Please Don’t Cancel Constantine

I’m tired of being a passive participant when it comes to watching my favorite shows get cancelled. It happened with Firefly. It happened with Human Target. It happened with Almost Human. By God, I’m not going to be standing by the sidelines waiting for it to happen again! So, right now, I’m making a plea to the people that runs NBC…

Please don’t cancel Constantine!

Like movies of late, comic book heroes have taken over television. It all started long ago with Smallville but only really hit its stride a year or two ago when Arrow and Agents of SHIELD started really doing well. This fall season, we’ve seen the emergence of more shows based on comics. Gotham is an okay show (would be much better if they stop being so blunt about the comic book characters in it). The Flash is a huge runaway hit (pun intended). And both Arrow and Agents of SHIELD are doing fine. But, for me, the best one among the five is Constantine by a long shot.

Now, I’m not saying that the other shows are rubbish but I do feel that Constantine drew the incredibly short straw when it comes to timing. It was pretty obvious a lot of people are going to watch Gotham. After all, it’s going to show us the origins of the Caped Crusader, the most popular superhero of today (sorry, Superman, you’ve got to face the fact that you’re number 2). Agents of SHIELD, well, that already has a built in following since it is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And the show has definitely gotten better over time.

The Flash is also surprisingly good. It manages to straddle that line of comic book sensibility and fun while keeping things relatively serious. Arrow already has a loyal following and is… well, it’s Batman if he fires arrows at criminals. So, of course that has a lot of viewers. Oh, and Felicity Smoak on the show incredibly hot! I mean, smart and clever!

Rock those glasses!

Just wanted a reason to post this pic here.

I mean, with all of these comic book shows featuring popular characters, it’s no wonder Constantine isn’t getting much fanfare even though it’s a fantastic show! I’ve watched all six episodes that have aired so far and they’ve all been great! They’ve all been somewhat creepy… which is exactly how I would expect each episode of Constantine to be! After all, it is a show dealing with the supernatural! But there is a good dose of humor which keeps things from being too serious. If you like Buffy or Supernatural, two other shows that were fantastic, you’ll love Constantine!

I do have to mention that I am not a hardcore Constantine fanatic. I’ve never read any issue of Hellblazer or Constantine. The only reason why I’m sort of familiar with the comic book character is form reading The Sandman’s first story arc. I’m actually more familiar with the movie version. Yes, the really bad Keanu Reeves film from 2005. And the television show is definitely much better than the film version!

At least he got to smoke!

At least he got to smoke!

The characters that they’ve shown so far have been really fleshed out. During the first episode, you already know that John Constantine is a “damaged” individual. Being damned for all eternity tends to do that. He’s not a nice guy but is willing to do anything to get the job done. He’s also rather cocky, sarcastic arrogant but that’s part of his charm.

I guess it has to deal with Matt Ryan, the guy who plays Constantine. He manages to has enough gruff and swagger much like the original character. No offense to Keanu Reeves but he just couldn’t pull off a good John Constantine! Matt Ryan is the better version of the character hands down! The rest of the cast is pretty good (Chaz, Zed and Papa Midnite are intriguing characters to say the least) but this is definitely Constantine’s show! And if Constantine himself sucked, the show would stink! Thankfully, Matt Ryan does a great job with the role.

Tell me that's not the guy from the show!

Tell me that’s not the guy from the show!

It was announced that the first season of Constantine would only last for 13 episodes. I’m worried. Sure there’s still a chance the show won’t be cancelled. But I don’t want another series as good as this to be taken off the air. As early as now, I’m pleading with NBC to not cancel Constantine. It’s a fabulous show and I’m pretty sure that there are people all around the world that love the show as much as I do. It’s okay to limit the show to 13 episodes. I’m okay with that. Make it a short season. I can live with that.

Just make another 13 episodes of Constantine next year. And the year after that. As long as the show’s still good, just keep them coming. Don’t worry; we, the fans, will tell you when to stop.

What’s your take of the Constantine television show? Is it any good? How does it stack up to the other comic book television shows that are out now? Let me know what you think in the comments section below!

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