Episode 71: Why It’s Okay to Hate on Fake Gamer/Geek Girls


Last week, I talked about the weird treatment female gamers get from the mostly male gaming community. The thing is, to some extent, I understand the hesitation of letting girls play with the traditionally made dominated gaming world. Come to think of it, this doesn’t apply exclusively to the gaming world. It applies to a lot of the geeky subculture in general. Video games, comics, fantasy novels, cosplay… you name it, girls have tried to insert them in since, well, they’ve become the new “in” thing! With the extreme popularity of superhero movies and gaming at an all time high, of course people want proclaim their fandom for these things.

Now, it’s all good… if they were really fans of the subject matter. The thing is *gasp* some of them are just pretending to like them and are doing it for the attention!

You could just download copies of them off the Internet anyway, right?

“You could just download copies of them off the Internet anyway, right?”

First off, let me start off by saying that, while there are “fakes” out there, it doesn’t mean that all geek girls are fake! Not by a longshot! Some of us just do love video games, cartoons and comic books. But the ones I’m pertaining to are the ones with very little knowledge of geeky topics and yet proclaim themselves to be geeks or nerds.

Honestly, I don’t really have a problem with them for the most part.

How dare you!

“Burn her! Burn her!”

Wait! Wait! Before you start hunting me down like Frankenstein’s monster, let me try to explain…

Truthfully, I think that, if the “fake geek girl” has at least some love for the subject, then she’s not really a faker, is she? I guess you can classify her as a newbie to the subject. In more nerdy terms, I guess you could call her a padawan. She may have some interest in it but she doesn’t have enough experience yet to really call herself a full-fledged geek. So, I think we should give her a break.

The ones we shouldn’t give a break to are the ones who are only pretending to be geek girls! Now those are the ones we can hate on! The reason being is that they just like the attention and adulation of lots and lots of guys looking at them all the time. Lots of people think this couldn’t possibly be true. I mean, why would an attractive girl want to pretend to be a nerd/geek/gamer when there are already going to be guys going after them?

It has to deal with the level of attention they get. For this, let’s look at one of the Philippines most popular, if not the most popular, cosplayer, Alodia Gosiengfiao.

Pretty, isn't she?

Pretty, isn’t she?

I’m not saying she isn’t a geek/nerd/gamer or anything like that; she’s definitely displayed her fandom and I’m not questioning it…

How dare you!

Oh, please! Put the torches down! I said she is a geek, didn’t I?

Anyway, while I have to admit that she’s extremely pretty and attractive (yes, I’m a girl and I’m not ashamed to say she’s hot), Alodia, and I know a lot of people aren’t going to like what I’m going to say, isn’t super hot. There are definitely more pretty girls out there. But her geekdom makes her just a little more hot because, well, she likes the things that girls aren’t supposed to like!

When she started out, she was one of the brave ones that actually showed that attractive girls can like geeky stuff. But since she was one of the first ones, the geek community of the Philippines fell in love with her. And you never forget your first! She managed to make a career based on her popularity, getting a job as a moderator for an MMORPG, endorsement deals and so on.

What I’m trying to say is her attractiveness was magnified by her love for geeky stuff. She wasn’t seeking attention or anything (as far as I know). No, she loved cosplay and kept at it and now she’s being rewarded for it. And there are girls that are probably thinking “Hey! I can be like that, too!” And there are girls like that!

We should hate fake geek girls, not because they’re trying to fit into something that’s all of a sudden become cool. That’s human behavior. People try to fit in with other subcultures since we all want to feel wanted and needed. We should hate them because they are fake! Geek culture is unique in the sense that, even if we knew it wasn’t popular, we still were interested in it before it wasn’t cool.

Still, I think we should welcome the “fake geek girl” into the community. Because, who knows, they actually might find out they like it!

Whew! Now that I got that off my chest, I guess I’d like to talk about girls again… this time, great female protagonists! Well, I’ll talk about that next time!

What’s your take on fake geek girls? Whatever your thoughts on the subject, leave them in the comments section below.

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