Episode 53: What I Want To See in PlayStation Home For PS4


Last week, I discussed my love for Lunar: The Silver Star Story. It was a classic and simple RPG but I fell in love with it when I first saw my brother play it when I was 3 years old. But, now that I’m older, I did fall in love with another game… which is actually a giant chat room. That game is PlayStation Home and I’m so sad that there isn’t a version on Sony’s new console.

Well, rather than mope around thinking of it, I’d rather dream about a time when PlayStation 4 will get its own version of the virtual world. So, let’s get to it!

1) Carry over my items!

I’ve spent a small fortune on clothing on the original PS Home. I’ve bought a ton of virtual clothing, animations and hairstyles just so I could finally make my online Robin look ultra-cute! I’ve updated her look from time to time and, whenever I do go online, I always see something new I want to buy.

It's a whole new (and hotter) me!

It’s a whole new (and hotter) me!

The thought of losing all of my fabulous stuff would break my little heart! So, if Sony does bring over Home onto their next generation console, I’d like to see at least some of my items carried over into the new world. Think of it like moving to a new city: you don’t just throw away you’re old stuff. You keep some of it but you do have to get rid of most of them. But Sony would be a doll if they let me keep everything!

More customization options

One of my big problems with my online Robin is that I’m never satisfied with how she looks. Oh, there are times when I think she looks good in the editor. But the instant I bring her into Home, she always looks different. I’m not sure why but I think a contributing factor why is because they need to make more customization options for the avatar.

Sims 3 got it perfectly!

Sims 3 got it perfectly!

I’ve always managed to make characters I loved to look at with the Sims 3 create a character tool. So, I would like to see a create a character menu just like the one in The Sims 3. It was very intuitive and would work well with the new PS4 controller’s touchpad.

Better graphics, please!

What would a sequel be without a complete overhaul with the graphics? The graphics in the current version of Home is good for today’s… or is it last generation’s… The graphics were good for the PlayStation 3. But the avatars do look and move around like my Barbie collection and the world looks too plastic-like. If there is a PS4 version, I want to be dazzled with the graphics and blown away by the beauty of the characters and the world I’ll be walking around it! But without losing its cartoon-like charm. I don’t want it to look like Beyond: Two Souls!

That's a little too realistic!

That’s a little too realistic!

I wouldn’t want PlayStation Home to go through a “dark and gritty” reboot! I want it to be the same charming world that I feel safe in and not wondering if someone is going to jump me from behind! But still…

More ways to interact with others!

I’ve always had this feeling whenever I’m in Home that I’m like a corporeal ghost. I mean, I can’t really run into anyone and, if I do, they just gently float to the side without a scratch. I understand why they did this. Because if they made everyone a solid, immovable thing, they’d just be blocking your way! But I’d like more ways to live in this world! Dancing all the time can only get you so far!

I would love for my avatar to have a voice! I don’t mean me having to speak through a headset or anything like that! No, I want my online Robin to actually make a sound when I make her laugh or cry. Going back to the Sims, they do make sounds when they talk to others and I would like to see something like that.

And if there are people that spam out the voices, they’d be automatically placed on mute!

Have an actual game!

The biggest complaint people have with PlayStation Home is that it’s not really a game! And they’d be right! But, for me, that was one of the biggest reasons why I fell in love with it. There was no pressure of dying. No worry about training and leveling up. Nope, it was just a chat room where you could meet new people from all over the world. I was fine with that. But now that I’m trying to play more games now, Home is a little bit more boring.

Is bigger better?

All these worlds and nothing to do.

I’d like there to be a central hub, which would be the Home that we’re all used to. The place where you can just chat with other people, buy new clothes, invite people to your apartment and the like. But I’d like the other worlds to give you new experiences! Like an RPG world where you can fight monsters. Or a world that’s set in the future where you join factions and fight against each other like a giant FPS.

Would it be too expensive to make? I actually don’t think so. With a lot of online games following the free-to-play route and still remaining profitable, I don’t see why Home could work like a way to get into these online worlds! Developers wouldn’t have to maintain servers since they’ll be housed by the PlayStation Network! And PlayStation would get a small percentage of all items sold. It’s a win-win for everyone!

I hope they don’t announce Home for the PS4 now, though. I wrote this article a week ago because, as a personal sacrifice (and test for myself), I’ve decided to go a whole week without using my computer, play video games or go on the internet. I’ll explain why and how I fared next week!


Would you like to see Home on Sony’s new console? What would you like to see in it? Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments section below!


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