Episode 315: I Hate Liking Belle Delphine


What if I told you that you can make a ton of money by just selling the water you allegedly bathed in? Well, maybe not you specifically, but there is a certain girl in the UK that did just that… and made a ton of money doing so. Yes, Belle Delphine, the 19-year old self-proclaimed gamer girl and cosplayer, decided to pickle some of the water she sat in and sell it for $30 each.

And she sold out her entire stock in just three days.

Why do you have to specifically state that this isn’t for drinkin… oh.

To a lot of people on the Internet, this kind of thing has sparked a lot of… I guess “anger” is the most proper word. I was initially one of these people as my kneejerk reaction is that she used her fame and sex appeal to con a thousands of people into buying her “bath water.” I’m putting that in quotes because I wanna see what kind of quality control they have over there and it’s not just regular tap water. I’m only half joking here.

However, after the initial shocked washed over me and I did a little more research into Belle Delphine, something happened. My opinion of her kind of changed and I kind of hate myself for actually liking Belle Delphine and what she’s doing.

Now, before you continue reading, I have to say something that I never thought I would say on this site. What I will be writing about is actually NSFW (Not Safe For Work). I always found it strange to call something NSFW since that generally means it’s for adult eyes only. Anyway, I have to put up that warning as I may be putting up some naughty looking pictures of the 19-year old Belle Delphine and talking about her other kinky endeavors. You have been warned.

I have to tell you that I wasn’t all that familiar with Belle Delphine until I came across the entire GamerGirl Bath Water kerfuffle. Well, that’s not entirely true. It turns out I only thought I didn’t know who Belle Delphine was. I actually have been seeing her for years already but I just didn’t know it was her. You probably know her the same way I knew her. She’s the girl with the really good “ahegao” face.

It turns out that, just by doing that, she became extremely popular and decided to capitalize on her infamous “ahegao” face of hers. It doesn’t hurt that Belle Delphine has a really good body and more that willing to flaunt it each and every time she gets. Add that to her rather good cosplay skills and that she’s a self-proclaimed “gamer girl,” you have something akin to the Manic Pixie Dream Girl from movies in Belle Delphine. However, this is a formula that’s been done before as, basically, Belle Delphine is just your average E-Girl.

Now, I wasn’t in the know about what an E-Girl was… but I actually was. I didn’t know that “E-Girl” is the new term for “gamer girl who only plays games for attention, especially for the male gender.” It’s kind of like the next level of fake gamer girl. I’m not totally sure of the details and specifics (and really, who can be in this age of the Internet) but that’s basically what the E-Girl is. But while you can generally classify Belle Delphine as an E-Girl in the strictest sense, she’s taken her E-Girl game to a much higher level. And this is why, as much as I don’t like the concept of E-Girls, I have to admire Belle Delphine.

First of all, she’s actually much more creative than your one-of-the-mill E-Girl. Besides the GamerGirl Bath Water debacle, Belle Delphine set up a PornHub account. Yes, I’m actually talking about the infamous pornography website. However, for those hoping to see her in more erotic scenes, you’re out of luck. While most of the videos are labeled with the stuff you’d see in your typical porn video you’d see on the site, they’re all actually double entendes. Yes, you get to see videos like her playing with a toy cat or seeing her take a cream pie to the face.

Also, regarding where she got the idea to sell GamerGirl Bath Water? Well, she got the idea from her very own viewers. One of the most common comments she gets on her Instagram and social media accounts is that they’d like to “drink her bath water.” So, she figured out that she’d capitalize on the comment.

Oh, it’s obviously a joke regarding how desirable they find her but who would actually think to take it all the way? Belle Delphine did! This could’ve been just a joke product that would come out on April Fool’s Day. But she actually went ahead and sell the product that was supposed to only be a joke. And she made out like a bandit since she actually sold out her supply of used bath water at $30 a pop! That’s insane!

That’s unsanitary… but that’s the point?

This is why I found it infuriating. She was making a lot of money by “taking advantage” of horny males all over the world. But, after a few minutes of retrospect, the words “taking advantage” started ringing in my head. Because she’s using what she has to her advantage.

She’s using her sex appeal to sell something as ridiculous as used bath water. She’s making a lot of money by basically getting a lot of sugar daddies from all over the world, which she used to move out of her parents house and rent out a decent looking flat in the UK. Is it really all that wrong for her to actually make some money in this way if she knows she can? I guess you can say it’s exploitative but is it really exploitative if the person Belle Delphine is “exploiting” is herself?

And you know what the really ingenious thing about what Belle Delphine is doing? She’s not even pretending that she’s a real person. While other “gamer girls” or “E-Girls” will try to make you believe that their perky attitude is how they really behave in real life, Belle Delphine goes the opposite direction. What Belle Delphine is selling you is the persona. The fantasy that is Belle Delphine if you will. She is selling the sexy side of her personality without actually showing you any nude photos. She is actually incredibly creative with her content as they’re troll-ish in her own special way.

I totally get why Belle Delphine can be a polarizing person. It’s so easy to throw shade at her for using her sex appeal to throw all the little pubescent boys in a tizzy. It’s also totally possible to fall in love with the Belle Delphine character and, let’s face it, she is really nice to look at. On my side, I encompass both of those sides. I dislike her for using her looks to get ahead… but I can’t help but admire her for doing it in super creative ways that are actually rather ingenious and creative.

I do hope Belle Delphine is saving up her money, though. There’s is gonna be a time when selling used bath water will stop being cute and just be disgusting. Just saying.

What’s your take on Belle Delphine? Let me know in the comments section below!

One thought on “Episode 315: I Hate Liking Belle Delphine

  1. Belle Delphine is a meme. And as you suggest, it seems like she intended to become one. I guess it’s paying off too. I don’t get all the anger over it — if Belle puts her “gamer girl bath water” up for sale and people buy it, that’s just good business (though if it really is just tap water, she could theoretically be in trouble for fraud, but how would anyone know the difference anyway?)

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