Five Rookie Network Shows that Should Be Renewed

It’s all happened to us. There’s this television show that just premiered and you just love it. It may be something really good or it could be a guilty pleasure. Either way, you just love the show to bits. Then you hear the network’s decided to not give it a second season and just cancel it. Don’t you just hate that?

There have always been really great television programs that, for one reason or another, was given the axe and fed to the cancellation bear after one solid and great season. For me, there have been a lot. There have been some recent shows like NBC’s Constantine and Fox’s highly underappreciated sitcom, The Grinder. I even made an entire post on some of them which included a little show called Firefly…

…man, I really miss Firefly.

Anywho… that’s just a small sampling of the shows that I really wish got more than a single season. And with the Fall TV lineup drawing to a close, I know some rookie shows will be getting cancelled unceremoniously like the ones mentioned above. So, in the vain hopes that the television networks of America are reading this, here are five new shows that I feel deserve a second season!

1) Lethal Weapon

Honestly, I’m amazed Lethal Weapon is on this list. I came into the show with pretty low expectations and I was rather surprised at how good the show is when compared to what I thought I was getting into.

Okay, Lethal Weapon isn’t the greatest adaption of a movie to TV out there (my picks would be Highlander: The Series, Fargo or The Real Ghostbusters) but it’s far from the worst (I’m looking at you, Damien!). But it does its best to try and capture the spirit of the first two films with an almost suicidal Martin Riggs (played by Clayne Crawford) and a chipper and beat up older cop Roger Murtaugh (played by Damon Wayans).

Fox also seems to have a habit of throwing a huge budget at the show’s action scenes as they’re full of spectacle and grandness like the movies. I guess it helped that I really didn’t expect a whole lot from the show but I do think it’s worth watching. At least, it’s worth watching than a whole lotta other shows that are out there.

2) The Good Place

Unlike Lethal Weapon, I was expecting a whole lot from NBC’s The Good Place. I wasn’t disappointed.

The Good Place just ended its first season and ended it with a brilliantly. In fact, every episode of the sitcom has been brilliant in one way or another. The premise of having one “evil” girl Elanor (played by Kristen Bell) end up in the “good” afterlife is a fantastic premise and each episode just got more and more intriguing. The acting is phenomenal all around as well with Ted Danson as the Architect of Elanor’s “Good Place” is just a joy to watch.

I truly hope that the show is renewed for another season, especially with the way the final episode ended. C’mon, NBC! You gotta give us more of this show!

3) Speechless

Yeah, a comedy show that revolves around a family with a special needs kid doesn’t really sound all that funny. But Speechless makes the rather sensitive topic work.

Speechless follows the DiMeo family who has a wheelchair bound teenage boy with cerebral palsy. You would expect this kind of TV family, especially in a family sitcom, to be all nice and all that. No, they’re crude and nasty and are totally unapologetic with the way they are, which is really, really refreshing. They are still a loving family who do care for each other but they just show it in odd ways. They’re akin to the family from Malcolm in the Middle.

Speechless works on so many levels as well. It does poke fun at how people tend to treat people with disabilities with kid gloves, whether those disable people want to be treated that way or not. The show also sports some really genuinely smart writing with one liners and quick jokes that may come out unexpectedly. Speechless may sound like a sappy premise but it’s much more than that.

4) The Great Indoors

Sometimes, you gotta be offensive and make fun of people to produce laughs. The Great Indoors is a good example of this principle.

The Great Indoors is definitely one of the more crass shows on today. It’s about Jeff Winger… sorry, that’s Community. I mean, the show is about wilderness adventurer Jack Gordon (played by Joel McHale) who works for a magazine called Outdoor Limits. After the magazine decides to only be an online publication, Jack returns and now has to manage a group of Millennials who don’t really have any idea about living in the outdoors and the wilderness.

The Great Indoors pokes a whole lot of fun at the stereotypical Millennial behavior, which I can totally understand why there are some people that are offended by the show and its humor. However, the show does also poke fun at Generation X members who are now not up to date with this generation’s social protocol. It does manage to pull a good balancing act at showing how flawed both generations are. They jokes are usually insensitive but, hey, it’s a good mirror and, if you can’t laugh at yourself, you don’t have the right to laugh at others, right?

5) Timeless

Time travel seems to be a big thing on TV these days. But I do think Timeless is one of the better ones right now.

Timeless has a pretty age old premise when it comes to time travel. Bad guys get a time machine to mess with the timeline. So the good guys get their own team to thwart the baddies. But Timeless is a little more than that. There are conspiracies with the bad guys who seem to be doing things for benevolent reasons. There are accurate looking sets that show really good looking props from the eras they travel to.

But for me, the best thing about the show? The good guys don’t always win.

At several times, the bad guys actually manage to do the unthinkable and change some major events of history. That’s pretty ballsy, especially that does seem to really care for history! This makes Timeless pretty unpredictable in really weird ways! You never know what’s going to happen when they jump into a new time period. And for a show that relies on going back to the more notable days of history, it was a risk but a risk that paid off.

What are some of the rookie shows you don’t want to see cancelled? Let me know in the comments section below!

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