Episode 70: The Polarising Treatment Of Girl Gamers


Last week, I talked about a little about myself and how I became the “adult” I am today. That did get me thinking about myself as a girl gamer and the polaziring treatment I usually get.

First off, let’s talk about the “china doll” treatment of girl gamers, which I find the most annoying. This is when a girl is treated with extreme politeness as to welcome the “fragile” psyche of the female gamer. Yes, we do hate it when you act too nice. You may think we like this kind of treatment and, to an extent we kind of do. Everyone wants to feel welcomed so we do enjoy it… at the start. But at the same time, this kind of treatment just alienates us.

Yes. Yes, we do.

Yes. Yes, we do.

If you keep on trying to shelter and protect us for a prolonged period of time, we just get annoyed. The best example of how I can explain this I guess is like an overprotective parent. You know… the kind that doesn’t let their kids do anything anymore. Eventually, we just want to go do our own thing and experience the wild world of gaming. It’s actually very disrespectful in my opinion. It makes us feel like second class citizens in the gaming world.

On the opposite spectrum of being treated like a fragile flower, we have the “you’re not hardcore” treatment. This is when we are questioned at every turn to prove our gaming cred at every turn. There’s the “evil” stereotype that all gamer girls are fake and we’re just doing it for attention and we don’t actually know anything about gaming.

This happens a lot.

This happens a lot.

Just because we like gaming, that doesn’t mean that we’ve reconstructed our entire life so we can live and breathe video games! I’ve mentioned before that, even though I love video games and I’ve been watching my brother play them since I was very young, I’m still not extremely good at it. I love The Sims and that’s a video game. I love Street Fighter and that’s a video game, too! But I don’t know every video game ever created!

I’ve been questioned at times about games like Zelda and, while I do have some idea regarding them, I don’t know which Zelda game had Link incapacitated and it was Princess Zelda that had to to the adventuring. I told the guys asking me this that I didn’t know and I was astonished that there was a Zelda game like that and he just scoffed and he said that, as a gamer, I should know these kinds of things!

Would you even consider this to be a Zelda game?

Would you even consider this to be a Zelda game?

Like a cinefile, he may like a ton of movies but it doesn’t mean he knows about every movie ever created! It’s impossible to know every thing about it! I do know now that it’s the game pictured above. It’s Zelda: Wand of Gamelon… on the CD-i. A console that I’ve never even seen! I found out about the game from researching the Internet and… frankly, I’m glad I didn’t know this game existed before!

The best way to treat a gamer girl is to treat them as a gamer. Equal rights should not only pertain to the real world but it should also hold true in the video game world. Besides, there are a ton of successful gamer girls like the Frag Dolls (who I used for this article’s featured image). They’re good at games and I’m pretty sure they can outplay a whole lot of ordinary players. Yet their credibility as a clan is still questioned by the mere fact that they’re just “girls”.

Well, I think I’ve ranted long enough about how the gaming public treats female gamers. Obviously, the next thing to rant about would be the fake gamer girls and how detrimental it is to the ones that really like video games. And I’ll talk about that next time!

What’re your thoughts on how female gamers are treated? Leave your opinions in the comments section below!

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