Episode 39: Hopes And Dreams For The New Year


So, last time I talked about the big changes Disney did in order to keep up with the times. Now, since it is the New Year, I’d like to talk about the changes that I’d like to see… for myself and the world in general. Don’t worry. I won’t get all “new age-y” like wish for the world to come together in peace (although if we could pull that off, that would be a nice bonus). I’m just referring to the things I’d want to do. It’s sort of like my New Year’s Resolutions of what I want to do since I can.

I know how you feel Calvin. I'm perfect, too!

Hey! Hey! This is about MY New Year’s Resolutions! Not yours!

First and foremost, I plan to play more video games! Like I’ve posted way, way back in Episode 2, I don’t really play them that often. But, ever since I got my very own PlayStation 3, I’ve been playing a lot more recently. I’ve really been grinding a lot in Grand Theft Auto Online and I’ve also been doing something I didn’t think I would be doing: having a lot of fun!

Most of my “issues” with playing games are still there. I still tend to panic and press the wrong buttons at the most inopportune times. But I think I’m a little more calm and collected. Yes, I’m still a mess when it comes to Deathmatches or Survival modes in GTA Online but I can actually kill a few people this time around. So, while I’m still pretty lame, at least I’m not a total wimp anymore!

Looking good (as usual)!

Looking good (as usual)!

Second, I hope to actually write a lot more! Hey, this is a blog after all so that’s should be my goal anyway! But, the thing is, I usually only write once a week just to make sure I get something published every Thursday. It was the deal I struck when I agreed to do this. It’s been difficult sometimes to think of stuff to write about, I’ll be honest. However, I think by keeping to a weekly schedule, I managed to improve quite a bit. I’ve looked at the earlier things I’ve written and, while I’m proud of them, I think some of them are kinda sloppy.

In the future, I do hope to write a few more segments and articles. Since I’ve been playing a lot more games and I also inherited my brother’s fairly extensive library of PS3 games when he gave me his old console, I’ve got a lot of material to work with now! So, in the year 2014, I plan to play a lot of them and review them for the I’ll Review Anything segment here! Maybe I’ll even review a few movies here and there as well!

I'll probably review Lollipop Chainsaw first.

I’ll probably review Lollipop Chainsaw first.

Finally, I do hope I get more people to read the things that I actually write. It’s always disheartening when something you put your heart and soul into doesn’t get recognized. I don’t like forcing my friends to read what I write (since they’ll read it but won’t “get it” but I do hope more strangers do read what I publish. Maybe I should “outsource” more and make what I write more visible!

I’ve usually kept to myself regarding what I write and, if someone does like what I read, then I appreciate it! But I’ve never taken the initiative to really network with other people. I guess that’s something I can do, isn’t it? So, I guess in 2014, I’ll probably visit a lot more sites and post comments on the articles that I find fascinating and hope others do the same for me!

Well, that’s it! Oh, and before I forget…

Maybe I should start drinking as well?

Maybe I should start drinking as well?

Speaking of Grand Theft Auto Online, I do have a problem with cash flow… too much of it! And I’ll talk about that next time!


What about you? What are your hopes and dreams for 2014? Whatever they are, leave them in the comments section below!

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