Episode 111: The Positives of Being A Nerds and A Geek Nowadays


Last week, I talked about if being geeky and nerdy in this day of age and how they become more socially accepted. In fact, geek chic has become fashionable these days. Okay, a lot of geek fashion trends have been co-opted by the hipster crowd but that’s a whole different story. This week, I like to talk about why geek culture is not only accepted nowadays, it’s cherished and celebrated.

In fact, it’s come to a point wherein even the “cool” celebrities are now claiming they’re nerds and geeks. Mila Kunis famously proclaimed she was a huge World of Warcraft fan until she figured out she needed to quit playing as she needed a life. Well, it seems like Mila Kunis is a fan of other geek stuff as well, such as Star Wars and Star Trek.

It’s seems like it’s a good time to be a nerd or a geek since, not only is it accepted, being one is kind of revered. As I see it, there are a ton of positives to being one.

I think since success nowadays is determined by smarts rather than strength, most nerds earn more money. Okay, so they may not be raking in the money that the gorgeous celebrities make. But I don’t think they’re starving, either! Also, on the geeky side of things, a lot of these guys have used their love of geeky stuff to create new stuff! I mean, all of the superheroes movies, especially the Marvel ones, have done well in the box office. Understatement of the year?

But it’s not just superhero/Marvel movies that are popular these days. I’ve heard/read somewhere that Hollywood has run out of ideas. There’s a ton of movies/television shows/cartoons that are now being re-released/rebooted these days.And it’s usually the geeks that grew up loving these nostalgic properties that can be called gatekeepers regarding the knowledge of these things.

I think they love these nostalgic properties because of their wild imaginations. And it definitely helps them in the future! They manage to find inspiration from these things they loved and enjoyed growing up to create totally new things. A lot of famous directors like George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Quentin Tarentino grew up and turned their love of movies to become directors! And we also have a fat slob of a person named Kevin Smith become a writer! And I call Kevin Smith a fat slob with all the love I have in my heart. His story regarding how he almost became the screenplay writer for a Superman movie still cracks me up!

But the biggest positive of being a geek and/or nerd these days is how comfortable they feel with the way they are. This revolution of nerd/geek acceptance came about because they stuck to their guns and didn’t change. People made fun of them about how silly it was for them to still love cartoons, anime, comics, cheesy movies, etc. even when they became adults. While nerdy/geeky behavior is still ridiculed, I don’t these jokes are really mean spirited anymore. It’s more like a trope.

Nerds and geeks don’t have a need to really keep up appearances regarding being cool because, well, they are cool now! On the other hand, we see celebrities try desperately try to cling to fame by any means possible. It’s strange if you really think about it. The jocks are struggling to remain relevant while it’s the socially awkward that have captured the popular imagination of people. It’s like Revenge of the Nerds on a grand scale!

So there are a lot of good things about being a geek and nerd. But it doesn’t mean that they’re perfect. There are a lot of downsides to being a nerd or a geek. And I’ll talk about those things next time!

What else makes being a nerd/geek a good thing? Let me know what the are in the comments section below!

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