Episode 61: I’m Okay With E3 Having Booth Babes. BUT…


Last week, I graded the stars of the WWE reality show Total Divas. Some of them I really liked and some of them I really disliked. Still, most people (especially the hot-blooded male variety) would consider most of them to be babes. And with this week being E3 week, I decided to give my opinion on booth babes!

Now, I’m not the type of girl that thinks having a sexy woman hawking a product is a terrible thing. I do believe it’s sound marketing strategy. You gotta get the right bait (in this case, the booth babe) to catch the right fish (teenage males and young adult males with disposable income). So, what will attract men? Hot girls, of course!

The costumes help, too!

The costumes help, too!

But there are so many things wrong with having booth babes on the E3 floor! And I’m not complaining about the fact they’re dressed in revealing skintight outfits (or something resembling and outfit) or having them writhe around in sexy poses throughout the show floor or even that they have to pose for photographs for total strangers who will do god-knows-what with those pictures when they view them again.

For the models, it’s a pretty good gig, I think. They get to be adored by the public, probably gather some funny stories about a certain “dork” who was all grabby and get paid big bucks for a few days work. Also, I’ll bet that some of them even enjoy the job! Some of them may even find it empowering, especially since they show their ability to “bend the tiny minds of boys” to their will.

No. My main issue with booth babes is their knowledge of the product and their passion for the hobby. Let me delve into that a bit more…

I bet 0% of them actually know what Tekken is!

I bet 0% of them actually know what Tekken is!

Let’s say you walk into your local video game store. You look for the game that you’ve been meaning to play but just never got the chance to buy until now. You search the store shelves but can’t find it. You then turn to the clerk (who appears bored out of their mind) and give them the name of the game you can’t find.

You want the clerk to, at the least, be familiar with the game, right? Now, wouldn’t you be annoyed if they just shrug their shoulders since they’re not really interested in video games. They’re just in the store to sell games! I’ve had this experiences, not necessarily with video games but with other stuff as well (video stores, music stores, etc.). When they just don’t care about the thing I care so much about, I’m kind of turned off by the attitude and think twice about going back to the store.

I think this feeling holds true for E3 booth babes. Yes, they’re nice to look at and guys get excited with their skimpy outfits. But that’s just it. If they don’t know much about games, they’ll have a hard time holding these guys interest. It’s sort of like the hate on “fake gamer girls”. It doesn’t matter how hot they look. As long as they actually don’t play video games, they will always be reviled by “real” gamers.

You're not using the controllers properly, young lady!

You’re not using the controllers properly, young lady!

Actually, I think the solution to this issue is really simple: just get gamer girls to be E3 booth babes! I’ll bet they’ll love the opportunity to go to the showroom floor and interact with fellow gamers, talk to developers and, during their break, look at other games!

And they’re a bunch of really pretty and sexy gamer girls as well! Take Jessica Nigri for example. She joined the Lollipop Chainsaw contest and won the job to be the official real-life model for Juliet Starling, the hero of the game. She won because of online voting and I’m guessing she won by a landslide. It definitely helped she has a lot of fans. But it also due to no small part of her actually Jessica Nigri having some knowledge about video games in general.

Hate to admit it, but she does look kinda hot here.

Hate to admit it, but she does look kinda hot here.

I know the models they have during this year’s E3 will be coming from an agency. I know a lot of them will not know a lot about games. But maybe this year, the exhibitors can actually get gamer girls to be their booth babes… and I’ll be available for the job! Hint, hint, game companies! Hint, hint!

Anyway, talking about “gamer girls,” I think I do categorize myself as one. But I’m definitely afraid to admit this in public at lot of times. And I’ll elaborate on why… next week! See you then!


What’s your opinion on E3 booth babes? Whatever your thoughts on the issue, leave them in the comments section below!

2 thoughts on “Episode 61: I’m Okay With E3 Having Booth Babes. BUT…

  1. “Does E3 really need these walking pieces of eye candy?”

    They’re people not walking pieces of eye candy just because they’re attractive and they have a modeling job. That’s incredibly insulting.

    • From thefreedictionary.com

      EYE CANDY (n. Informal)
      1. Someone or something that is visually attractive or pleasing to look at.
      2. A person who is or people considered highly attractive to look at, often implying that they are but lacking in intelligence or depth
      3. Something intended to be attractive to the eye without being demanding or contributing anything essential

      Seems like a pretty accurate description to me for this article.

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