I’ll Review Anything: Girl Meets World


Growing up, I was a huge fan of Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana. Call it being really childish or naive. I really, really loved the first two seasons of the show. I think it flew off the rails during and after the third season… but that’s besides the point. I loved the adventures of Miley Stewart and her pals. I think the idea of having a secret life where you’re a dorky, unpopular school girl by day and a pop superstar by night really clicked with me and young girls around the world.

Well, move over Hannah Montana! There’s a new girl who’s moving into the world! Welcome to Girl Meets World!

Girl Meets World is actually the story of Riley Matthews, the daughter of Corey Matthews and Topanga from the 90’s sitcom Boy Meets World. Apparently, the two of them got married at the end of their series and, while Corey managed to finally “meet” the world, it’s their daughter’s turn to go through the life the world will bring her. I hate to say this, but I’m really gushing over the show! And I don’t really have any particular fond memories of Boy Meets World! I have very cloudy memories of that show as I was very young when I saw it and I wasn’t particularly a fan.

It’s a good thing that my big brother really loved Boy Meets World! He was the one who was *ahem* “acquiring” the show by downloading the pilot and wanted me to watch it with him as he wanted to see what happened to the characters of his beloved show. I was kind of interested because, like I said, I do have some faint images of the program and I was kind of curious how they would handle the jump. So, thanks, big brother!

I think one of the biggest reasons why I think Girl Meets World is great is because of the chemistry between Riley Matthews and her best friend, Maya Hart. They way the two of them play off each other really works well and they inject a lot of personality into their characters! They’re portrayed by Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter, who just so happens to be best friends in real life! It really shows in the scenes they’re together,

I really like the character of Riley Matthews because… she reminds me of how I was when I was younger! Yes, I was a little boy crazy. I was really unsure of myself. I was kind of a dork. I was intelligent. I was trying to find my way in the world like she was at that age! It’s like the show was speaking to me! Of course, it definitely helped that her best friend, Maya Hart, also is like my best friend when I was younger as well! It was kind of uncanny!

Even though I positively love Riley and Maya enormously, there’s still one character I loved even more: Farkle. That actually surprised me! Farkle is incredibly smart and even more socially clueless that Riley but he has that endearing quality of being so sure of himself and so gosh darn honest about his feelings, it’s hard not to like him! He’s supposed to be the “nerd” and the “enemy” of both Riley and Maya, but… he’s just so loveable I think the writers just gave up on that idea after the 2nd episode.

Girl Meets World isn’t perfect, though. There are some characters that don’t really add anything to the show. I hate to say this but Topanga, Riley mother, doesn’t really seem needed in the show. She’s there for a few storylines of her own (like how she gave up her “flower child” lifestyle to become a lawyer) but she doesn’t really make any significant contributions to the stories most of the time.

I also don’t really like Lucas Friar, the apple of Riley’s eye. I guess he’s good looking and has a good old “Mr. Perfect” charm to him. But he’s not particularly interesting as he doesn’t seem to have any flaws! I guess if I were younger, I would have the same feelings Riley has as I would be as naive to the world as she is now. But, as I got older, I wanted more personality rather than the blandness he seems to radiate.

Audience goes "Ooooooooh..."

Audience goes “Ooooooooh…”

The show can be pretty cheesy and unrealistic at times. A lot of the situations can be unrealistic, especially when you have the kids just taking over the class every week! And, at the end of each episode, everything’s resolved with a neat little bow. It’s very unrealistic but I can forgive both of these problems. Girl Meets World seems to be targeting the pre-teen audience and, like Hannah Montana before it, it’s par for the course. I do hope that it’ll “grow up” as the characters age and deal with more “adult” stories and become more bound in the real world. But, right now, it’s fine where it is.

Girl Meets World is a show that speaks to the little 13-year old girl that’s in me. The part of me that really didn’t grow up and just opening her eyes to the great big adventure that is life. Even though I’m almost 19, there’s always going to be a part of me that will stay like Riley Matthews and I think that’s why I like the show so much. It’s speaks to that part of me and reminds me of what being a kid is like.

Now, I wonder what happened to Miley Cyrus…

Hannah Montana? What happened to you?

Hannah Montana? Is this “The Other Side of Me” you’ve been singing about?

God! I hope the same thing doesn’t happen to Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter after Girl Meets World end!

Have you watched Girl Meets World? What’s your thoughts on the show? If you liked Boy Meets World, how does Girl Meets World stack up to it? Let me know in the comments section below!

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