of reason. I mean, at least say it’s hasn’t been working since returning during The Blip or something.

Oh, and about The Blip…

Are you really saying that every important character from Spider-Man: Homcoming got dusted and returned during The Blip?

Spider-Man: Far From Home is the first movie that’s set after the events of Avengers: Endgame. As such, it not only has to be a good movie but it also has to answer what happened after Bruce Banner/The Hulk snapped them back into existence five years after The Decimation. The event has an official name now and it’s, rather comically, called The Blip.

Now, Thanos snapped the universe’s population in half in what was supposed to be at total random. But… was it? I mean, according to Spider-Man: Far From Home, every kid, aside from Liz Toomes (who left Midtown Technical High School), was caught in The Decimation and brought back during The Blip. MJ. Ned Leeds. Aunt May. Flash Thompson. Even the Midtown Science Club adviser was caught in The Blip! Even Betty Brant and her co-anchor from the Midtown High News was! What a freaking coincidence!

I understand it was just convenient to do this as they had to bring them back for Far From Home… but it’s such a convenience for the writer and highly unlikely that these specific individuals would have been dusted during The Decimation. That’s superhero movies for ya!

Oh… one more thing…

BONUS: Why is Aunt May still hot?

So, Happy Hogan wants to get with Aunt May?

Well, can you blame him? I mean, I never pictured Aunt May, the doting old lady from the Spider-Man comics, to ever be as hot as Marisa Tomei… but thank God Marvel made a great casting choice! You go, Happy!

Do you have any other inconsequential questions from Spider-Man: Far From Home? Let me know what they are in the comments section below!

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