Episode 130: Girl In Love With Girl Meets World (Part 1)


Last week, I talked about the AlDub phenomenon in the Philippines and how it’s pretty taken over a lot of people’s lives here in the country. While I pretty much dislike AlDub, I mentioned I cannot really fault its fanbase because everyone has the right to be passionate about something, even myself. Right now, with all of the new TV shows that are out there right now, there is one particular show that love exceptionally. That would be Disney’s Girl Meets World.

Now, I’ve reviewed Girl Meets World when it first came out a year ago. I gave it a very favorable review for the first half of the first season. I really love a lot of the characters, especially the lead, Riley Matthews (played by Rowan Blanchard), since she does remind me of myself when I was roughly her age. I also love her best friend, Maya Hart (played by Sabrina Carpenter). But my favorite character at that time had to be Farkle! There was just something so adorable about Farkle’s nerdiness and confidence that I liked.

I did have a few issues with the show. For one, the show can be really cheesy but I think that’s par for the course for a Disney Channel television series. I also didn’t care much for Lucas Friar, the “love interest” for Riley, because he didn’t really have a character to speak of. He was just generic “nice guy” who doesn’t really do much in the show!

Mr. Vanilla himself

Mr. Vanilla himself

But that was roughly a year ago and, boy, has the show gone through somewhat of a transition! Now, I’m not a person that likes change. I love for things to stay the way they are because, well, I’m afraid of change, especially if I can’t see where things are headed. But, even though they made a lot of changes, some good and some not so good, I’m still in love with Girl Meets World.

So far, the biggest change they did was with Farkle. During the first season, Farkle was pretty much a caricature of a person. A caricature that I loved! However, he’s pretty much mellowed out… a lot! Farkle has pretty much… normalized as of late. I think he’s still “in love” with both Riley and Maya but his feelings aren’t as intense as before. Now, it’s more of a sisterly love. And he even has a love interest with his former arch-rival, Smackle. It’s… different. I do love the “old” Farkle but I’m okay with this new and “improved” version.

Even with the major changes Girl Meets World did with my favorite character, some of which I don’t approve of, I love the the changes they’ve done to my least favorite character, Lucas. Finally, they gave him something he was in desperate need of: a personality! He’s still Mr. Nice Guy but he now has sort of an edge to him! Apparently, he has somewhat of a temper when it comes to protecting his friends. Me like this change!

They also introduced a new character, Zay Babineaux. He’s one of Lucas’ friends from Texas and the primary reason why Lucas had to move away from his home state. I honestly thought he was a one-off character, just to show that Lucas has a reason for existing. But he’s actually demonstrated to be a great character and really great chemistry with the gang! I think he made a great introduction and I’m hoping he’ll be promoted to a series regular by next season. I would definitely not be against seeing more Zay Babineaux in the future!

While I mainly watch the show for the characters, Girl Meets World has been able to entertain me with their stories, which is amazing especially if you consider that it’s supposed to be a television program for “tweeners” only. Girl Meets World usually tackles very modern “tween” issues, such as cyberbullying and even mental disorders. This actually makes the show some sort of a learning experience for both kids as well as parents as well. It’s still a Disney show so most of the people here do learn their lessons by the end of the episode. Yes, it’s incredibly unrealistic that a bunch of kids can take over a town meeting and successfully convince a school board to bring back the arts programs. But, hey, it’s Disney!

Now, I used to watch the show because of the characters but I now watch it for… well, it’s still the characters but it’s now more for the pairings! It’s a huge story arc that’s pretty much lasted for a majority of the second season. And it’s primarily why Girl Meets World became a show that I have to watch each and every week the instant a new episode comes out.

But I will have to talk about a lot of things and there will be a lot of SPOILERS! So, rather than just discuss it now, I’ll go save it for next week instead! See you then!


What are your thoughts on the changes Girl Meets World has gone through? Let me know in the comments section below!

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