Five Shows That Were Cancelled Too Soon

Who doesn’t love television? TV provides us with hours and hours of entertainment beamed right in the comfort of our own home. It gives us something to do when we’re bored. It gives us unforgettable characters and great and fantastic stories. It gives us things to talk about and remember as we grow up. Yes, too much TV can be a bad thing but, if taken in moderation, television rules.

However, television can be a cruel mistress as well. The bigwigs at the networks can take away a show you’ve loved. I’ve experienced a lot of heartache whenever the networks announced their cancellations and one of my favorite shows is on that list. What’s more painful is when they cancel a show on it’s very first season! While I can mention a lot of shows, I will just mention the ones that hurt me the most.

Here are eleven excellent television shows that we’re sadly cancelled after just one season. Why eleven? Because!

1) Firefly

Honestly, what kind of list of cancelled shows would this be if we didn’t mention this one? Heck, it’s the cover pic for the article for this very reason!

There’s a reason why everyone who makes a list like this always includes Joss Whedon’s Firefly: it’s awesome! This statement is not hyperbole; Firefly is really good. In preparation for making this list, I actually planned to just watch the first episode (which you can see right up there!) and I wound up watching every episode again!

There was just something magical about Firefly. All the characters had really distinct personalities and they all felt like real people. There were mysteries and plot threads galore! For me, the best thing about the show was the actual universe it’s built. The entire “world” of Firefly feels really lived in and oozes with atmosphere!

2) Almost Human

Goddammit Fox! You already cancelled Firefly! Why did you have to cancel Almost Human as well?

Almost Human was another brilliant sci-fi show cancelled by Fox. But, as much as I love Firefly, the cancellation of Almost Human hurt me much more deeply.Like Firefly, Almost Human managed to create a fully realized world where the police need the assistance of humanoid machines called Synthetics to help them fight the escalating crime rate. Sounds familiar? Yes, it sounds a lot like the plot from the classic sci-fi movie Blade Runner! And I love me some Blade Runner!

But Almost Human is much more than a Blade Runner copy. Even with all of the futuristic elements such as Synthetics, Chromes (genetically engineered humans) and a huge wall surrounding the city (which was never answered as to why it was constructed), Almost Human works extremely well because it is, at its heart, a buddy cop series. The chemistry between Karl Urban and Michael Ealy (Det. John Kennex and DRN-0167/”Dorian” respectively) is just too good!

3) Stark Raving Mad

I have a bone to pick with Mr. Neil Patrick Harris: Why didn’t he mention his character, Henry McNeeley, from one of my favorite underrated sitcoms, Stark Raving Mad, in his autobiography? I really loved that show! While I’m glad I can watch all of the episodes on YouTube, I’d gladly have them all deleted if it means I’d get another season of Stark Raving Mad!

In Stark Raving Mad, Neil Patrick Harris, I call him NPH cause he’s my buddy, plays Henry McNeeley, a neurotic obsessive compulsive book editor who gets assigned to monitor Ian Stark (played by Monk’s Tony Shaloub), a successful horror novelist with a macabre personality. Okay, it’s got an Odd Couple vibe to it. But it definitely works here!

Stark Raving Mad was cleverly written. The jokes were pretty unpredictable at times with some really laugh out loud moments. The acting is also excellent with NPH and Tony Shaloub giving pitch perfect performances… which is strange come to think of it. It’s hard to think of Barney Stinson as a neat freak while Monk as a really grimy person. But they make it work, God bless them!

4) Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future

Ten years before The Matrix movies (and a few years after The Terminator), kids got a show about man and machine waging war against each other… and the machines winning. And it was good. So, so good…

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future may sound like a children’s show and, technically, it was. It was in the mold of classic 80’s cartoons as it was created to sell a new toyline. But a lot of care was put into making a very interesting story and, frankly speaking, some stuff that necessitated a PG rating. Being a live-action program, it seemed like it was more violent than your average cartoon. Characters actually died; one of the main characters of the show, Pilot, died during the last episode of the show! Also, the overall plot was pretty complex for a children’s program, involving a huge plot by Lord Dredd and OverMind going through a season wide arc on how to actually do this.

Sadly, I guess the toyline wasn’t a success as Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future was cancelled after one single season. What makes it extremely tragic is the second season has already been plotted out! It’s possible to read what was going to happen in their Wikipedia entry. And, Goddammit, it looked like it was going to be awesome!

5) Wonderfalls

The cancellation of this show really broke my heart. I just hate it when something as creative as Wonderfalls gets cut in the prime of their life.

What makes Wonderfalls so good? Well, the setup of having inanimate figures talking to the main character and giving her advise has been done before. What makes the show fantastic is the idea that the advise the inanimate objects give Jaye (played brilliantly by Caroline Dhavernas) may seem so mundane but will have a huge domino effect! Also, I just think Caroline Dhavernas’ facial expressions are extremely adorable.

Like Captain Power, the writers already had Season 2 mapped out, which did show a lot of forward thinking. Wonderfalls developed a huge cult following; when the announcement that the show wasn’t being renewed, the fans tried to petition the networks to get it back up in the air. Sadly, it failed.

So there you have it! These are my five favorite shows that got cancelled after one season. There are many more shows that I do wish got renewed for a second season but these are the five that hurt me the most. I’ll go probably revisit this in the near future since I have so much angst about many more shows! But that’s a list for another time…

What is your favorite cancelled television program? Let me know in the comments section below!


2 thoughts on “Five Shows That Were Cancelled Too Soon

  1. FIREFLY was alright. But, as far as I’m permanently concerned, the other four weren’t cancelled soon enough!

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