Why No One Should Ever Win E3

I know this post is a whole week late as E3 was two weeks ago and is probably old news by now. But when I had the idea of writing this post and giving my post on who won E3, I felt I should watch all of the press conferences. And I did. I didn’t just watch the Big Three’s (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) press conferences. I had to watch them all! Bethesda. EA. Ubisoft. Square-Enix. The PC Gaming Show. Yep, I watched them all! I had to if I was going to give my honest opinion!

Full disclosure: I was going to write that Sony definitely had the best “big” press conference this year but Bethesda stole the show. I was also going to rip apart Square-Enix boring showing this year. I had a ton of notes ready and a lot of ideas were swirling in my head on how to write it all down. And just as I sat down and started writing the article, I had an epiphany. A revelation if you will.

E3, baby!

E3, baby!

Most gaming websites love to debate these things. They collate all the information from the press conferences and weigh in on all of the major announcements that were revealed during them. After that, they declare who won E3. But now, I say they shouldn’t for this simple reason: No one should win E3. Ever.

Think about it. E3 is a time for the major gaming publishers as well as console manufacturers show us, the gaming public, what they have in store for us in the near future. Admittedly, the purpose for all of these huge reveals is to get us hyped up for their upcoming projects and, for the console manufacturers, convince us to buy one of their gaming machines by showing they have the superior product.

Ya gotta pick!

Ya gotta pick!

Okay, so E3 is the time of year wherein all of the gaming companies try to outdo each other, right? That means there should be a winner, right? Wrong! There doesn’t have to be a winner for the simple reason that, for there to be a victor, there has to be a loser. And, really, with all of the games and new stuff they show us during these press conferences, isn’t everyone automatically a winner?

Essentially, picking a winner during E3 is an extension of the old console wars. It’s like we have to pick a side. Oh, Nintendo will have a new StarFox game coming out soon. Well, that game’s gonna suck but since Microsoft revealed the fourth Gears of War game, you better get an Xbox One! But who cares for a new Gears of War game! The PlayStation 4 is going to get Shenmue III! And so on… and so on.

I just realized that E3 is a time for all gamers to be winners. We’re all getting new and fantastic stuff regardless if you have a Wii U, Xbox One, PS4 or PC. All of us are going to get phenomenal games in the near future and E3 is the week wherein we become aware of it.

I guess I have to change my statement. Who won E3? Gamers won E3.

What did you think of this year’s E3? Let me know in the comments section below!

One thought on “Why No One Should Ever Win E3

  1. Well, some gamers are dedicated to one company/console (either by choice or due to financial restrictions). So gamers who only have Nintendo systems probably didn’t feel they won as much as those with PS4s.

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