Clash Royale: Ranking the Legendary Cards

Anyone who has been playing Clash Royale for quite some time (specifically anyone who is in Arena 4 or 5 and up) would know the significance of Legendary cards – extremely rare cards that are more powerful than regular cards. Legendary cards (or Legendaries, as referred to by Clash Royale players) are so special that they have their own distinct icon border, which is a diamond as opposed to the usual rectangle shape.

I’ve been playing this game for around three months now and unfortunately, because Legendaries are extremely rare, I don’t have any yet. One of the reasons why I’ve been so desperate to move to higher arenas is because of the higher Legendary drop rates. Some of them are so good, using them in your Clash Royale deck is an almost guaranteed ride to the final Arena of the game. The operative word here is “some”, as not all Legendaries are equal in terms of usefulness.

In the same way, I don’t want them all equally, which is why I thought about coming up with my personal ranking of all seven of Clash Royale’s Legendary cards – I wanted to talk about why I want certain Legendaries more than others. Because I don’t own any of them, my rankings are based on my experiences in having to deal with these Legendaries in battle and on how each Legendary would help me get to my ultimate goal – to get to Legendary Arena as soon as I can.

Also, this was written with Clash Royale players in mind, so I’ll be skipping card descriptions and go directly to my reasons for ranking them as such. With that said, let’s begin:

Number 7 – Lava Hound

Lava Hound

Despite being ranked last on my list, the Lava Hound is a monster. With a ton of health and the ability to fly, the Lava Hound is very tough to kill as there are only a few troops that can attack aerial units. The Lava Hound also goes straight after buildings so it will head for the opponent’s towers if he/she does not have any building cards in their deck. If that isn’t impressive enough, the Lava Hound’s special ability to split into six Lava Pups is killer.

It’s ranked last here for three reasons, the first being that the Lava Hound requires that a deck be built around it. As I’ve been playing Clash Royale using decks that don’t use the Lava Hound, I haven’t had the chance to upgrade the cards that would work well with this Legendary to competitive levels. If I happen to get the Lava Hound, it won’t be of much help to me right now – I still would need to go through several card upgrades to fully make use of it.

The second reason involves the high Elixir cost of the Lava Hound. I’m much more comfortable playing multiple troops that have lower Elixir costs; troops with high Elixir costs require a specific playstyle that’s a little too slow for me. Finally, the Lava Hound ignores other troops, making it almost useless on defense. So yes, I’d be disappointed if I ended up with the Lava Hound as my first Legendary card.

Number 6 – The Log

The Log

Not just any log, The Log earns it’s special distinction due to being the first and only Legendary Spell card, as well as being the cheapest Legendary at only 2 Elixir. I kind of like The Log because of it’s knockback effect which can work like a stun effect against melee troops. It also causes troops to retarget, allowing you to protect low health units by diverting damage to meatier troops.

The low Elixir cost of The Log in theory should make it easy to include in most decks, but The Log has one major flaw that made me put it very low on my ranking – it doesn’t hit aerial troops. The similarly costed Zap, despite barely doing any damage (it can’t kill Minions) is widely used because it can hit air and has a stun/retargetting effect as well. Given a choice, I’d prefer Zap over The Log. And in an eight-card deck, there’s usually no room for redundant cards.

And amongst the Legendaries, The Log isn’t a card that you can build an entire deck or strategy around. It’s a neat card, but I don’t think getting it will help me get to Legendary Arena.

Number 5 – Lumberjack


I’ll be honest – the Lumberjack is low on my list simply because I don’t have a good understanding of how I’ll be able to make use of it. The Lumberjack is a little similar to a Mini P.E.K.K.A. in that it moves fast and has a high damage output, but it has the special ability of casting the Rage spell when it dies. To maximize it’s cost of 4 Elixir, you need to make sure that you play the Lumberjack with troops that can make use of that after-death Rage. And that’s one reason why it’s low on my list at the moment – I don’t think I have the cards that has good synergy with the Lumberjack. While Rage has it’s uses defensively, it’s mainly used on offense and right now I’m more adept at defensive playstyles.

The second reason why the Lumberjack is ranked five on my list is simple – each the next four Legendaries on this list simply outclasses the Lumberjack in my opinion. I’d much rather get any of the next four Legendaries than this.

Number 4 – Sparky


Sparky is either really good, or really bad in matches. Sparky is a high damage troop with decent health that will kill almost anything in Clash Royale in just one or two shots. At the cost of only 6 Elixir, it’s affordable enough to allow you to support it with other troops and spells. The problem with Sparky is it’s slow rate of fire. It needs to charge up for a few seconds before it can attack. The usual strategy against Sparky is to distract it with low cost troops and then counter it while it’s charging it’s next attack.

But still, that high damage is nothing to sneeze at. I’ve faced Sparky in battle so many times now. I know what I should do against it, and yet I still manage to lose to it every now and then. Make a mistake against a regular Sparky user and you can lose the match; playing against an excellent Sparky user will require perfect card usage and timing to even keep up. If I get a Sparky, I’ll be sure to use it right away.

Number 3 – Miner

MinerThe Miner should probably be higher on this list. He’s insane! At just 3 Elixir, the Miner is like a guided missile that you can play on almost any tile – including the opposing side of the battlefield. It also has a decent amount of health for its cost. These two attributes combine to make the Miner an excellent unit that can distract your arena towers or destroy your key structures.

Of all the Legendaries on this list, I have trouble fighting against the Miner the most. Battles against a good Miner user is almost likely to end as a loss for me. But I’m putting the Miner at number 3 because people have talked about the Miner being nerfed at the next update to reduce it’s effectiveness.

Okay, I’ll be honest – I don’t want the Miner as much as the next two because it’s simply too cheesy and overpowered right now, and I don’t like playing cards like that. Even if the Miner looks like it’ll fit best with the cards that I have, I don’t think I’ll enjoy having it as much as I will the next two.

Number 2 – Princess


The Princess is another highly sought after 3-Elixir cost Legendary due to her 9 tile attack range – the longest of any troop in the game. And unlike the Musketeer, whom she outranges by 3 full tiles, the Princess has an AOE (area of effect) attack. That means she can hit several targets that are clustered together. That long range is a huge advantage. The Princess can attack arena towers from the bridge. She can attack opposing troops from the opposite lane, where they can’t retaliate.

Unlike the Miner though, the Princess is not as overpowered or as broken. Sure, she has the longest range in the game but she’s not that hard to kill – she dies to Arrows for an equal trade or to a Poison (just place it properly to get maximum value). The Log can kill her at the cost of just two Elixir. And I’ve faced the Princess countless times; it’s not an auto-win. So using the Princess won’t make me feel as “cheesy” as the Miner would.

Number 1 – Ice Wizard

Ice Wizard

Finally, my most wanted Legendary card! The Ice Wizard does a lot of things that would be perfect for my style of play. Not only can the Ice Wizard target both air and ground troops, it attacks a small area and anything hit by the Ice Wizard slows down significantly. And unlike the Princess, the Ice Wizard has enough health to help it survive even 4-Elixir cost Fireballs! These abilities make for a defensive stalwart that can stop poorly set up attacks. Partnered with other troops, the Ice Wizard can anchor an almost impenetrable defense.

Same with the Princess though, the Ice Wizard is not as “broken” as the Miner. The Ice Wizard is a handy troop to have in your deck, but it does not have enough “power” on its own to fuel a win condition, so using the Ice Wizard is definitely more palatable for me. Right now, I’m most comfortable with decks that rely on defending and counter-attacking and the Ice Wizard is perfect in these decks. If I get an Ice Wizard, I’d be ecstatic.

And there you have it, my personal ranking of Clash Royale’s Legendary cards. They each are powerful in their own right, but the only ones that I really want are the Ice Wizard and the Princess. I’ve been hanging around in Arena 8 for quite some time now, so I hope I can get my hands on either of those two soon.

What do you think about each of the Legendary cards of Clash Royale? Which ones would you like to have or are fond of using? Let us know by leaving a comment or two below!

4 thoughts on “Clash Royale: Ranking the Legendary Cards

  1. Here’s a take from someone who has five of these seven elusive cards, used them in various combinations and permutations, and reached the final Arena with their help:

    7 – The Log – I drew this card from a crown chest on the same week that it first came out (as part of a major game update), and have tried to squeeze it into some of my decks a few times since. While I can grasp the potential of a 2-elixir spell that can annihilate deadly swarms and knock back larger troops for that valuable extra micro-second advantage, the concept seems to die in execution. I concur with Alky on the glaring weakness – this spell is useless against aerial threats. From the looks of it, many higher-arena players don’t get it either – I rarely come across The Log in my higher-arena battles, and when I do, it is used awkwardly, as if the players just wanted to try out the fancy new Legendary to see how it worked. Maybe the upcoming buff will help it go mainstream. For now, it’s just another card I don’t use.

    6 – Lumberjack – As one of the two missing Legendaries in my arsenal, I probably should not be too quick to rank it low. Unlike The Log, this card has made more than a few appearances in my Arena 8 and 9 battles, so it looks like it has some following. So far though, I have not been impressed. This card requires precise timing to harness its true potential. It feels like a weaker Knight with a dying Rage that may or may not come at the right moment (most of the time it does not), that leaves the opponent’s arena with a huge pink mark of failure to execute.

    5 – Lava Hound – I feel like I have to apologize for the ranking (and yes, I can almost see Alky’s ‘toldja so’ face as he reads), because this big momma has taken me to some of my highest trophy counts in the game. Simply put, I have outgrown the “slowly but (mostly) surely” type of gameplay in favor of faster, more aggressive and higher-risk decks. Besides, if I’m being completely honest, my Lava Hound deck would not have been half as effective if it wasn’t for another Legendary card I used with it to clear up ground defense so the Lava pups could do their dirty work – the Miner. Mother Monster has served me well, indeed, but she is not one for the big leagues.

    4 – Princess – I first saw the Princess on TV Royale back when I was a wide-eyed new player, even before I knew what a Legendary card was, and I thought it was just the coolest thing ever. A troop that can deal major damage without having to be too close to get hit back seemed like the stuff of dreams. Five months and a big nerf later, it is still a formidable opponent, especially for someone who relies heavily on larger contact troops and an over-leveled minion horde. The chests, however, and even the Legendary shop, have refused to bequeath me with Her Royal Highness for now, but she can’t be too far away. Until then, I am relegating her to fourth-rank, in favor of other Legendaries that I have enjoyed long and well.

    3 – Miner – Despite the recent nerf, this nifty little dude is still the star of many Arena 9 decks. Whether by itself or as part of a big push, the Miner is a bona-fide 3-elixir threat. Guards. skells, even the mini PEKKA, can’t stop this little guy from getting in a hit or two. And for only three elixirs, it’s always a good bet. I’ve tried completely ignoring him in favor of completing my own combos, but he almost always gets me in the end. Besides, as mentioned in #5, this card was responsible for getting me closer to Arena 9, this the number 3 spot in my ranking.

    2 – Sparky – When I first started using Sparky in my decks, I was underwhelmed. It seemed that many players in higher arenas already knew how to counter the card ten different ways, and its performance was often disappointing. It wasn’t until I drew my second Sparky card for an upgrade that I was compelled to make it fit in my Royal Giant/Freeze deck. Level 2 Sparky can survive a level 7 Rocket, and I like to imagine that this surprises opponents – imagine thinking you have the perfect counter, only to realize that Sparky survived for one more deadly explosion. Sparky did take me to the Legendary arena, and so it deserves this spot in my ranking.

    1 – Ice Wizard – Alky and I wholeheartedly agree on the leggie that deserves the top spot. Incidentally, it was also my first legendary, and I have been a big fan ever since I drew it from a free chest months ago. I use Ice Wizard in most of my decks, including the one that I’m currently playing in Arena 9. This agile fella can counter musks, mini PEKKAs, and little critters head-to-head. On its own, it can scrape off hundreds of HP from crown towers, and nearly halve the damage of bigger bullies like the Royal Giant and even Lava Hound. This card is always a worthwhile three-elixir investment.

    • Thanks for the comment. Its hard to agree on the Sparky ranking, given that you’re ranking it based on getting it to Level 2. Its more flexible than the Lava Hound, but its not as “plug and play” as the three-cost Legendaries or the Lumberjack.

  2. Having my doughts on your ideas of Sparky, nonetheless it has high damage and hp, but it really doesn’t change its viablity due to its lack to fire in a somewhat average speed. Its intimatading, that is, untill you know how to counter it. It could wipe your tower clean if not countered correctly, which is pretty common in lower arenas, but in higher arenas you get the guards and ice spirit which counter it (of course zap and skeletons, and tombstone work very well too.) I agree with Ice Wiz though.

    • Thanks for the comment. This was written months ago, before the Mega Minion and the Skeleton Army buff. If I were to do this ranking now, Sparky would be at the very bottom of the list.

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