Why We Hate the Metal Gear Survive Trailer

Well, Konami, you just durned blew it. I was giving you a chance to redeem yourself after all the stupid things you’ve done over the past couple of years. You’ve all but turned your backs on the entire gaming industry and the very people that made you the huge and successful company you are. You’ve actively shown very little regard to your big name employees, both the big names like Hideo Kojima and the lowly programmers that served you loyally all these years. You’ve done a lot of crappy business decisions like removing PT from the PlayStation Store, despite all the positive press you’ve gotten from the demo.

And, even with that, I was still ready to forgive you if you just did one thing: make one good game. That’s all Konami actually needed to do. Make one good game that would stun the gaming community. Something spectacular that would be worth all the hurt and pain they put us through. That would’ve been the first step to the path of redemption.

What game did Konami decide to show us during Gamescon to prove they were back in the game? Metal Gear Survive. Because… #fuckonami?

Really, Konami? Is this the best you could’ve done? A rather generic and bland looking four person co-op game where you run around killing aliens/zombies set in the Metal Gear universe?  In other words, a blatant cash grab trying to capitalize on the name of your most popular intellectual property? Yeah, that’ll bring gamers flocking back to your games!

But I’m guessing the bigwigs over at Konami can’t figure out why people are so upset. They probably thing that, when they were going to show the trailer last week, gamers would be so enamored by the prospect of playing a no named member of Big Boss’ Outer Heaven army. People would just love the idea of killing zombies with guns because isn’t that what we all want to play these days? Isn’t all we want to do in video games is blast zombies with our buddies online with our fancy new guns?

...and drill arrows. Can't forget the drill arrows.

…and drill arrows. Can’t forget the drill arrows.

Well, gamers are upset because this isn’t the big comeback game we wanted from you, Konami. We especially didn’t want to see the extremely popular Metal Gear franchise, a series that practically prided itself in getting players to avoid direct confrontations turn into some co-op zombie shooter. Granted, we already have Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, a game that falls squarely into the action staple of video games. But it still felt like it was connected to the mythos that Hideo Kojima created. Metal Gear Survival doesn’t. Simply put, the Gamescon trailer makes it seem like Konami is forgetting all the Tactical Espionage Action, the cornerstone of the Metal Gear experience, and making a co-op shooter like Ubisoft’s The Division.

Now, Ben, Konami’s social community manager who’s been fighting a lot of fires on behalf of the company, has taken to Reddit to reassure the gaming public that Metal Gear Survive is going to be a great game. The game is being handled by the same team that made The Phantom Pain, sans Hideo Kojima, of course. It’s going to be able to scratch that stealth action itch all Metal Gear fans have as you’ll have to scrounge around and scavenge for supplies and materials to develop new weapons. You’ll also be able to set up new camps in this alien world. There are going to be different types of enemies which will require different tactics to defeat.

Hopefully, not all of them will look like deformed human unicorns.

Hopefully, not all of them will look like deformed human unicorns.

That’s all fine and dandy… but why didn’t we see that in the Gamescon trailer? Why did Ben have to go to Reddit and actually mention that these elements will be in the final product? These were features that actually makes the game seem interesting and worth playing! Yet Konami decided to ship out a trailer that didn’t showcase any of them! No stealth. No scavenging and developing new equipment. No establishing camps in a desolate world. All they shows us in the trailer is “Kill zombies! Good!”

But that’s not the worst thing about the trailer. No, the worst thing about the Metal Gear Survive trailer is that it’s even a Metal Gear game! I know the entire universe of Metal Gear is already insane. In the games, we’re expected to believe in characters that have psychic abilities, unseen figures controlling governments in the background, giant bipedal nuclear capable mechs and many more. But alien worlds? Even that seems far fetched!

Yeah. Seems plausible.

Yeah. Seems plausible.

In fairness, Metal Gear Survive is supposedly set in an alternate timeline/universe from the main Metal Gear games. Technically, it’s an imaginary story and it does give Konami an out as to why it feels so tonally different from the “real” games. But you know the only reason why they did this is because Metal Gear is their most popular franchise. Konami needed gamers to notice the game as this was their way to announce their return to the gaming world. But, really, was Metal Gear their best choice?

Honestly, there is a more appropriate Konami franchise that would do the entire “commandos stranded in an alien world” vibe well. It’s a Konami intellectual property that may not be as popular as Metal Gear, but its name still has a lot of weight in the gaming community. It’s also one of the games that popularized the classic Konami code as it would give you 30 lives at the start of the game. I’m talking about Contra, of course!

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start!

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start!

Seriously, if the trailer ended with Contra Survive instead of Metal Gear Survive, I bet more people would be more hyped for it. It would fit the mood of being trapped on another planet surrounded by hostile creatures bent on your demise. If this was the trailer of a new Contra game, a lot of people would be more hyped for this as it would’ve ushered a new and brave new direction for the franchise. But no. Konami got lazy and decided to squeeze it into the Metal Gear series. I guess they really want us to say #fuckonami.

But there’s nothing they can do now. Konami’s all set on making Metal Gear Survive as their way of re-entering into the world of gaming. The trailer doesn’t show anything that would make me want to get it because it didn’t show anything that would make it even remotely interesting. It didn’t show any of the features that Ben mentioned later, hours after the trailer debuted. Definitely not a great start. But they should know where they went wrong by now, right?


What do you think of Metal Gear Survive? Should you give the game a chance? Or are you all set to scream #fuckonami? Let me know in the comments section below!

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