EMERGENCY Episode: The WWE’s Divas “Devolution”


So, I was supposed to talk about video game violence and if it can cause real life brutality. But something came up and it really bothered me. And that was last week’s Summerslam and the Divas match. I actually reviewed the entire event and, try as I might, I couldn’t find a positive angle regarding the Divas match. I mean, they pulled off some incredible moves during the match. Yet, I felt totally empty after watching it. And it bothered me greatly.

I was, and still am, a big fan of wrestling, the WWE and the women’s wrestling division. I’m a huge fan of the likes of Trish Status, Victoria, Lita, Maria Kanellis, Mickie James and the rest of the female Superstars of the Attitude Era. I’m also loved Maryse, Beth Phoenix and the incredibly fantastic pairing of Michelle McCool and Laya, collectively known as Lay-Cool.

Until recently, it seems like the Divas division has been incredibly maginalized. The matches featuring women wrestling talent were shorter and they weren’t getting that much air time. The issue was alleviated temporarily when AJ Lee came into the main roster. I would say this was a glorious time for all fans of female wrestling as the main focus of almost all of the main storylines revolved around AJ Lee! Unfortunately, she’s gone now and the Divas division was left lacking once again.

This is precisely why I was initially so excited for the Divas Revolution. Now, while I hate Stephanie McMahon for taking credit for it (I think this was still AJ Lee’s doing when she called Stephanie and the WWE out for not treating the Divas like one of the regular “male” wrestlers), I was just glad they were bringing up the NXT Divas to the main roster! I do think that the Divas matches are a huge part of what made NXT a surprising hit. I was extremely hopeful for the future.

However, after watching last week’s Summerslam event, I’ve lost all hope that the current Divas Revolution and I’m not calling it the “Divas Devolution.” Why? Because, even though the female wrestlers are now getting more air time on Raw and Smackdown, I actually think the state of women’s wrestling in the WWE is actually much worse than before this entire Divas Devolution began.

So, what went wrong? In my opinion, it all stems from one thing: putting them into different teams.

Where's Team Who-Gives-A-Crap?

Where’s Team Who-Gives-A-Crap?

Why would putting them into teams be the downfall of Stephanie McMahon’s (I’m placing the blame squarely on her shoulders) so-called Divas Revolution? Because it took away a lot of things that makes wrestling fun to watch.

First, when they decided to focus on having the Divas divided into factions and all of them trying to show which team is the best, they forgot about one little detail: the Divas title. It’s like the forgotten that, you know, there is a champion they have to beat to show that one of them is the best Diva in the roster!

This is fighting without a purpose.

This is fighting without a purpose.

As far as I know, Nikki Bella has not defended the Divas title on television ever since this entire storyline started! Okay, she probably defended the belt during house shows but, in all honesty, how many times has a title changed hands in a house show? If it does, that’s actually huge news! She’s probably going to break AJ Lee’s record as the longest reigning Divas champion and it because she’s simply not defending it because of this Divas Devolution crap!

While that’s incredibly bad, it’s not even the worst thing putting them into factions did. It stripped them of any personalities they may have had. Now all of the Divas involved in this trainwreck all have the same personality and it’s hard to think of them as individuals I should care for!

Take a look at the female wrestlers of yesteryear. Think of the female wrestlers I mentioned earlier. Trish Status. Victoria. Lita. Beth Phoenix. Maryse. They all had very distinct personalities. In other words, they were people! People we could root for. People we could root against. I mean, just look at AJ Lee’s “crazy chick” personality. Whether you liked or hated it, at least you had a emotional reaction to what she was doing!

You were invested in AJ Lee. You were invested in the female wrestlers in general. You anticipated what would happen next because you cared for them as individuals! You cannot do that when you mesh them into teams and then refuse to show their individual personalities! Because of this, most wrestling fans have pretty much written off this Divas Devolution as something to look forward to in Raw and Smackdown.

I’m not alone in thinking this. In a recent televised Raw, the WWE actually inserted a commercial break because the crowd was becoming incredibly rowdy. They started chanting that the match was boring… when it was actually pretty good! The problem is that they just didn’t care for the participants in the ring. Since we didn’t care for the Divas in the ring, why would they care for the match?

Now, I don’t think it’s an excuse to be rude to the Divas. I do understand why Paige and the Bellas were upset. But just because they are putting their bodies on the line, that doesn’t mean we should automatically care for what they’re doing. They have to give us a reason to care.

I’m still going to “give Divas a chance.” But this is going to be their second chance now, WWE.

Next week, we’ll go back to our regular topic: my thoughts if violent video games can create violent people.


What are your thoughts on the current Divas Revolution? Let me know in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “EMERGENCY Episode: The WWE’s Divas “Devolution”

  1. I agree that AJ instead of Steph should get the credit for the current rise in TV time for women in WWE. But, I disagree that it is being done in a lackluster way. With the way the men feud in WWE, they usually have no reason to fight other than being booked against each other and one eventually cheating or being jealous of losing costs the person their feuding with a match or championship. They’re fighting for supremacy and that is exactly what these three teams were fighting for. That is more than enough of a reason for me. It’s only getting started. The first culmination was at SummerSlam and I think of that as a sort of “Mid-Season Finale” which seems to be very popular with TV shows these days. I see the Season Finale coming at either Survivor Series or WrestleMania. Then, they can hopefully keep it going for years and decades to come. I just posted an article on the same topic but with a different viewpoint if you or anyone is interested. Have a good one! https://wordpress.com/read/post/feed/36881611/802504344

    • Well, I do see your point regarding the male competitors. But my biggest issue with putting them in groups is it kind of removed their individual identities. They all became generic “tough guys” (or gals as the case may be), much like what happened with Dolph Ziggler and John Morrison.

      I loved the old “Showoff” Dolph Ziggler but, nowadays, he’s just your typical “tough guy.” Same thing happened to John Morrison, the former “Sultan of Sexy” became this weird parkour guy.

      Wrestling is more than just wrestling and beating your opponent. It’s also about creating interesting characters you want to root for or boo. The Diva factions made all of them this glob of sameness which good since you don’t really care about the people in the factions.

      I will admit that now that they’re starting making Charlotte go after the Divas title, the “Divas Devolution” does show a little more promise. Especially since you can actually see personalities again!

      • I enjoy the characters and the differences in them…especially with dark characters like Bray Wyatt. I just don’t think it’s what should hinge on whether the feud is successful or not. I don’t really understand your point on Ziggler and Morrison. They still use their same gimmicks and Ziggler is a real show-off even now…especially when showing off Lana haha! I dunno about this glob of sameness either…each girl has their specific look, minus Alicia Fox really. Tamina is an enforcer, Naomi is obnoxious, Sasha is The Boss, Becky is the Steampunk girl, Paige is the goth/foreign star, Charlotte is the legacy, The Bella Twins are uppity bitches, and Natalya is the veteran. I don’t see a glob of sameness…just similar interests. Each character/gimmick appeals to different people (face-wise) and annoy a wide range of people (heel-wise). I don’t like how they just stick the black people together more often than not…but, Team B.A.D. has been booked strongly…especially with Sasha beating Nikki clean on RAW as champion.

      • I guess it’s the way I view the characters. They all seem like generic “tough guys.”

        Ziggler was the Show-off and you saw it in his matches when he would do handstands and stuff. Morrison was cocky since he knew he was sexy with his abs. But when both of them became “good guys,” those character traits melted away.

        Now, about the “glob of sameness,” I was talking about their personalities and not their looks. They all look different but they all act the same. I can agree that Sasha Banks is the standout regarding keeping her character traits. But Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Paige? It felt like they shared the same personality. They were generic “tough girls” that felt they could beat everyone.

        If you look at the Divas of yesteryear (Maryse, Maria, Trish Stratus, Lita), they all had different looks and personalities, which made them more interesting.

        However, with Paige returning to her old “Anti-Diva” gimmick, things are starting to look up.

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