I’ll Review Anything: Fitburger’s Cross-Fitter Burger

It’s September again. It’s time to start Burger Month for 2015! It’s actually out third year of doing this and, honestly, I’m extremely excited since it does give me an excuse to go around the city (Metro Manila in the Philippines) to try out the different variations of my favorite food, hamburgers. And, yes, I am refusing to call it “Septem-burger Month” because, ugh! That would be awful!

Anyway, this week, I found one burger restaurant in Eastwood that I haven’t seen before. It’s actually hard to find since it’s in the opposite direction of the main shopping area. It’s on the ground floor of the LeGrand Tower. Anyway, the shop’s name caught my attention because I thought it was… weird. The place is called FitBurger. At first glance, it may not seem like a strange name for a burger joint. But if you really think about it, when have you ever associated eating burgers and being fit? The two don’t really seem to correlate with each other, do they? That was enough to pique my interest and go try it.

No, it is not a gym. But the entrance does make it look like one!

No, it’s not a gym. But the entrance does make it look like one!

I wondered what made the burgers “fit”? Well, the menu did have a variety of burgers to choose from and the biggest thing I noticed was that FitBurger doesn’t use your regular hamburger buns. They use pita bread instead. I’m not sure how that would make their burgers healthier, though.

While that was strange in itself, there was a particular menu item that, well, intrigued me. A burger on pita bread may sound weird but at least it still uses some form of bread. Well, how about a burger with no bread at all? That, ladies and gentlemen, is FitBurger’s Crossfitter “sandwich.” I’m putting the word “sandwich” in quotes since, well, I don’t think it’s a sandwich anymore.

I've encircled the "offensive" item.

I’ve encircled the “offensive” item.

Besides not having any bread, The Cross-Fitter’s burger patty also doesn’t have any oats in it. I’m assuming the other burger patties have oats in them? Anyway, I want my burger patties filled with meat anyway! Essentially, it’s a Paleo burger and, since it was the most unique items available, I just had to try it out!

I placed my order for one Cross-Fitter and, instead of getting fries and a Coke with it, I got a side order of K-fries (which is just a fancy way of calling sweet potato fries) and a Coke Light because, hey, if I’m going to order something really healthy I may as well go all the way.

Is a burger meal supposed to be this healthy looking?

Is a burger meal supposed to be this healthy looking?

The very instant I took my first bite of Cross-fitter, I figured out why their burgers are considered “fit burgers.” There’s no fat in them. I mean, there may be a little fat but but I couldn’t taste it. I’d say the meat patty was pretty dry. Not an ounce of “meat juice” dripped down when I bit into it! I don’t even think they added any salt on it. It wasn’t flavorless, though. It just lacked the “meat flavor” intensity I usually get with other burgers. Thankfully, the sauce that they added on it was rather generous so, even though the meat was lacking in flavor, the sauce made up for it.

You would think a meat without any juiciness wouldn’t be messy, right? Well, my experience with the Cross-fitter was a rather sloppy meal! Because there’s no bread to hold the Cross-fitter together and there was a generous helping of sauce, everything was slipping and sliding out! Also, lettuce leaves wrapped around a slab of meat, onions and tomatoes don’t really hold their structure when you try to handle it like a regular burger. I wasn’t able figure out how to hold it properly. Still, since I’m the type of guy that loves a good, messy burger, this was right up my alley! I just let stuff drip down to the plate and pick it up later. It’s the best way to eat any burger, in my opinion!

Looks rather frightening up close, doesn't it?

Looks rather messy even without any handling actually.

I also have to comment on the other ingredients, by the way. They did taste “real” and fresh. In a world where people want to get stuff incredibly fast and that leads to more processed products, it’s nice to see a burger joint that takes a different route. The lettuce was incredibly good. They weren’t limp or brownish at all! That’s important for a burger like this so I have to give kudos for them paying close attention to their choice of vegetables.

Since I ordered a side of K-Fries (once again, they’re nothing special; they’re just sweet potato fries), I also have to include them on this review. They don’t taste like regular fries made from potatoes, I’ll give them that. But, once again, I don’t think they added any salt on my order. That’s a good thing for your health but flavor-wise, not so good. They weren’t bad; they were just okay.

Nice presentation, though.

Nice presentation, though.

Here’s the biggest takeaway regarding the Cross-Fitter and K-fries that I had from FitBurger: I didn’t feel any “greasiness” or “oiliness” after I finished my meal. I felt full but not bloated. I actually felt really good after eating it! It was a very satisfying meal overall.

Would I recommend the Cross-Fitter for the typical burger lover? In all honesty, no. It’s good but the normal burger aficionado wouldn’t think this burger is any good because of the lack of fat, salt and other changes FitBurger did with its products. But, if you are looking for a burger that would keep you rather healthy and still taste rather good, or you’re just looking for something really different, then I can recommend FitBurger’s Cross-fitter wholeheartedly… since it is good for your heart. Get it?

Have you tried any of FitBurger’s products? Let me know what you think of them in the comment section below!

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