Episode 77: Trying Out 8-Bit Games: Part 2


Last week, I started trying out some old Nintendo NES/Family Computer games just to see if 8-bit games are actually as good as people say without the nostalgic twist. Well, so far, I do have to say they’re pretty good but I still have a a few more to go through…

Mega Man 2

This is one of the 8-bit games I do have some knowledge of since I’ve seen both Mega Man 9 and 10 on the PlayStation 3. As both of these titles used 8-bit graphics and sensibilities, I was instantly accustomed to how to play the game and not really surprised at how blocky the graphics were. I was surprised at the difficulty, though!

Why isn't the stage select screen like this?

Why isn’t the stage select screen this fancy looking?

I think the main problem I went through the Bubble Man stage first. The instant I stepped in, I was instantly off my game because of the extremely floaty jump mechanics as the entire stage is underwater. I kept dying by hitting the spikes! I then tried Airman and I did fare a little better once I got used to the wind blowing me around and all that. But I couldn’t get past Airman himself! I know the bosses and stages would be easier depending on the order to took them on. But since I didn’t, I got my butt handed to me quickly.

Too hard for me. Next game please!

Excite Bike

Okay, this is a very nice change of pace after the difficulty of Mega Man 2! I like the little ditty at the start of the game! It’s very cute! The only thing my brother told me to do at the start of the game is to choose Selection B since there would be other drivers on the track with me to make it feel more like a real race.

This game was extremely easy to understand and to play! I mean, you don’t even have to make any corners since the track appears to just be a straight line! If you hit the opposing drivers at the right angle, you can run them off the track! It’s pretty easy and fun to do! It did take me some time to learn that running over the arrows on the road will “cool down” my bike. But once I understood that, there was no stopping me.

I actually went through all five tracks in 15 minutes! It’s that easy! The rest of the time, I just messed around with the Design feature, creating one of the most horrid looking tracks ever! Wish I knew how to save them though as it looked awesome!

Top Gun

This is another game I was familiar with, not because I’ve seen someone play it before. But because I’ve seen The Angry Video Game Nerd play it. It’s supposed to be a really short game with only 4 stages. I, however, will never see Stage 3 as that’s as far as my skill can take me! Oh, I can pretty much go through the stages with no problem. I just can’t seem to refuel or land the plane!

This is probably one of the most common complaints I’ve heard from gamers and I’ve always thought it was just an exaggeration. But, now that I’ve experienced it, I understand their pain! The game switches from easy (shooting down planes and avoiding missiles) to downright difficult (landing the plane). And you would think landing the plane would be one of the easiest things to do! But no! They had to make it like a boss fight!


Oh, God! Two hard games in a row? Castlevania is another game that has legendary status because of it’s difficulty. And… yes. Yes it is. I guess it’s hard because of two things. One, the whip, while a fairly decent weapon, is pretty hard to use since you can only whip what’s right in front of you! Why can’t I whip upwards? It seems really strange to me! And second, you can’t control your jump in any way!

I'm home!

I’m home!

Look, maybe only world class gymnasts can control the trajectory of their jumpsĀ after their feet leave the floor in real life, but there’s a certain expectation I have in action titles that I can do that very thing! Actually, this is the only game that I didn’t like a whole much. It’s maddeningly difficult and the graphics looked washed out. Sure it sets the mood for creepiness and the like, but I just didn’t like it that much, especially after playing other 8-bit games.

In conclusion…

After playing a whole bunch of Family Computer/NES games, what does a person not clouded by nostalgia think of them? Well, to be perfectly honest, they’re fine. But I can’t believe I would sink in months playing these games. Some of them are extremely difficult that I won’t be able to finish them. On the other hand, some of them are ridiculously easy that I’d be finished with them in one day.

I have no doubt they were cutting edge for their time but, in these modern times, there are more engaging forms of entertainment, video games included. They’re a fun distraction but nothing that would hold my interest for long. I wouldn’t mind playing a couple more of them, though!

Well, seeing that the last game I played was Castlevania and it is the holiday to talk about it, I think I’ll write about Halloween… or the lack of recognition it gets in the Philippines since we’re too excited to celebrate Christmas! See you then!


What other classic games did I miss out? Let me know what games I should’ve played in the comments section below!


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