Episode 56: I Kissed a Girl (on PlayStation Home) And I Liked It


Last time, I talked about my very first American-styled Easter I celebrated on PlayStation Home. I discussed all of the things I saw and experienced there in the Easter themed world of Acorn Meadows Park. But there was something there that I saw that I really wanted to try. And it’s something that wasn’t Easter related. It was actually something I always wanted to do on PlayStation Home ever since I created my own avatar.

You know what that thing is: kissing!

It may sound weird but, for such a social game PlayStation Home is supposed to be, I’m very surprised with how limited the number of physical interactions you can have with other avatars. You couldn’t even touch them, let alone kiss them! But now… now things are different! I wondered how this thing worked. So I made like a newbie and… asked.

It was weird asking people how things worked in PlayStation Home. I’ve been playing it on and off for about 5-6 years already yet there are still things I find interesting with the world. Anyway, after getting over the initial shame of “inquiring” on how to do it, I found out, like most things in Home, you gotta buy it. Well, I had some spare cash left over in my account since I bought a couple of games there (fancy that!) so I did purchase the kissing pack!

Yes, it’s incredibly overpriced at roughly two freaking dollars! But, hey, what’s a girl to do? The heart wants what the heart wants! And I want the kissing option!

When I did finally get it, I couldn’t find it in my Wardrobe! I was pretty upset… until I figured out it was an item I could equip. I wish I could equip multiple items at a time. Maybe I should add that to my list of things I want to see in PlayStation Home for the PS4! Anyway, I went to my inventory to activate it and off I went!

I started walking around the Acorn Meadows Park just to see how many people would start kissing me. And the amazing thing is that, even though it was advertised prominently above my avatar, no one really took up the offer! Even when I talked to them in a very polite manner, they didn’t attempt to swap spit with me. I was kind of, well… disgusted, really! Here I thought I put a lot of effort in my avatar to make her appealing. Yet no one would want to kiss me? How weird!

It's a whole new (and hotter) me!

It’s a whole new (and hotter) me!

Then I realized the paradox. I kept on talking with groups of male avatars and trying to see if they would try. I assumed they would jump at the chance, seeing how they would suddenly dance in front of me (which I find strange and disturbing) if they want to chat me up.

It was only when I started going up with other girls that I started to get some lip action!

I kissed a... c'mon! You know the song!

I kissed a… c’mon! You know the song!

I figured out I would get kissed fairly consistently by other girls in PlayStation Home as long as I remained friendly with them. I didn’t even invite them or explicitly tell them to do it. They would do so in their own accord! It doesn’t happen like every time I would go up to a group of girls, mind you! I’m just saying girls were more open to the thought of kissing a female in PlayStation Home… which I think is unbelievably strange, by the way!

Anyway, I would get kissed by random strangers even when I was talking to other people! Like on the beach…

Didn't even have enough time to change into my swimsuit.

Didn’t even have enough time to change into my swimsuit.

Or a couple of instances in PlayStation Hub area…

Remind me to watch Blue Is The Warmest Color!

Remind me to watch Blue Is The Warmest Color!

Still, there appears to be a 5-to-1 ratio with girls kissing me over guys. Oh, I did get kissed by guys but not a lot of guys. And that’s fine with me! Honestly, I’d rather be kissed by girl avatars than guy ones. Not that I like to be kissed by girls in real life but I do think that guy avatars on PlayStation Home looks kind of… gross. They try too hard to make them look tough and manly and that’s not really the thing I’m after. I’m looking for someone with class and I still do so online, apparently.

The "one" in the "five to one" odds.

The “one” in the “five to one” odds. And he’s happens to be a snappy dresser.

I wish I could have more time exploring PlayStation Home and get the other 2-player interaction packs (hugging may be a good thing to get instead of kissing). But I’m kind of limiting my time of use my PlayStation 3. Not because I’m tired of it. Nope, I really want to play more! But, it’s just too hot in my room these days! And I guess I’m going to write about that next time! XOXO!


Do you think it’s odd that, in PlayStation Home, I got kissed by girls more often than guys? Let me know what you think in the comments section!



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