10 Cloverfield Lane is The Beautiful Antithesis of Today’s Movie Marketing

At the end of 2015, a lot of cinephiles and movie sites started posting their lists of movies to look forward to in 2016. There were, of course, a slew of comic book films, including Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (which I still say is a ridiculous name) and the geek darling Deadpool. There were also a few franchise films like Zoolander 2, Finding Dory and Independence Day: Resurgence. There are also a few that aren’t based on popular properties that people are eager to see such as The Girl on the Train, Hail, Ceasar! and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

Yes, it looks like 2016 was going to be a really good year for film. The movie studios have everything all mapped out and told everyone when each and every film was going to be release so the viewing public can clear their schedules for the year and go watch them. The movie studios also have press releases revealing the plots of each and every one of these upcoming movies so we know what they’re going to be all about. Out movie watching schedule has already been set for us! Or so we all thought…

Enter 10 Cloverfield Lane.

Get it? The "L" is a tunnel to the bunker?

Get it? The “L” is a tunnel to the bunker?

Well, that came out of nowhere!

The trailer garnered a lot of hype ever since it was released to the public and its popularity has only grown since then through pure word of mouth. Almost immediately, 10 Cloverfield Lane was added to a lot of movie goers “must watch” list for the year. I’m betting there will be a long line of eager movie goers waiting to go watch this when it’s released on March 11.

I guess one of the reasons why a lot of people want to see the film is because of the film’s name. With a name like 10 Cloverfield Lane, a lot of fans are hoping the movie is somehow linked to 2008’s monster movie, Cloverfield. The movie was a pretty big hit when it was released and people wanted to see a sequel since Cloverfield never really gave away what happened to the titular monster.

Like a lot of geeks, I’m incredibly excited for the film. Partly because I want to know how this is connected to Cloverfield or if it’s connected at all. Yet, in a strange way, I’m actually more amazed on how 10 Cloverfield Lane was kept a secret for so long. This is a movie that seems like it came out of nowhere. Yet, I know it’s been in production for a while now. It’s just that Bad Robot and producer J. J. Abrams just decided to not say anything about the film under three months before it’s slated for release. It seems like that’s a crazy thing to do. But, in hindsight, it’s really a brilliant move by J. J. Abrams and company.

We live in a time where we have a lot of information right at our fingertips. Thanks to computers and the Internet, if there’s something we want to know, we just look it up online and, Bam! We can learn about it. And most movie studios are only too happy to broadcast what they have in store for us months, maybe years in advance! Just look at Marvel and DC! They already lined up what movies are coming out up to the year 2019.

I'm so excited for Captain America: Serpent Society!

I’m so excited for Captain America: Serpent Society!

The level of planning and scheduling is totally insane! These companies already book the dates years in advance since they’re competing against each other for money and screens. Sure, it shows how committed they are to the product but, still, planning what movies will be released three years from now? That’s ludicrous! Yet, 10 Cloverfield Lane’s production company, Bad Robot, had the balls to all of a sudden announce the film will be out in just three months!

Also, while I know they’re supposed to make audiences excited and set their expectations, a lot of these trailers just reveal too much. A perfect example of this is the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. The latest trailer’s been out for a while and fans are still groaning over how much stuff was shown.

The biggest complaint fans have with the trailer is the huge reveal/possible spoiler that Doomsday will enter the picture and Superman, Batman and, for some reason, Wonder Woman will have to team up to fight the beast! Wouldn’t it have been better if they didn’t show Doomsday? Or, better yet, not show the DC Trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman teaming up at the end? But no. DC decided it would be a good idea to show the three of them ready to face off against the (presumably) big monster of the film.

Now, look at 10 Cloverfield Lane. Their trailer just shows us the film’s basic premise: three people are stuck in a bunker. That’s it! We don’t know the relationship between the trio, how long they’ve been down there or what’s happening outside. Nothing! We can only speculate on those things. Heck, we don’t even know if 10 Cloverfield Lane is actually connected to the events of the 2008 film! It’s all a mystery and the viewers that watched the trailer were intrigued!

10 Cloverfield Lane caught us all by surprise thanks to J. J. Abrams and Bad Robot resisting the urge to tell the world what they had. Because they waited to give us a mysterious trailer that leaves a lot to the imagination, we have a movie that people are anticipating, not because they spent millions on marketing. But because viewers spread it through word of mouth. It seems counterintuitive to rely on people spreading the word on their own. But that’s what makes it so brilliant at the same time.

Now, all 10 Cloverfield Lane has to do is be a good movie…

What are your thoughts on 10 Cloverfield Lane? Let me know in the comments section below!

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